THE GOVERNOR’S SON: Episode 11-20


(? what my heart wants)

By Authoress Naomi

? Episode eleven ?

? Stanley ?

I stared at the two of them in shock, the whole thing just happened like a flash that I didn’t even get the chance to intervene

“You btch!, Look at what you did” Rihana exclaimed, checking her tonic stained clothe

“You too should have a good look at what you did to my pinky here, and you need to shut that your mouth cos it stinks, it reeks and smells, have you ever heard of toothpaste and toothbrush?, Stanley, just don’t try tasting that rotten mouth” Elvira mocked and took Elle upstairs

When it comes to talking badly and making mockery, Elvira is a queen cos she knows exactly where to hit

“How can she do this!, How can she say all that to me Stanley, and you did nothing” Rihana claimed

“Oh, you think I’ll defend you?, Not even in your dreams baby, if you feel bad about your stained cloth, think about what you did to Elle’s cloth too……

I haven’t finished my statement when she stormed out of the house

I fell on the couch and sighed heavily

Elvira came downstairs with Elle, she has changed into another cloth

“Elle, sorry for what she did” I apologized

“No boss, it’s ok”

“I’ll be on my way now, take care of my pinky and yourself” Elvira said and left

?? Hellen ??
Two weeks later

My arm is healed already, all cos I have high healing efficiency but still, boss won’t send me even a simple errand

He went out for a conference with gold empire workers today and he’ll soon be back, I decided to cook for him for the first time.
I told the driver to drive to the store and I got ingredients for pasta

I got home and called my cooking skills into action, I made sure it’s tasty and delicious, I set the dinning table and sat in the living room, watching TV when he came in all smiles

“Welcome boss” I said as he gave me a nylon containing something

“What’s it?”

“Just open” he replied and I did hurriedly….. it’s a phone!, Latest iPhone at that

My eyes widened at the sight

“Boss, this is too much”

“It’s literally nothing, I just think you should have your own phone , I got the Sim registered and I have your number already, my number is in it too in case there’s need to call up” he said

“Thanks boss”

“It’s ok” he replied, going upstairs

“Boss, I think you might….be tired after the conference and not have the energy to cook, I cooked a meal for you” I said and he turned back Swiftly, his eyes colour changed

“Who told you to cook?” He asked with an angry face that I started stammering

“I….I…em, just…. think….

“Stop it!, Stop talking!, I didn’t give you the orders to cook for me!, You want to poison me right?, You want to kill me as well!!!!

“No boss…. I’m really not….

“I told you to stop spewing nonsense! And get out of my face!” He shot icily and I ran to my room in tears

Why the sudden change just because I cooked?, Is it such a taboo?, Did I do the wrong thing?” I can’t even pinpoint the cause of the change, tears just ran out voluntarily… can talk to me gently when I do something wrong but shouting at me, I hate it cos I’ll cry and almost cry my eyes out

I stayed in my room and just cried.

? Stanley ?
I cried on getting to my room, I shouldn’t have shouted at her and I’m regretting it greatly but what she did made me remember a painful memory, I cried bitterly as I remembered……. mum, what she did to Tommy

And Elle, I saw those teary eyes as she ran inside and I felt guilty…

I spent almost an hour in the room before calming down

I went downstairs but couldn’t find her, she must still be in her room, I took a look at the dinning table and saw the food, I felt more guilty

I went to her doorstep and heard loud sobbing sounds

“Hellen, open the door” I said but she just cried more

“Elle, please you need to listen to what I have to say!” I begged again but she won’t open the door, then I remember I have a spare key

I went to the basement to get it and opened the door, I found her sitting on the floor, crying like a baby

I went straight to her and pulled her up

“Where are you taking me?” She asked, wiping her tears

“Just follow me” I replied and took her to the room beside my room, it has been locked for long

I opened it and broke down in tears


“This is Tommy’s room” I managed to say

“Who’s Tommy?” She asked, facing me, I tried to control my tears

“My junior brother” I answered

“So you were three?”

“Yes, Elvira, I and Tommy”

“Where’s he now?”

“He’s dead since seventeen years ago, when he’s still five years old” I answered and saw a shocked look on her face

“Mum killed him” I added and the shock on her face doubled

“What…why will she….

“Seventeen years ago, I was seven years old, Elvira was nine while Tommy is five, mum and dad run the empire together though it’s not as big as this then, mum was the first lady then, unknown to anyone, mum is having a secret affair with Mr Kim, dad’s manager….. one day, dad travelled to Jamaica to seal a deal, leaving us in this mansion with mum and numerous guards

We all went to school but Tommy had an headache and didn’t tell anyone….he went home and couldn’t find the first aid kit, he remembered mum used it last and went to her room to get it, he caught mum and Mr Kim having sex…..mum threatened to kill him if he dares to tell anyone and he fearfully promised not to tell, he continued nursing the secret in fear

Mum grew fearful that he might eventually tell on her, then one day, after the maids finished cooking our meal, mum told the maids She’ll Serve everyone, first time she’ll do that, we’re all watching TV in the living room when I looked at the dinning and saw her sprinkling something on a plate of food, I thought it’s plum extract cos she likes it, unknown to me, it’s poison

She called everyone to eat and not long after we started eating, Tommy started complaining of tummy ache, we thought he’s joking cos he’s a big prankster but it seemed serious and we rushed him to the hospital, you need to see how mum looked worried….then the doctor called me in and told me Tommy wants to talk to me

I got to the ward and he explained all what happened, that’s when I knew what I saw mum sprinkling is actually poison, he gave up the ghost after that and mum was nowhere to be found till now, I blamed myself for being so naive and I can’t bring myself to eat the food cooked by a woman, even by Elvira till today, I cook my meals myself and that’s why I shouted at you, I didn’t mean that but the scene just flashed through my memory, ….. I’m sorry, deeply sorry” I pleaded

She looked at me with her eyes soaked with tears and she wiped my tears with her hands

“Stop crying boss, everything will be ok, and you don’t need to have females food phobia, you need to be strong boss” she said as she wiped her tears too

“I’m sorry” I said again but she hugged me

“I’ll help you overcome the fear, and you don’t have to be guilty” she said and broke the hug

“Thanks Hellen”

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