?Pretty’s On The Inside?
[The World thinks She’s ugly but He sees her Beauty?]

By; Authoress Kamara

Episode 21

?Xavier Marion?

I groan on hearing Diamond’s voice as I roll on the bed with no intention of getting up.

G©sh!! She has been like this for the past two days!

Always trying to get me to stand up.

Always trying to get me to leave my room.

Ever since what happened two days ago.

Ever since the breakdown that I had.

For some reason, I never got over that and since on Saturday, I’ve been holed up in my room not wanting to talk to anyone.

Not even any manager!

I just can’t get that scene out of my head.

The scene of me crying.

I know that I should have never gone up on that stage. I should have never shown up in that concert.

Maybe I would have not been wallowing in sadness right now.

Just maybe …

“Xavier!”. Diamond said loudly interrupting my thoughts as she banged the door loud.

I groaned sitting up. “What?”.

“Tell your guards to leave the way”. She continued loudly. “Or I’ll push them away”.

I sighed and pressed a remote button making the door open automatically and then she stepped in.

I noticed she looked all dressed up.

Maybe ’cause its Monday and she have to get to school.

“Are you okay, brother?”. She asked in a surprisingly calm soothing tone.

“Just let me be, little sis”.

Diamond sighed closing the room door as she walked further inside coming over to sit with me on the bed.

“So why were you crying?”.

I look at her. “Let me guess, you saw the news?”.

“I watched what happened today on T.V, yes but I also saw you walk in, you know. And also the guards were talking about it along with those maids as well”.

“Send them all home for this week, they can resume next week. I don’t want anyone around me while I’m in this state”.

“Chill, bro. Not until you tell me whats up with you? You broke down into tears, why !”.

“I’m not telling you anything, Diamond”.

“But Xavier … “.

“Just leave me alone and go work on what ever you have to without disturbing me”.

I rested back on my pillows closing my eyes but I knew that Diamond was still there.

The scent of her perfume was nauseating me.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet?”. I asked as she chuckled.

“You know, you have to tell what went wrong with you so I would know what lie to give Dad when he calls again”.

I jerk up immediately. “He called before?”.

“Yep”. She replied. “And he did not sound happy with you. Like, he looked angry and I didn’t want to rat my big brother out”.

“What did you tell him?”.


“Diamond .. “.

“I freaked out and I disconnected the call”.

“Goddammit”. I grabbed one of the pillows throwing it away on the floor.

“Sorry”. She apologized meekly. “I didn’t know what to do at that time. I only did what first came to my mind”.

“Its okay, little sis. Maybe he called for something else, who knows?”.

“Thats not possible, Xavier. I mean, literally every T.V station, every channel, the radio too, even social media is carrying the news of your breakdown all around”.

“What the fuck?!”. I cussed falling back on my bed. “This is one of the reasons why I hate the internet”.

“This isn’t just about them. Even the press have been coming to this mansion for the past two days asking about you”.

“What? Tell me you are joking”.

“How can I be joking with something serious like this? This is why I can’t go to school, there’s no way I can step out of this mansion without the paparazzi following me all around asking me questions about you”.

“Sorry about that”.

“Well the thing is, they have all been curious as to what happened to you two dats ago at that concert in Canada”.

I groaned lightly. “I don’t want to talk about that, Diamond “.

“You need to talk about that. Even your fans from all over the world are holding a campaign for you”.

“What ?”.

“They think that you are in some kind of depression or something and they are doing an awareness campaign for you”.

“Well they are not close to being wrong”. I muttered.

“So are you not going to tell me whats up with you?”.

“I will but not now. Diamond, I’m not in the mood to talk right now”.

She sighed getting up. “You might not be in the mood to talk but you have certainly got to be in the mood to go take a shower”.

“Let me be”.

“You’ve been holed up in this room for two days now. I know that your room is just like a heaven paradise but you need to take a bath”.

“I will. Just leave”.

“And get well soon from whatever thats eating you up”.

I nodded as she blew me a kss before leaving the room closing the door behind her.

Trust Diamond to always act like a mother whenever I need one.

She’s 16.

But acts like a grown up, sometimes.

I sighed standing up from the king-sized bed and walked over to the large screen television set turning it on.

Maybe I should just watch the news and see whats been trending about me.

I tuned to a channel and watched silently as the newscaster talked about me. Saying something about things celebrity pass through in private.

The sound of my phone ringing made me walk away from the screen and go to my bedside table.

I grabbed the phone and saw that it was Sam calling. I exhaled before tapping on the ‘answer’ button.


I sat on my bed tiredly. “Hey”.

“You not okay, are you ?”.

“No”. I said tearfully resting back on my bed.

“Should I come over?”.

?Paris Myers?
“G©sh! And I’m not surprised that he isn’t in school”. Some girls whispered walking past me.

I pause at the school entrance noticing the paparazzi lurking around hoping to get sight of Xavier Marion.

But I doubt if he would come anyways.

News these days about him have been pretty overwhelming and I personally hope he’s okay.

I walk into the school hallways tucking my hands into my hoodie pockets as I watch for signs of Xavier in school but he wasn’t around.

Most of all the students were concentrated on their phones and tablets watching for any new news or update of Xavier Marion.

I continue walking down the hallway but stopped thinking of going up to Xavier’s private music room.

I turn around and take another path heading up. I finally got there but stopped by the doorway on seeing Sam.

His hands trailed on the piano as the keys played lyrically.

Wait. Sam knows how to play the piano ?

He seemed to be on a phone call as he talked softly while trailing his fingers on the keyboard.

“Xavier, hold up. Take a deep breath, just hold up, stop thinking about that. Its taking a huge toll on you, try to forget about it”.

I pause as I watch him say encouraging words to someone on the phone.

But it seems like he’s talking to Xavier.

Maybe he is.

“I’ll just drop by your place later in the afternoon”. Sam said getting up. “Just go to sleep and forget about what happened “.

Wait. He’s going to see Xavier?

“Can I come with you to see him?”. I blurted out without knowing.

Sam paused then turned around. “Excuse me? What did you just say?”.

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