Written By Gbemi

Chapter 21

“Any update yet?”Marco spoke into the receiver.

“There isn’t sir. We are doing our best to….”

“I don’t want you doing your best Zack. I want to see results and that’s for you to 1get to this island as soon as you can. Do whatever you must and make sure you show up here. Understand!”He yelled

“Yes sir”Zack replied before Marco end the call.

Marco began to head out of the garden when a lady bumped into him.

THE ISLAND BRIDE : CHAPTER 21 – THE END. Thingscouplesdo

“Will you watch where you are going!”The lady yelled at him.

“But you were the one who bumped into me. I should be the one saying that”Marco lashed out at her angrily.

“Of course. You should”The lady replied as she began to cry.

“Why the tears?”Marco asked feeling irritated.

“You men are cruel. You all are the same”She yelled as she crouched on the floor crying hard.

Though he felt irritated by her behaviour and wanted to leave. Marco finds himself staying with the girl while she cried all the tears she could.

“You shouldn’t be crying for a man. Its not worth it”Marco said as he handed her his handkerchief.

“But I love him. Haven’t you ever love someone that your willing to do everything just for her even though she doesn’t notice you?”The lady asked.

“I wouldn’t call it love but I have someone who i want with me badly”He replied.

“And she doesn’t want you right?” The lady asked and he nodded

“Some fool has bewitch her with his words but I won’t give up easily. She will end up becoming mine” Marco said with fierce possession.

“I hope you succeed”The lady wished him still looking sad.

“And you too”Marco found himself saying the same thing to her.

“I don’t think I have a chance. He won’t ever look my way”She said sighing sadly.

“So because of that your going to give up?” He asked.

“What do you expect me to do? Have been with him for a very long time but he still doesn’t notice me” the lady said.

“If you are too weak to fight for him then it’s up to you. Have been here long enough as it is. Have got to return. Get your make up done again. You look a mess”He said as he turned to leave.

“Can I ask for your name?”the lady asked

“Why do you ask?”

“Maybe it’s because of your help”She returned and Marco thought for a while, she won’t be a threat even if she knew his name.

“Marco Hildalgo” He said as he turned to leave again but the lady stopped him. Obstructing his path.

“Did you just say your name is Marco Hildalgo?”The lady asked and he nodded.

“I did. Is there a problem?”He asked as she took hold of his hand.

“What are you……”

“I called you a few days ago Marco”The lady gushed out.

“Am sorry but I don’t know what you are talking about”Marco replied.

“Am Melissa Grand”She said trying to make him recollect and he did.

“I remember you”Marco replied.

“When Oliver told me you were here. I thought him stupid for bringing you here but now am glad that you are here”Melissa said all trace of the crying lady gone.

“Why are you glad?”Marco asked.

“You must have guess by now the man am crying for”Melissa began and he nodded.

“And as you know Oliver never look my way and it’s all due to Isobel whom you are after. Why don’t we do something instead of just sitting back?”Melissa asked looking devious.

“This is the best thing have heard ever since I arrived here”Marco replied as the two smiled deviously at each other.



Isobel walked into her suite. She had gone into town with one of the staff. Mainly to stay away from Marco and also to think about her feelings.

She didn’t know why Oliver disturbs her. She had been happy and excited when he arrived and when he is having a business meeting. She feels lonely and sad and when he kiss her……she shouldn’t think about the kiss.

“Finally you are back”A voice said and she turned to see Melissa in the room.

“Why are you here? I thought no one was around”Isobel replied wondering why Melissa is in her suite.

“Sorry i scared you. I just wanted to talk to you and so i decided to wait here”Melissa explained.

“You could have just called. I have a phone now”Isobel said as she showed her the phone Oliver bought her.

“And you must be delighted sponging off Oliver right?”Melissa asked softly.

“What did you say?”Isobel asked, hoping she had heard wrong.

“As if sponging off Oliver isnt good enough. You had to put him in danger too”Melissa said.

“Danger? What sort of Danger?”Isobel asked.

“You know the danger that am talking about and that’s why I want you to disappear from his life before it gets worse”Melissa said as she glared at Isobel


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