THE KING AND I: Episode 1-10


Episode 1

Written by Eunice Nwodu

?Dawn’s pov?
The evening breeze blew towards the pool side and I felt more chilled as the water danced around me.

There is nothing else that makes me calm and exuberant than swimming in the clean pool next to our house.

I’m Dawn…about to turn twenty years old and makes basket for a living – together with my mother.

We’ve been doing all we can to survive after my father abandoned us.
Yes…we woke up one morning and discovered he was gone with his belongings.

But I’m glad we’re doing well without him.

And I have big dreams of leaving the kingdom to another place to start a new life far from the devious king – King Lee.

He’s the furious king that ever lived. His rules are strict and unstained.
Rumor has it that he’s has a complete psych©.

He’s powerful and slays men effortlessly.

This features doesn’t bother me cause I don’t intend to meet him – never!

What bothers me is the dreams I’ve been having lately.

They appear to be mysterious and complicated with threatening images of king Lee.

It seemed more like he was in great danger.

The visions and revelations gives me sleepless nights at times and I keep wondering why I had to be the unfortunate one to see them.

To be sincere, I do fear king Lee.
My mother told me stories of how his father despised healing witches and hanged them during his reign.

Too bad!!!
I was born with strange healing powers but I didn’t know how to use it until I turned 18 years old.

I was shocked the moment I relieved mom from a terrible fever she had.
You can as well say am proud of my powers and I’ll do all I can to protect them from the h©rrible king..
I sighed and swam back to the edge of the pool climbing out.

I reached for my maiden dress and wore it quickly before I would be spotted naked by someone.

*Dawn!* I heard mom call from a distant and I turned to look at her.

She scuttled to where I was with a vicious look.

“You stubborn girl! I’ve told you countless times to stop coming to this place alone. You know bad things can happen at anytime” She peeved.

“Geez mom. I’m not a child. I…I can take care of myself, okay?…” I groused walking past her.

“Where do you think you’re going to Dawn??
You promised to help me get some twigs for the baskets we’ll be making tomorrow” Her voice echoed behind me.

I paused and cringed agitated.

More chores upon chores…

“Fine… I’ll see you later” I chided and began walking away.

“Alright. Be back before it gets dark, hun..?” Her voice trailed off.
I started towards the part that led to the bushes where we’d usually get good twigs fit for the baskets.

?Blade’s pov?
The car moved hastily down the road. Time was running out and I could only but quiver!

I have to do everything I can to save our kingdom.

The great king Lee’s demands must be met.
And with this thought, I held onto princess Anna’s hand and gripped it tightly.

She wore a veil covering her beautiful face but I could tell that The look on her face was of sorrow and heartbreak.

But what could we have done?
She’s the most pure among the twelve daughters of the king in our kingdom and King Lee has asked our king to provide one of his daughters whom is more precious than the others.

Princess Anna here is the only one suitable to carry out this demand.

Her face has never been seen by anyone aside her parents and maids so her worth is much more that King Lee will definitely find delight in her.

King Lee…
A complete psychotic man for a king.

He’s the only son of his poor parents who died of a strange illness and the kingship was passed to him.

Everyone knows that Lee is a crazy young boy…very strange and makes stupid comments.

No one knows what’s ever in that mind of his. He acts without warning and he ends up doing the unthinkable so everyone is set to please him.

Lee is young but he’s powerful and extremely dangerous.

He has conquered lots of great kingdoms and now our king is left at his Mercy.

King Lee has demanded for this and our dear princess has fallen victim of his cruelty.

“I’m scared Sir Blade” The princess’s voice wavered and I sighed.

“I know my dear but you have to be strong for your father and the entire kingdom.

“All you have to do is to obey the king and no harm shall before you” I whispered.

She looked out through the window.

“I heard that he’s a crazy person, yet a powerful king. How do I cope with such a person?” She said obviously terrified.

I took a deep sigh feeling quite relieved that we were getting close to King Lee’s palace…

We have just today to deliver the princess to him and it has been a long ride from our kingdom.
Oh God!

The car strode along a hilly and rocky road.

“Don’t bother about that. He’ll find favor in your eyes immediately he sees how pure you are” I enthused prevaricating.

She took her eyes from me and looked down at her thighs,,I supposed cause the veil was a bit transparent.

“The fear is beyond me – it’s too much for me to handle…I’m too weak at heart sir.
I can’t behold the presence of such a man for the rest of my life.

“I don’t know what he’ll do to me so I can’t do this. Tell father I’m sorry” She bickered irascibly And with that, the door of the car opened immediately and she jumped out right before I could hold her.

“Stop!” I screamed alarmed.
I gawped stupefied gazing at the green pastures along the valleys.

The car stopped in a quick brake and I got out.

The princess.
Did she really fall? And could she have survived it???

“What’s going on sir…? I heard something crash…” The driver asked looking around.

I began panting, my arms and legs crumbling in fear.
What…what just happened?

“T-The princess jumped out of the car down the slopes. We need to find her” I rasped and the guards swung into action leaving me behind.

I moved feebly along with them through the landslide area filled with green grasses and trees.

How could she have concluded to take such a risk during a time like this?

When the kingdom needed her the most.
I don’t even want to imagine what the king would do to us.

*She’s down here!* One of the guards yelled and our eyes rested on him.

He was standing on a huge rock and pointing downwards.
No…it can’t be!

I got close enough and shrunk the moment I landed my eyes on the unconscious princess.

Blood droplet dropped from her head to her white face. Her veil had fallen and her face appeared cold and facial…It can’t be!

The guard who had alerted us stooped to a crouch and felt her wrist probably checking her pulse.

He shivered and stood up to his feet with his mouth hanging.

“She’s dead” He muttered releasing the bombshell and it exploded right in our heads.

The princess is no more…
So who would bear us now??
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