??? THE

By Debbie


“Momma , Taliyah just tore my wedding dress!!!!” Evenlyn screamed and I beamed

“Taliyah what have you done!!” Mum yelled

“Mum she started it, she threw away my paints and tore my drawings” I replied

“Dad told you to stop drawing” she yelled

“Does that give you the right to tear my drawings” I yelled back

“You tore my wedding dress for crying out loud”

“You tore my drawings too” I fired back

“Just keep quiet , both of you should keep quiet” mum yelled and we kept quiet

“Taliyah it’s your sister’s wedding and you need to replace her wedding dress before then” mum said with seriousness

‘But mum it’s tomorrow” I said

“You get her a new wedding gown before tomorrow or you stop drawing for life” she said with finality in her tune

Where will I get a new wedding dress before tomorrow

My name is princess Taliyah Colten, I am the second daughter of king Javier and Queen Miranda. Some say i’m clumsy , other says i’m troublesome but all I know is i’m me.


??? THE

By Debbie

?Episode 1?



It’s 6am in the morning, the perfect time to leave my room and go do some drawings. I stand up from my bed and went to take my bath.

Soon, I was done. I changed into a black pants and white polo. I decided to pack my hair into a messy bun.

Untypical for a princess right?

I know!

My name is Taliyah Colten and I am the second daughter and the last child of King Javier and Queen Miranda. I am 23 years old and a graduate of the University of California where I study business and management.

I love to draw and paint even though it’s against my dad’s will. So I have a secret underground chamber where I draw and paint to my satisfaction. I came across this chamber when I was 11 years and ever since then I have been using it as my painting gallery.

Enough of the introduction

There is a knock on my door. I open the door and it is one of the maids

“Good morning princess” Eva greets, bowing slightly

“Hey, quit the formality. Did you get it for me?” I ask

She beam

“Sure, anything for my bff” she says

Eva is the only, I repeat only female friend that I have and was able to keep

G©sh!, I just don’t feel comfortable with females. They are such an hypocrite!!!

“You should get going, you will want to come back before lunch” Eva says breaking into my thought

“Yea” I reply

She handed over the wrapped food to me

“Enjoy your day princess” she says as she walks away

I sigh

I love Eva. She’s the typical crazy girl that I am happy I have as a friend.

I left my room after making sure the road is clear. I walk as quiet as possible through the passage until I was outside the palace. I could see the maids court few meters away. I run hastily until I reach there.

“Phew!! That’s a narrow escape” I think

“Good morning princess” a maid bow and greeted as I pass through the maids court.

“Good morning Elina” I greeted back

I walk quickly to prevent my sister from seeing me, because just like dad she’s against me painting or even drawing. She believes as a princess I should dream big.

Dream big my foot!

“Taliyah where are you going” I heard my sister’s voice and I freeze

“I….i….i ” I was interrupted when her phone rang.

Phew!! That’s a narrow escape

I have to run away, before she finishes her call because she must not find out about the secret chamber. And I also need to be back before lunch time.

I ran as fast as I could until I got to the underground chamber panting. I waited for sometime until my breath become normal.

I look around to be sure no one is watching, I do not want anyone finding out about the chamber

?? Everlyn??

I was about going out when I saw my lil sis tiptoed out of her room so i followed her. She pass through the maids court going to the garden.

“She must be up to something” I thought

Well My name is Evelyn Colten, I am the First daughter and the second child of the King and Queen. I am 25 years and a graduate of the University of Michigan.

“Taliyah where are you going” I asked and she froze

“I….i…..i” she was saying when my phone rang and I had to pick it. It was Lian my boyfriend.

? hello love

? hello my angel

? how are you dear

? i’m good and you?

? i’m good too

? I have missed you

? I miss you too

? when are you coming back

? It’a a surprise but I will be back soon

? ok darling

?bye love

? bye

The call ended and I couldn’t find Taliyah, she must have left while I was calling

“That girl can be sooooo cunning” I thought and went back to the palace.


I enter into the underground chamber where I hide my painting and drawing tools. The room was spacious and bright with sunlight filtered through an opening.

The room was painted in blue (My best colour) and had a huge shelf covering one part of the wall, filled with plethora of colors. The room have several wooden stands with canvases attached to it, and all kinds of accessories that can aid me in my act of creation.

The room also have a decorative plants, giving the room a taste of floral and fauna. Just the way every artist will love it..

I started painting when I was 5. Although dad never supported me, he helped me become a good artist. I travelled with dad to different countries that were famous with arts such as Greece, France , Italy and others. The beautiful painting of Legends has always captivated me.

It has always been my dream to put into canvas all the experience I gained from my travels. Which I accomplished when I was 11, when I found this secret chamber. And ever since then, I have been painting every experience i gain from all my travels.

When I was in school, I spent my time at art exhibitions by different artist, i also visited non-profitable art galleries that provides opportunities for emerging , mid-career, and established artist. This had help me do better in my painting.

I sat down and set to work, playing music. Music gives me inspiration to draw and it helps me concentrate also. I spent hours painting without knowing it was time for lunch. My alarm rang and that was when I knew it was lunch time.

“Dad will be sooo angry” I thought

I arranged everywhere and rushed out of the chamber. I ran so fast. I was already five minutes late for lunch and dad doesn’t like latecoming.

I got to the palace at exactly fifteen minutes past one. I was fifteen minutes late. I entered and went straight to the dinning,I was about sitting down when dad spoke.

“Where are you coming from” I was afraid to lie cause he always know when I do.

“I am sorry dad” I pleaded

“Sit” he said without sparing me a glance.

My dad is a man of short words. He is King Javier the second of North Richland . He is very strict so I fear him a lot even though I sometimes break his rules especially the ones concerning drawing and painting.

Unlike my dad, my mum Queen Miranda is calm and jovial, and she supports my work. We are three kids in the family.

My brother Ares, the crown prince and the future king. He’s kind and funny and he’s in charge of all dad’s company.

My wtch of a sister Everlyn is the second. She’s the best sister but when she wants, she can be a dev1l. Just like father she hates it when I draw. I don’t know why but all I know is she’s against my painting

The last is me. Some say i’m clumsy, other says i’m troublesome but all I know is i’m me. And I can be the sweetest person if I want to and a she-devil if you want me to.

I was done eating i stood up

“Thanks father, thanks mother” I greeted

It has always been our tradition to say thank you after meal.

“Welcome love” mum answered while dad just focus on his food

Ares give me a thumb up and I smiled. Just like dad, Everlyn never spared me a glance.

I sigh and left the dinning. I went back to my room, I was so exhausted so i slept off.

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