THE KING AND I: Episode 11-20


Episode 11

Written by: Eunice Nwodu

?Dawn’s pov?
After what happened earlier today, I was starting to fear King Lee the more.

He killed a man emotionlessly.
Without even thinking much about it.

Just remembering it sends shivers through my veins. I don’t think I have the guts to escape this place.

If it doesn’t turn out to be successful and I get caught, I’ll brought to him.

He won’t waste time in hurting me.

I did as he said and prepared for the banquet right before it would begin.

I met the other wives on the way but I moved faster to the hall with Caroline behind me.

Guests from all places where starting to arrive but ignored them all and moved to the seat kept for me.

?Bethel’s pov?
I stood at a corner staring aimlessly as the evening grew darker.

The decorations were beautiful and so were the queens around.
I was able to see the pregnant one.

She was so beautiful and loved all the attention. The banquet began but I couldn’t stay further since I have to go back that night.

I left right before the queens could be announced and even the new bride from Muzana kingdom.
I heard the King would honor her tonight as his bride to be.

I’m so sad I’ll be missing all the fun.
I wasn’t really in a good mood though cause of the search for Dawn.

?Dawn’s pov?
It took me so much not to shed tears on seeing mom at the back row.

I’m sure it was her.
I can’t believe she came to the castle.

I quickly hid so she wouldn’t see me and react in a way that make things worse for me.

I wished I could hug and kss her. Let her know that I was fine and that she should stop worrying about me.

That I would overcome this desperate situation that has come against us.

I sighed and remained seated after I saw her leaving with some women.
Lots of things was going on but I didn’t pay attention since I was thinking about mom.

I’ll kill King Lee once I have the chance.
He’s the reason princess Anna committed su1cide and I had to replace her.

It feel like I’m trapped in his world and I can’t see myself escaping.

Oh dmn!
What do I do???

Suddenly, I felt a soft touch at the back and I flared wondering who it was.

I became calm when I discovered it was Xenia in a cute dress.

Her hair was even decorated with diamonds and other shiny elements I couldn’t identify.

“What is it?” I asked feeling agitated a bit.

“I came to say sorry for pointing at you last night. I didn’t mean to” She replied pouting.

You’ve got to be missing me right now.
How could she not mean it?
Little liar…

“Its alright. I forgive you” I hushed coyly.

She smiled and began walking away.
I rolled my eyes and was about to walk out of the hall when I heard a scream.

I paused on my track and twirled to see what was happening.

It was Xenia.
She was screaming so loud like she was in great stinging pain.

Alicia rushed to her with her maids petching around her like flies.

Xenia was lifted off the floor and taken to a safe spot.

“She was beaten by a scorpion!” Someone yelled and everyone began murmuring.

King Lee wasn’t even in the room and so were his personal guards.

This doesn’t look good one bit.
The music was turned off as everybody’s attention drifted to the crying little girl.

How did a scorpion enter the palace? And much more bite Xenia??

I can definitely heal her but that won’t be in front everyone.
I’ll do that when she’s alone in her room but for now, she must bear the pain.


I was able to locate Xenia’s room and I went to it when I was sure everyone was asleep.

I entered her room to meet her sleeping on her bed. All covered up under her thick blanket.

I scuttled to where she was and removed the blanket. I searched for the exact spot the scorpion had bitten her.

It was swollen and I could swear it was a deadly scorpion’s bite.

Whoever could be responsible for this?

I took my time and did what I do best.
I touched the place and concentrated absorbing the pain.

It was difficult to begin with and after I was done, I wasn’t sure if the wound was gone. I wasn’t sure if I healed her.

Well, we’ll see results tomorrow morning.

I covered up the wound and stood up from the bed.

I was about to take a step when I heard a louder footstep overshadow mine.


I panicked as I heard the door knob twisting.
Someone’s coming!

Without wasting time, I went under the bed.

Oh God!
Who could that be?

The person was now inside the room. I could hear footsteps and feel the presence.

I struggled to see who it was…I finally did!

It was King Lee.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

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