THE ROYAL WEDDING: Episode 21-30

??? THE

By Debbie

?Episode 21?



I groaned

Why would she do that, to the innocent girl?

She wasn’t even trying to flirt with me!!

“Can you stop dragging me!” I yelled at her

“You’re such a man whore” she yelled still dragging me

I groaned. People kept staring at us and that was so annoying

I pull my hand from hers and left the hall angrily.

She’ve succeeded in creating a scene and spoiling my mood.

I got to the car and sat on it.

“Had a fight?” Alvin asked

I groaned

“I don’t seems to understand this princess of yours” I answered

He chuckled slightly

“No one has ever seems to understand her” he replied

I groaned

“You won’t believe she slapped an innocent girl, who tried holding me”

“I saw it” he said

“I think she’s jealous” he added

I groaned

She can be jealous for all I care!!

“Can we leave please?” I asked

“No, you have to wait until midnight” he answered

“I don’t understand, it’s suppose to be a dinner party. Why midnight?”

“Well I don’t know but the party ends by 12 am” he replied

I groaned

“You should go back in” he said

Do I have to do that? Do I have to go back to that psych©path of a princess!

“Can’t I stay back a bit. It’s hot inside”

“It’s not Kyle, I’m just coming from there” he replied

I groaned and finally stood up

“I’ll be back soon” I said and went inside


After Kyle left, I turned and went back to my seat. As I sat down, Some girls stared at me.

“Get lost!!” I yelled at them and they scampered away quickly.

I groaned

I know I shouldn’t have acted that way but I just couldn’t help it. How can he fl1rt with every girl he meets?

Now he’s going to see me as a jealous fake, spooky bch, like he always does.

“Hello beautiful” someone said

I turned and saw a guy in black suit. I groaned.

“He’s not even as cute as Kyle” I thought

Why am I even comparing them?. What’s wrong with me?

I groaned

“What do you want?” I asked

“Just thought I could spend some time with a beautiful damsel who seems single and lonely” he said


Single? Lonely?

“The last time I checked, I never said I was single or lonely!” I yelled at him

He smiled

“Well you look single to me” he said

“And who told you she’s single?” Someone asked from behind

Just from the voice, I knew it was Kyle. I groaned

“I’m so sorry, never knew she is yours” the guy said

“How do you put up with her sassy attitude?” Je asked

“That’s none of your f*cking business” Kyle yelled

I chuckled

Serves him right!!!

“You guys really did make a perfect couple” he said

He turned around and left

“What sort of drama is that?” I asked, feigning annoyance

I had to fake annoyance, to prevent him from knowing how happy I am.

I love the way he blasted the guy!!

Who does he think he is? huh?

His groans brought me back to the presence

“What?” I asked

“I should be asking you that” he answered

“Asking me what?” I asked

“You heard me and I’m very sure you’re not deaf” he said, taking a seat beside me

I glare at him but he ignore me. There was silent.

I can’t even go outside, except I’m willing to go with Kyle! But he can if he wants too but just for a few minutes though, which is so unfair

I have always know this party will be a long and boring one!!!


They both kept stealing glances at each other and as well, trying as much as possible to avoid each other gaze. Each of them with their thoughts.

It seems the time was not moving at all. Kyle got extremely bored and decided to leave the hall. He stood up and left.

Liyah was also bored but maintain her position. She had rather stay in than go out and end up with Kyle. Right now, he’s her worst nightmare.

This was also her worst dinner party ever. She will have to sit down here and watch others have fun. She groaned

“It’s all Kyle’s fault” she thought

If he had stay back in North Richland, she wouldn’t have ended up in Beijing hotel and wont have to attend this party.

She wondered what Melvin will be doing now. He didn’t even bother calling her, which’s so unlike him.

“I’ll call him when I get back” she thought

“I’ll just wait until this boring party comes to an end!!”


When Kyle got outside, he met Candy talking to someone. She ended her conversation with him and walked to the place Kyle was.

“Kyle” she cooed

“Candy, I thought you’re gone” he said

She chuckled

“No. Where’s your jealous girlfriend?” She asked

Kyle groaned

“She’s not my girlfriend” he replied

“But you came with her right?” She asked

“Yea, got no option” he said

“But seriously, that girl’s a psych©path” she said

Kyle groaned

“Everybody knows that” he thought

“Where do you know her from?” She asked

He rolled his eyes

“It’s a long story, Candy” he said

“I should get back inside. I won’t want her coming outside to cause a scene” he added

She laughed

“I also won’t want her ripping my head off” she answered

“I’ll give you a call” he said

“Will be expecting that” she replied

He sigh and went back inside

Liyah was still seated on her chair but her head was on the table. Kyle made an attempt to touch her but changes his mind.

When she raised her head up to see Kyle seated by her side and pressing his phone, she couldn’t help but wonder what he was always doing on his phone.

She decided to ignore him and mind her business. While she thought of this, Kyle was also thinking of how to get her talking. He was tired of staring at his phone, doing nothing.

He decided to prank her a bit

“Spooky princess, do you know anyone with the name Nara?” He asked

Her eyes widen

“Why did he decide to ask me that now?” She thought

Does he suspect something?

“Miss spooky princess” he called jerking her back to reality

“Can you stop calling me that name!” She whisper yelled

He chuckled

“Answer my question and I won’t call you that” he said

She groaned

“What’s your question again?” She asked

“Do you know Nara?” He asked

She rolled her eyes

“Why did you ask?” She asked instead

“Well if you don’t know, I can as well ask Alvin” he said and made to stand up

She held him

“Ok, I will tell you who she is” she answered

She couldn’t let him go to Alvin cause if he does, her secret will be exposed. Little did she know that, he already knows

“She’s the gardener’s daughter” she replied

“She told me that already, I want you to tell me more about her” he said

She groaned and he chuckled

It’s working just the way he wants

“Why do you want to know more about her?” She asked

“Perfect question” he thought

He will just tell her, he likes Nara and see her reaction

“Well because I like her” he said

Her eyes widen

“You do what?” She asked

He chuckled

He loved that look on her face

“I said I like her, or are you jealous?” He asked

She groaned

Is he even serious?

How could she be jealous of herself?

“Why should I be?” She asked

“I don’t know” he replied

She hissed and took her drink, for a sip

“Or are you Nara?” He asked

She got choked up with the drink and had to cough up for a while before retaining herself

“Are you ok?” He asked

“Did he find out? Or did Melvin told him? No Melvin won’t” she thought

“Spooky, are you ok?” He asked again

She groaned

“Can you stop calling me that!” She yelled

“You’re yelling and drawing attention” he whispered

She tighten her fist and tried calming herself

“I asked a question, are you Nara?” He asked

She groaned

“Do I look like her” she answered angrily

She won’t let him find out, not now. She won’t let him intimidate her. She won’t let him push her into telling him the truth

“You can never be like her” he said as he relaxed on the chair

She groaned

“She’s got better attitude and isn’t spooky” he added

“Whatever” she replied

“What do you say about me liking her?” He asked

She groaned

“Are you a man wh©re. You seems to like every girl you come across with” she yelled

He could sense the anger in her voice. He chuckled slightly

“I like ladies not girls like you” he said

She glare at him

“You said what?” She asked

“Maybe you need to clean up your ears” he replied

“You’re such an idi©t” she said

He smirked

“And you’re a spooky fake bch” he answered

“And a pretender” he added

She looked at him

Did he just call her a pretender?

“What about you? Huh? You have a girlfriend but still go about fl1rting with girls” she flare up

He chuckled

“At least, I don’t pretend like you” he said

“And I don’t wear make up to look different and hide my real identity” he said

She groaned

“You can go to h*ll” she replied

“Suit yourself” he said

She wanted to speak but she stopped. She decide to ignore him.

Soon, the time clocked 12 am. Liyah chuckled. It’s time to go home and have some rest, and be free from, Mr perfect



I entered into the bedroom and dropped my bag, I sat on the bed. I still can’t believe I will be spending the night with Kyle.

I quickly went to the bathroom to take my bath, forgetting about my drawings on the table. Since I wasn’t sure if Kyle will be coming in soon, I took my pyjamas with me. I had a long, nice shower and changed into my pyjamas.

I came out only to see Kyle smiling and holding one of my drawings. I groaned

“Give me those” I yelled, dragging the papers from him

“Do you love me?” He asked

I groaned

He’s really so stupid!!

“Do you love me?” He asked again, I had to yell at him cause I had no option

“No I don’t!! You better don’t think it!!!”

He chuckled

“You drew me and you said I shouldn’t think it. It’s obvious you’re in love with me” he said

My eyes switched

Is he kidding me?

“I don’t love you”

I wanted to yell at him but it came out more in a whisper

He groaned

“In case you do, I’ll advice you kill the feeling before it gets stronger” he said

What’s he talking about?

I’ve got no feelings for him!!!

My eyes were filled with tears. I can’t even say why!

“I said I don’t love you!!” I yelled

“You better don’t love me. And you better don’t take the love to heart cause if you do, you will end up heartbroken!!” He said

The tears I was trying to hold fell freely

He’s so heartless?!

“Now listen to me, i don’t love you and will never do!!” He yelled and went into the bathroom

“I hate you!!” I yelled

I took all the drawings and tore it.

I sat on the bed crying.

I did not love him right?

I’m sure I do not love him

Why did he think the drawing means love? Huh?

I was only bored and needed to draw something. I only drew what came to my mind first!!!

And now he thinks I love him!!!

I can’t blame him.Why did I drew him in the first place?

“Liyah, you’re such a stupid girl!!” I blamed myself

I shouldn’t have left the papers on the table!!

Now he has successfully spoilt my night

This’s my worst night ever!!!!

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