THE KING AND I: Episode 21-30


Episode 21

Written by: Eunice Nwodu

Dawn’s pov?
King Lee’s car was the most gorgeous and spotless car I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

The seats was soft leather and the glasses were tinted and I bet no one could see us from outside no matter how hard they tried.

The car’s white color was blinding and reflected with the sun rays.

“Where do I shoot the dog? The head or legs?” He asked icily with his eyes fixed on the road.

I gulped and drummed my fingers on the dashboards.

“I don’t really know, your highness. Wherever your spirits leads you” I replied feeling a bit dazed.

He chuckled and suddenly brought down his hands from the steering wheel.

I flinched freaking out already while a smirk crept on his face.

“King Lee…what are you doing??” I asked alarmed.

“The head or the legs?” He queried.

You got to be kidding me right now!

“The head…please shoot it at its head” I wavered and he scoffed taking his hand back to the wheels.

I took a deep breath regaining back my pulse.

My heart couldn’t stop racing. I was damn scared.

The car sped up going amidst the vast wind. I seemed to enjoy it though the windows were whined up.

The dog was at the back seat and hasn’t barked or moved.
Such a quiet dog…

“King Lee…What do you think about those accusations? Do you think I’m the one who did it?” I asked after a short silence.

I really couldn’t stop thinking about what happened this morning.

What if something happens to Simone’s baby? That would be a tragic event and worse for me since everyone thinks I did something.

King Lee smiled and continued to drive through the road.
I sighed softly and leaned on the seat.

What could he be thinking??

Alicia’s pov?
I kept pacing around the room feeling restless and anxious.

I can’t believe King Lee took that of a princess out.

Where are they going to? Could he be taking her to where he’d kill her??


How do I get answers to all this questions??

There’s no doubt. The King’s falling for that princess. The way he stared at her while we accused her.

He doesn’t believe us at all.

Who knows what he’s thinking in that head of his.

I can’t just sit still and watch the new bride win me in my own game.
She’s got to go.

Dawn’s pov?
The king stopped the car in front of a large building. It seemed like a mall.

Why on earth are we here???

He came out of the car without saying a word and I followed suit.

He paused and brought a mask from his pocket and wore it on his face.
He inserted his hands into his pockets and began proceeding to the Mall.

I walked behind him slowly feeling quite bashful since this was the very first time I would come here other than to sell baskets.

“Geez! Give me your hand” He grumbled and held my wrist and I was surprised he held it softly.

We moved into the capacious Mall still holding hands. The whole place was lively but not rowdy.

He took us to the clothing section which was the first corner immediately one steps in.

“Right this way, Sir” A pretty lady said directing us to a closed door tagged ‘Strictly Vip’.

Oh God…
What is going on, right now?
I walked out of the dressing room slowly feeling so bashful and extremely nervous.

King Lee was sitting on a couch operating his phone, but lifted his head to look at me.

His eyes rolled from my head down to my toes and he glared.

“This is better” He remarked and turned to the fashion designer.
“I want exactly this style but different colors and with the shoes. As many as you can get”.

My cheeks instantly turned tomatoe red and i released a light smile.

“Thank you” I said walking closer to him.

“You’re welcome, brainless rat…” He replied and I chuckled.
We left the mall after shopping and returned back to the car. The window was lowered for the dog to breath.

I didn’t even realize King Lee just took me out for shopping!
I never knew he would hate my dresses so much.

He started the car after we’ve got in and he drove off back on the road.

He stopped at where seemed like a forest. We alit from the car and he opened the back seat of the car and the dog rushed out.

King Lee stooped to his level and began rubbing his back slowly.

“He’s not afraid of death” He muttered as my eyes welled up.

He stood up and reached for his back bringing out a gun.

I gasped baffled on seeing him with a gun. I had no idea…

He cocked it and took some steps away from the dog.

“King Lee…please don’t do it. Don’t kill the dog…please” I wavered as a tear dropped.

“The virus is killing him. Its best if he dies. I’ll be doing it a favor” He said staring keenly at the dog.

What am I doing??
I’m being selfish by letting this dog die.
Just to protect my powers?…

I couldn’t let the dog die.

King Lee aimed for the dog and as soon as he placed his finger at the trigger, I rushed down to the dog and shielded him from the gun.

“Don’t do it…please!” I cried dolefully.

Manuel’s pov?
I leaned by the window smoking from a cigar. I couldn’t stop thinking about Dallen.
My brother.

I loved him more than I love myself and that bstrd for a king took him away from me.

I must kill him.
I’ll make that psych©path cry…that’s for sure.

“Manuel…there’s a call from the spy” Castro said behind me.

I sighed and turned softly at him. I snatched the ringing phone from him and I put it on speaker.

“Speak” I ordered grumpily.

“King Lee just left the palace with his third wife – princess Anna with no escorts…” The voice said sardonically.

My eyes dimmed.


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