THE ROYAL WEDDING: Episode 31-40

??? THE

By Debbie

?Episode 31?



I woke up the next morning, touching the other side of the bed with my hand. But It was empty. I sat up immediately.

“She did not sleep here?” I thought

I groaned

I can’t believe she stayed back at Sheila’s room. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried kssing her. Now she’s refused to come back.

I went to take my bath and got dressed in a black short and red t-shirt. I took breakfast and waited for her.

“I’ll apologise if she comes back” I thought

I tried to while away time but I still felt bored. I decided to sketched. I got bored and dropped the pen and sigh.

“She might come back later” I thought

I hope she comes back

I check the time and it was some minutes past 6 pm and she wasn’t back yet

“Maybe she needs time” I thought

There was a knock on the door and I rushed to opened the door, thinking it was Liyah but was surprise to see Audrey!!

I groaned

“What’re you doing here?” I asked

She smiled

“Won’t you let me in?” She asked

I rolled my eyes

That doesn’t answer my question!” I yelled at her

The fact that she claims me on social media annoys me, coupled with the fact that Liyah has refused to come back got me extremely angry.

“Hey, you don’t have to yell” she cooed and pushed me aside

She entered, looking around

“Answer me! What’re you doing here?!!” I yelled

“Well in case you want to know. I came to take what’s mine” she answered, smiling se.ductively

I laughed

She’s kidding right. She must been insane!!

“What did you say?” I asked

She smiled and bite her lower lips and I groaned

“Get out!! I yelled at her

“I don’t think you meant that” she replied, rolling her eyes in a se.ductive manner

She walked closer to me and held me by my collar. She placed ksses on my cheeks and made to kss my lips. I pushed her off

This girl has no shame!! Trying to se.duce me!! Her friend’s boyfriend

She walked closer to me and touched my lips.

“Don’t you dare!!” I yelled and she smiled

“I know you like it” she said, trying to kss me

I hissed and drag her out of the room

“I don’t want to ever see you here!!” I yelled and close the door

“Stupid girl!!” I cursed

I lay down on the bed, thinking about Liyah. I miss her so much. If she doesn’t come back tomorrow, I’ll go check on her

I was about going downstairs to Sheila’s room to ask after Liyah when I caught sight of Gabrielle. I groaned

When did she come to China?

I knew she was going to come but didn’t know it will be these fast. I hide myself and went back to my room.

“Alvin, make sure nobody enters this place except the princess” I said

“Sure” he replied

I entered and sat on the bed. Why do I have this feeling Gabrielle’s monitoring me?

“Why won’t she? Huh?” My subconscious mind said

I rolled my eyes

I decided to stay back indoors, to prevent Gabrielle from seeing me. I just hope Liyah comes back soon or I might be tempted to go after her.


“You can’t keep running from Kyle you know” Sheila said as we headed downstairs for breakfast

It’s been two days now, since I left the room for Kyle. I just don’t feel comfortable, going back there. I don’t know how to face him.

“What if he make an attempt to kss me again?” I thought

“Nara, you’ll only keep hurting yourself. I think you should face your fears” she said and I groaned

“Sheila, can you please keep quiet?” I asked

She rolled her eyes and kept shut

I sat down, trying to eat but I just couldn’t eat.

“Are you ok?” Sheila asked

I rolled my eyes

Maybe she’s right. I should face my fear.

“You’re not eating?” She asked

“I lost my appetite” I replied

“I think you’re right. I should really face my fears” I added

She chuckled

“Are you going to tell him you love him?” She asked

I groaned

“No. Do you think he misses me too?” I asked

“You can’t know unless you go back” she replied

“If he misses me, he would have looked for me” I said with an eye roll

“Nara” Sheila cooed

I rolled my eyes

“I’m going to my room” I replied and stood up

“I’ll go with you” she said and made to stand up

“No. Let me face my fear alone” I replied

“I’ll help you pack your food” she said

I smiled. She packed the food and handed it over

“Thanks” I cooed

“I’ll see you around” she said

I smiled and went upstairs. It’s now or never!!


I’ve been monitoring Kyle for some days now but he has refused to leave his room. I’ve seen Audrey twice. That crazy daughter of a bch!!.

She had made no attempt to come close to Kyle room. Maybe it’s because of the guy, standing by the door.

I don’t care about the guy and he has no right to stop me from seeing my boyfriend!!!. So, I have decided to show up at Kyle’s door today.

I got dressed in a bumshorts and crop top. Made myself up and opened the door. I saw the guy standing and staring at me. I smiled

“Hi” I cooed, trying to be friendly as possible

He kept staring at me

“Is Kyle in?” I asked

He said nothing. I groaned. I’m not as calm as these. I’m only trying to be.

“I said is Kyle in?” I asked again

“And who is looking for a man by this time of the day?” A girl asked

I turned and my eyes almost pop out

“Liyah?!!” I called, surprise

“Wh……what’re you doing here?’ I asked, stuttering

The least person I wish I could see is Liyah!!

She rolled her eyes

“I should have thought” she replied

I glare at her. She folded her hands and sigh

“Alvin, what’s she doing here?” She asked

“She’s asking for Kyle” he replied

So the idi©t can talk? Huh?

“You came to see a guy who doesn’t want to see you?” She asked

“I’m here to see my boyfriend, so get lost!” I yelled at her

“Really?” She replied

I glare at her

“Kyle’s my boyfriend” I replied

“$lut” she muttered

My eyes switched

“Did you just called me a $lut?” I asked in anger

“Are you not a slut. Who travels from America to China because of a guy?” She asked

“You’ve got no right to speak to me that way!!. I can’t blame you. What do you know about love? huh?” I fired back

“I might not know anything about love but I’m not a cheap slut like you” she answered, calmly

“What did you say?!!” I yelled

She ignore me and opened the door. She entered, while I stood rooted

What’s that for?!!!

Don’t tell me they know each other!!

Don’t tell me Kyle’s not only cheating with Audrey. He’s also cheating with Liyah!!


When I saw Gabrielle, I was devasted. I thought Kyle invited her over but when I heard her asked after Kyle, I knew he wasn’t the one who invited her

I did not want to talk to her but I couldn’t help it. That girl has been my worst nightmare. I finally ignore her and went in. Kyle was seated on the couch, sketching.

I tried seeing what he was drawing but he cleared the table when he saw me.

“Liyah” he cooed

I need to treat Gabrielle’s fk up but I wasn’t sure if Kyle’ll support me or not. I decided to give it a short.

“Did you ask your girlfriend to come and insult me?” I asked feigning tears

He looked at me

“What are you talking about?” he asked

“You don’t have to pretend” I replied, crying

He groaned and stood up

“Were is she?” He asked

I ignore him and sat on the couch. He stomped out of the room angrily

I chuckled

I never knew my plan will work. I tiptoe and stay close to the door to listen to their conversation.

Let’s see if Kyle’ll support her or me!!


The door opened and Kyle stepped out, glaring at me

“What’re you doing here?” He yelled

“Is it a crime to visit my boyfriend?” I asked

“Of course it is” someone replied

I turned and it’s Audrey

I groaned

“Who called you here?” I asked, yelling

She laughed

“Gabrielle, why did you insult her?” Kyle asked


“Insult who?” I asked, ignoring Audrey

“His fiancee” Audrey replied


“Which fiancee are you talking about?” I asked

“He didn’t tell you? I guess he love you so much like you claim” she replied

“Shut the hell up, Audrey” Kyle yelled at her

I rolled my eyes

“And why should I do that?” She asked

Kyle groaned

“You’re running your stupid mouth. Did you remember to tell her how you tried se.ducing me? Huh?” He asked

She chuckled nervously

“You did? Huh?” I asked her

“And what if I do?” She asked back

I slapped her

“You must be an idi©t” I yelled at her

She tried slapping me too but I held her hand. Fight ensued between us. I thought Kyle would stop us but to my surprise, he entered his room and locked the door.

I pushed Audrey off and stomped into my room angrily.

I’m not going to accept defeat!! Never!!!


I can’t believe Gabrielle came all the way from America to China. That stupid girl!!. I thought I have only Nara to deal with but now I have to deal with her too.

I groaned

I went back to my room. I know Gabrielle won’t take defeat, neither would I!!

I’ll leave Nara for now and deal with Gabrielle first . I’ll not onIy take Kyle from her, I’ll make him mine forever!!!


I can’t believe Audrey tried se.ducing Kyle. That girl is a slut and a psych©path!!. I saw them fighting and I laughed.

“Stupid girls” I muttered

I wish I could keep watching but I had to run back to seat down when I saw Kyle closing the door.

“I’m so sorry Liyah” Kyle cooed, sitting beside me

I push him off

“She insulted me. She even slapped me. Just because of you” I cried

“She did what?” He asked

“She slapped me. When I asked her what she was doing here” I replied, amidst fake tears

He groaned

“I’ll be right back” he said and stood up

He left the room and I chuckled

Let’s see who the master planner is!!

If Gabrielle thinks she’s smart, I’ll show her who’s smarter. I won’t waste my time, fighting them. I’ll act like the good sheep among them and let them fight themselves.

Whosoever wins faces me!! But right now, let me seat and watch the game!!!

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