THE MAGICIANS: Episode 1 – 10

(Earth, Water, Fire, Air)


Written By: Author Kelvin

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, What are they??

No doubt, they are the four Elements that exist in the universe.

In The city of California, there live four (4) best friend you are known as the S.T.A.R.

S> Meet Syverster Harry, 18 years old students.

He’s very kind, fair body and hair, pink lips and he’s very cute.

All the girls in CRYSTAL HIGH SCHOOL Drool over him but he never likes anyone. The only people he loves is his family and his three bestfriend.

T> Taylor Jackson, 18 years old students who loves talking.

He’s cut but not as cute as Svyester.

He’s also kind, and he’s loved by eveyone in the environment.

A> Alex bryan, a 18 years students, he hates talking to people because everyone think he’s ugly except his three best friend.

He only takes when he’s with his friend.

R> Raymond harrison, a 18 years old students, his pink lips, pointed nose, Short and handsome dude.

He hates seeing people cry because of his father.

He knows how to fight very much because his uncle thought him when he was 5 years old.

The STAR Love theirselves so much they don’t hide their secret to themselves.

The STAR believes in magic and they yearn to get it one day.

What happened when the principal announced that they will be going on an excursion in the Deadly Redwoods Forest??

The Excursion day came as everyone got prepared.

They share them into four places and luckily, the STAR Got paired together.

What happened when the STAR got lost inside the Red wood forest??

What happened when they got their magic inside the forest??

How did they cope with no food and water??

Did they returned back to their kingdom or went to another kingdom??

Find out in the story!!!

Genre: Love, h©rr©r, magic and pain.

Brought to you by Author Kelvin??

A Fifth Story by Kelvin.


(Earth, Water, Fire, Air)

?Episode 1?

Written By: Author Kelvin


“Eunice…Eunice…Get up” the witch voice woke me up my sleep.

“Who are you?” i asked worriedly as i sat on my bed.

“I’m the Magic Godess” she muttered as my face lit up in excitment.

“How may i help you?” i asked still smiling.

“Tomorrow is your Excursion day, i want you to make the S.T.A.R Get lost in the Redwood forest” she ordered.

“But how will i be able to get them lost when i have no Magic power?” i asked in a confused look.

“I will give you powers, You will be able to control the four elements that exists, you will be able to control human beings, so are you interested in the mission?” the Godess asked.

“Yes, very well” i replied ecitedly.

“Ok, open your mouth” she commanded as i opened my mouth.

She stretched her hands as Bunch of ligthening started coming out and entering into my mouth as i felt my body became more stronger.

“By tommorow morning, you’d have enough and you’ll be able to control them” she stated and vanished immediately.

Shortly, i became dizzy and slept off immediately.



I Yawned loudly as i woke up from the good sleep i just had.

I Checked my time and it was 7:35am.

“Jesus” i exclaimed as i rushed to the bathroom fastly.

I Brushed my teeth immediately, took my bath, comed my hair neatly, rub my loton.

I Wore my clothes, took my phone and headed down to the sitting room.

“Mum, Bye i gat to go” i shuttered from the sitting room as i approached the door.

“Son, won’t you have your breakfast before heading to school” Mum muttered from the kitchen.

“No Mum, it’s just few minutes remaining for the Excursion bus to move, i don’t wanna miss it” i mumbled.

“Ok son, bye.” she baded.

“Yes mum” i muttered as i ran out of the building.
“Hey buddies,” i called as i spotted my bestfriends discussing.

“Hey man, why are you late?” Taylor said as soon as he saw me.

“I’m sorry for the lateness guys, i woke up late” i beamed as they burst out laughing.

“Common guys, we have to get into the bus, it’s almost time” Raymond muttered as the four of us started walking towards the bus.


I Yawned loudly as i woke up from my beauty sleep.

I Looked up to my time as i discovered the time was 7:57am.

“Holly Molly” i exclaimed.

“I Need to disappear right now” i said as i closed my palms together, close my eyes as my mind went to the school bus.

Within a twinkle of an eye, i found myself inside the school bus as i soon discovered that i was invisable.

“What the”


The bus started moving as I Looked everywhere in the bus and i discovered that Eunice wasen’t in the bus.

“Guys, Eunice is not in the bus” i muttered as the three of them began to search for Eunice with their eyes.

“I Thought she loves Excursion, why didn’t she comes??” Taylor asked.

“Maybe she is not feeling fine” Syvester stated.

“Or she was late” Raymond added.

“Who knows, let’s change the topic” i chipped in.

“Are you sure the four of us will be paired together?” Taylor asked.

“Only God knows” i replied.

“I just prayed we should be paired together, i want us to always be jogether” Syvester muttered.

“Yeah” Raymond chipped in.

“Attention guys, We are already around the Redwood forest” the Principal announced as everyone began to look through the window to view how beautifull the forest it.

“Everyone, out of the vehicle,” Principal announced as we began to come down as students began to mumur.

“Wow, the place looks beautiful”

“Wow, the woods are large” the students mumur as we came down.

“Okay guys, we came here to catch some fum and nothing more” the principal cooled.

“The forest is very big so you’re ain’t allowed to cross any place that you see a white line.”

“A Pack of school bag is hidden inside the forest, if you see the School bag, do not hesitate to return back here”

“Four persons will be paired to one team and they will be given a time and a map. Take note, once your time clock 9am, retrieve back here whether you’ve seen it or not”

“Hope they’ve thought you how to read map?”

“Yes sir” we all chorused.

“Okay, if you hear your name, stick to your patner”

“Katherine, sonia, bright, happy, stick to your patners and sonia this is your team time and map”

“Tiana, paul, sunday marble, stick to your patner and paul, this is your team time and map”

“Syvester, Taylor, Alex, Raymond, stick to your patners and Alex this is your team time and map” the muttered as a smile crept on my face while i collected the time and map.

“Hope you know your patner and your team is with a time and map??” he asked.

“Yes sir” everyone chorused.

“Okay guys, you can now enter the bush and look for the hidden school bag” he commanded as me and my friends moved towards the forest.


A Smile crept on my face as i discovered that my plans are working perfectly.

“The STAR Has been paired together and it’s going to ease the mission” i thought in my mind.

I hesitated no time in running after them.

I Walked with them, i could see them but they can’t see me.

“Hmmm this tree lookes very big” Raymond said and punch the wood as he withrew his hand immediately.

“Ouch, it hurts” he muttered painfully as the rest of them began to laugh.

“Guys, let’s concentrate, he need to find the school bag before 9am” Taylor instructed.

“Who care about the school bag, i came here to catch some fun and nothing more.

“What the fk” Syvester exclaimed.

“What happened?? You look troubled” Alex mumbled as he stared at Syvester.

“I Saw something, something really scary” Syvester said looking directly to that a particular spot.

I Looked to that direction and saw a symbol of the four elements.

“Look” he said pointing to the particular spot.

“Nothing is there” Alex stated.

“Yeah nothing” Taylor stated.

“Nothing is in that place you’re pointing to” Ramond said.

“I See a symbol of the four elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air” Syvester exclaimed.

“You must be kidding me” Taylor chipped in.

“No i’m serous” Syvester said.

Alex brought out the time and checked it.

“Holly Molly!!!” alex exclaimed.

“We gat to go, the time is 10 minutes past 9 already” Alex muttered as i quickly entered Raymond body and start controlling it.

?Syvester’s POV?

“I’m not interested in going back” Raymond half yelled.

“What do you mean? Are you crazy?” Alex flared.

“I Think we should go into bush and inspect things, who knows whether we might get to know more about magic” Raymond insisted.

“Raymond, have you gone nuts, can’t you see the white line already?” Taylor cursed.

“Yea, i suggest we go into the bush” i insisted.

“Don’t worry guys, we’ll be fine” Raymond assured.

“Ok, if you insist, let’s go” Alex muttered as we crossed the line and began walking to the deep part.

?2 Hours Later?


We’ve walked into the deep part of the forest and i discovered that it’s high time, i leave Raymond’s body.

“What’s happening? Why are we doing here??” Raymond asked as soon as i left him.

“Like seriously? Aren’t you the one that said that we should come here to catch some fum?” Taylor asked with a scoff.

“Of cours not, i never mentioned something like that?” Raymond fumed.

“Look guys, they are witches everywhere in this forest, maybe Raymond was posessed” Alex said and brought out his time.

“Holly Molly!!!” Alex exclaimed.

“What’s the time?” Syvester asked in a confused look.

“11:15am” he replied making me joyous.

“What??” Taylor yelled.

“Where is the map?” Raymond asked as Alex brought out the map.

“We need to move towards the east right now” Alex said as he starred at the map.

I Lift up my hands and stretched it towards the map and time as the map and time burnt into ashes.

Within a few minutes, a placed my palms together, close my eyes and disappeared.


My eyes daliated in shock as i watch the map and time burnt into ashes.

“This is real magic” i exclaimed.

“I Told you guys that magic exist and we’re in the midst of them, now we’re trapped” Syvester cried out.

“Oh my God, we’re lost, there is no way we’ll be able to go back to our city without a map” Taylor cried out.

“We’re doomed” Raymond yelled as tears began to fall from everyone’s eyes.

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