THE KING AND I SEASON 2: Episode 11-20

(He’s a psychopath


Written by: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Dawn’s pov?
I stopped walking as conniption gripped me. My whole body went numb.

I slowly looked back to see the person who just called me.
I batted my lashes rapidly.

There’s no one here.
I cringed feeling so lost like I’ve never felt in days. There’s really nobody here.

No one called me.
Geez! It must a voice in my head.

I freaked out and raced to the bedroom perturbed.

What does it mean??…
I’m I going crazy?

I shut the door behind me and leaned against it panting. Caroline rushed to me and held my hand.

“What’s wrong, your highness?” She asked worriedly.

I couldn’t form words as she helped me sit on the bed.

“Should I get you a glass of water, ma’am?” She asked and I shook my head abruptly.

“Don’t bother…just, sit down” I muttered with beady eyes.
She sat down beside me on the bed without further observations.

“Tell me more about the queen. How did the king die? Did the queen go missing before his death or after his death…tell me everything you know, Caroline” I asked curiously.

She lowered her head and fiddled with the hem of her shirt.

“I don’t know much, my princess cause I just started working here few months ago but I can still tell you something.
Its been rumored that after the King’s death, the queen was nowhere to be found on that day. Some thinks the queen poisoned the king and escaped…
No one knows exactly what happened and I guess we should leave it that way”.

Hmm. Could it be the queen killed King Lee’s father? That must be the reason he had her locked up.

But…I’m still not sure about this.
The only person who would clear this out is King Lee himself.

Alicia’s pov?
I walked out of the room looking worried and curious. I went passed some maids who bowed fervently.

“Good morning, your highness” They chorused.

“Have you seen my daughter? She’s not in her room” I asked scared.

The maids glanced at each other and shook their head.

“We haven’t ma’am–”

“She’s with her father, your highness” The older maid said interrupting the others.

Hold on…Xenia is with the King??…

Oh my goodness.

This doesn’t sound good at all.

Dawn’s pov?
I walked into the King’s chambers and the doors where shut behind me.

Well, King Lee sent for me immediately I was done freshening up. I just couldn’t wait to see that cute face of his.

I went further into the room and met King Lee standing by the window while Xenia was on his bed sleeping.

She looked so adorable.

“Good morning, your highness” I greeted with a bow.
He turned and stole a glance of me.

“Come here…” He said breezily.
I gulped and ambled to where he was.

He took my hand and made me rest on the wall next to the window.

He came close and planted a kss on my lips…

I shuddered feeling bashful to maintain an eye contact.

“You’ll be my wife next week….
How do you feel about it?” He asked dropping his eyes to my hand and luckily, I was putting on the ring he gave me.

“I…I don’t know” I whispered with a shaky voice.

He furrowed his brows.

“You don’t know?” He asked and it came out more like a statement.

“There’s nothing special about it. I already feel like we are married” I admitted perfunctorily.

He smiled and pulled me to hug him.
I felt those intense butterflies again.

The King smelt so sweet that my nose kept begging for more of his alluring fragrance.

He held onto me like he was scared of leaving me.

“What have you done to me?” I heard him mumble and I stared up at his face.

He had his eyes closed.

I stood on my toes and placed a soft kss on his perfect lips…

Oh…King Lee.

What are we going to do about your other wives?? I just feel bad for wanting you for myself.

I suddenly realized tears had gathered around my eyes. I pulled away from him and wiped my tears.

We heard soft groan and we glanced at Xenia on the bed. She was starting to wake up.

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