Congratulations Mr Donald your wife has delivered a male child, the doctor said with a smile, and turn to leave but him draw him back.

Emm sorry excuse me, did you just say a male child, you mean I now have a son? He asked so exitedly.

Yes, she gave birth to your son and …

wait wait …which of them are you talking about he asked ”

Your legal wife sir the one the whole world know. The doctor answered.

Okay what about the other girl? Donald asked

Ooh that one, she delivered twins.

Twins, Donald said happily with smiles.

Yes twins two beautiful girls the doctor added.

And that made the smile in Mr Donald’s face to disappear and was replaced with a frown.

Did you just said girls? He asked the doctor.

Yes any problem with that? The doctor asked raising his brows.

No, not at all I will go see my beautiful wife right now. He said and left.


He went into a ward, where his wife is.

Darling! He called walking closer to her bed with a smile

You are awake already. He said, smiling widely while touching the baby

Yes I am, I’m a strong woman you know. Genevieve said

Really babe, indeed you are. He is so handsome babe. He said smiling.

Can’t you stop smiling already? She asked, but he ignores that and give her a quick peck in her forehead. Babe today is my best day since I was created. I love you, he said staring into her eyes.

I know that, what about your surrogate, she asked looking away.

Ooh that girl!!! She gave birth to twins, a girl and boy.

Yeah I know , we gave birth at the same hospital you know she scoff ”

Common babe..

Are you taking in the kids she asked.

Ofcourse not he wouldn’t dare, a woman said coming in.


Meet Donald Trump; a young multi billionaire married to Genevieve but they couldn’t bear a child since past five years. They decided to get a surrogate, who’s name was Emelia. She was orphan, but was adopted by a poor man who later got missing. Since then, she was all alone. She decided to give in to the contract of having a child for the millionaire and leave with her money nine months later, but unfortunately alot happened.

What could that be?

What transpired between them?




You are not worth it !, I paid how many dollars ,but anyways the good news is that ‘my own beautiful wife gave birth to a baby boy , Donald said happily.

I’m really sorry Mr Donald, please accept my apologies, and also take the babies. Emelia pleaded ”

what nonesense are you spitting from your dmn mouth. Grandma yell.

So you are paid to give birth to a male child but you ended up giving birth to twin girls are you not stupid ,she cvrsed her , while Emelia bow her head.

Son, Mr Donald’ grandma, called and he turned to face her

yes grandma !

Have you transferred the dmn million dollars into her account !?

yes .

Good then ,Emelia your job is over, we have paid for the hospital bills, take your kids and take care of them yourselves. The money he sent to you would be enough to take care of you for a good two years with your miserable kids as well. The old woman cvrsed with a scoff of disgusting look”

Please grandma, please let them stay with you. I will leave but how will I cope? Am just an orphan. Emelia pleaded on her knees.

While grandma glare at her ,

Son let’s go !

She ordered and took Donald out of the room. Donald on the other hand was feeling a bit of sympathy for her, but there is absolutely nothing he can do about it.

Now son, your wife is waiting in the car, let’s go home and celebrate woooh she yelled “be



She was sitting on her hospital bed crying but no one is there to console her.

If I know that it would turn out to be girls wouldn’t have agreed to go for the contract. I’m in pains after labour but no one cares.

All they know is money money money, I wish I had a parent. I wouldn’t have been suffering this much.

Atleast she would have supported and a consoled me when times like this knocks at my door.

She walked to the babies’ bed and sat beside them. My beautiful kids, what are we going to do? Momma is poor and she is a nobody, what exactly can momma do for you guys? Listen babies I’m really sorry she cried.

I don’t think I can take care of you people, maybe I should sell you into a rich home.

That would be a good thing atleast you won’t suffer like momma when she was still a kid and even a teenager right now. She said and chuckle dryly .

Life has nothing left for me, why !!! she screamed.

knock knock knock !

She quickly cleaned her tears and, blew her nose.

Yes! come in, she answered quietly.

Ma’am you are making too much noise or is the baby, a young nurse asked coming in ”

I’m really sorry dear, I was just a little bit emotional, she begged while the nurse nodded

okay is fine I understand, the nurse said ”

thank you ,she muttered ”

I have a note for you by that grandma. The nurse said.

You mean grandma Elizabeth Trump? She asked to be sure ,

yes , exactly and also a flash record that mrs Genevieve said I should also pass to you ,the nurse said and drop them , before bowing and leaving ..

Hmmm what exactly could that be i thought ,

I have cried alot today , she said ” and I really don’t want to cry more because I know that their is nothing that would favour me ,those cruel human would send to me .

All they want and wishes for Is to see me cry ,to make sure I shed tears ,I regretted the day I meet them ,I thought ”


I have a deal for you ,the grandma said , staring at me disgustly ,but first I want you to follow me and visit a hospital for a prepare treatment ,she said ” and I bow

Noo ma’am please I don’t know you I’m just a worker at this coffee shop you came to ,I’m an orphan , and have nobody to fight for me ,so please ma I can’t follow you ,I told her ,

do you know the Trump’s !? she ask

while I nodded ,they are the richest in the country I said “,

good thing you know ,she scoff ”

you are an orphan and have nobody to speak up for you or fight for you that the exact reason why I need you most because you are nothing , and I just want to help your miserable life ,if only you would do what I want you to do ,she said ”

what do you want ma ? I ask ”

Good question, anyway I don’t like talking too much ,here is read this papers and if you are interested sign them , and get to work ,you will see the amount and agreement .she said ”

okay ma’am ,

or can’t you read ! she asked immediately ,

ofcourse I can I said , feeling so embarrassed ”

Good then go through it , and think about it just for today ,after that I want you to give me an answer tomorrow ,she said and stood up

bye ‘ she muttered and walk away .

When I returned from work that day I check it out , and decided to surrogate for them ,so I can make the money ,study and become something great have always wished for , besides is just nine months I thought and sigh .

I can do this ,besides the baby would be theirs forever and I won’t drag that they paid me after all I concluded ”

The next day, she came to my work place, and transfer a large amount of money as a gift for accepting to me.

She took me to the hospital and I was cleaned ,she took me to the mall and bought many things for me ,she explained the fact that ,his grandson donald and genevieve have been married for five years without a child and it is from Genevieve side .

I understood everything and nodded ,

That day we arrived I had sx with his grandson Donald and I lost my vrgnty ,but I didn’t mind. After that, I became pregnant, but the house was h’llish for me not to discuss or talk about maybe for another day ,


If I knew I would suffer that much I wouldn’t have agreed to go for that dangerous contract ,

Emelia what have you done to yourself I thought ”

look at my kids ,I muttered

But something bothered me , aren’t my kids supposed to be three I thought immediately ,

Didn’t I push out baby three times I thought and walk out of my ward I walk to the doctors office and knock ,

come in he said ”

I opened the door and walk slowly to the office ,

madam ,you just gave birth you don’t supposed to be walking all about he said ,

I’m fine I muttered sitting down on the chair

is everything alright ,he asked”

yes everything is fine ,I just want to ask you a question ,she said ”

okay go ahead .

when I was in labour ,I pushed out three times ,I can still remember vividly how come my baby is just only two I ask staring at him ”

what are you saying madam , didn’t I tell you ,he asked

Tell me what !? I ask ”

You gave birth to triplets but,one died , and they are all girls and useless to the Trump .they said I should throw her into the river, and I already did ,he said unconcerned ,

what !!! how could they do this to me I scream as I felt tears run down my cheeks ,this is wickedness ,I said ”

hey hey stop that nonesense in my office live ,he yell

Making me flinch ,I look at him and realized I have seen him somewhere around trump’s house ,but where I thought ,

I walk out of the office ,oooh now I remember ,he is a friend ,I thought as well , and walk gently to my ward.

hey madam someone called and I turn is that nurse again ,

what !? I asked

Here is your papers you are to leave this country first thing tomorrow with your kids ,she said

Meaning I ask with a harsh glare

Don’t look at me that way ,it is the Trump’s order ,they would come here tomorrow to escort you to the airport she said and leave ,

Ooh my God ,I cried as fresh tears start rolling down my eyes ,what have I ever done to deserve this I thought ”

I look at the paper and realize it was when I was pregnant, grandma took me ,to make this papers , with my passport , claiming she wants to take me to mexico , and I was excited that she talk calmly to me that day ,

I’m done for good ,this is wickedness , this is so unfair ,I cried and open my hospital door ,that when I realized my babies were crying ,I carried one of them. I put water in her mouth ,while rubbing the other hands she smiled “and that alone flattered my heart.

Babies I won’t give up on you girls ,I can’t sell nor drop you at the orphanage ,we are in this together ,I said to them ,as if they listened ,the both smiled at me ,

wow ,I muttered and pickex on of the papers ,

I opened it and read the first paragraph and I couldn’t hold back my tears ,


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