? CHAPTER 31 ?

*** LONDON ***

*** Donald ***

I’m exhausted right now ,baby Chris won’t let me rest ,he has been disturbing me since morning but luckily for me I’m kinda smart I sent him back to his great grandma

I walk slowly to my room I was about to call my wife but I notice the door was slightly open .

I peep and Genevieve was answering call ,I was about to enter but I pause and decide to intrude her privacy ,I smirk and nodded .

yes grandpa ,the event was successful ,they hand over the five companies to me ,so the only thing I need to do right now Is to get rid of Donald ,he is so dumb to think I love him ,his head over heels for me , hahahaha . Genevieve said and laughed.

what !!! I scream mentally ,I’m I day dreaming or something I thought


who the h’ll is her grandpa and what is she talking about ? I scoff inwardly

The companies are already under my control I’m now the owner grandpa you don’t have to worry .She said ”

company ? is …I ….I can’t believe this

of course christian is fine ,I can keep him once everything is done he is not my baby after all that’s Emelia the surrogate baby and you know that ,finn helped me with that back then why are you so forgetful ? I heard her ask ”

wait ! I’m I day dreaming ,I whisper,did Genevieve just say that baby Chris is not her son ,like she isn’t the mother of my baby ?

but …but what the hell why I’m I so stupid ,that crazy doctor is her friend anyway so the baby bump back then is fake , that’s why she never allowed me to touch her back then with the excuse that I would hurt the baby ? is she trying to tell me that Emelia gave birth to a triplet ? what the fucking damn stupid statement did she just make right now ! that she has been using me and my grandma ? that she would get rid of me ! unbelievable arrrg I can’t believe this ,she is probably joking right ,is she trying to tell me that I chased Emelia away with those kids, my own kids without any remorse all because of her but ………….

I feel dizzy ,as so many things run through my mind ,i staggered back holding my forehead with my palm as I feel my temperature increase .

So this was the exact reason why Calvin was against my will to keep her as a wife ? he has been out of the country for almost two years now ,I didn’t bother to call him because he left without informing me .

to say I’m disappointed is an understatement ,I think is time I go look for Emelia and my twin girls what was I thinking back then to have left my wife and kids all because I want a heir , and now everything is crushed both my marriage ,I can’t believe my own wife wants to kill me ,I can’t believe I have been living with a devil for past ten years ,I bite my lips as I feel tears roll down my cheeks ,I didn’t bother to listen again and walk away gently.


*** Somewhere in London ***

A middle aged man in his fifties was seen sitting with an old lady.

Maria I don’t think is necessary I come back for my daughter she is enjoying her life ,Mrs beth should just let her be out of this I don’t want her to get hurt again .The man said ”

What do you expect I’m not the boss here Mrs beth suggested that so I would appreciate if you obey that ,she called and said is time so Mr Douglas we have to obey that .Mrs maria said ”

I know and I really appreciate her for helping me out these past years honestly I’m forever grateful but after seeing my baby on the TV honestly I felt so happy ,proud and grateful to God after everything she succeeded ,I wish her mom is here she would have cried her eyes out .Mr Douglas muttered as Tears roll down his cheeks.

common you are now an old man Mr Douglas you don’t have to cry okay .Mrs maria said ”

I know ….I know but this. ..this tears is what we call tears of joy ,so please bear that in my mind that I’m just super excited and happy that I don’t know any other way to express it than to let the tears out. Mr Douglas explained ”

I understand everything would be fine you should get ready before Christmas.we would be there Mrs Maria said ”

okay this is the only way I would be of help then I’m more ready than ever ,I have already gathered all the childhood memories it would be of help ,you know when I saw my kid back then begging on the street I cried my eyes out I don’t even know how to introduce myself back as her father ,I have to disguise myself as a grandpa and adopt her back ,I suffered alot but ……

but mrs Maria interupted him,

hey is enough I understand your pain everything would be alright you aren’t the only one that passed through alot ,Mrs beth passed through alot too so calm down with time everything would be fine ,the enemies would pay .Mrs Maria muttered as she consoles Mr Douglas.

thank you ,thank you Mrs maria thank you for always being there for me ,thank you for your care , and help . Mr Douglas said ”

is nothing is my duty anyway remember I get paid anyways ,Mrs maria scoff”

common I was just thanking you.Mr Douglas said with a frown .

Frowning ? disgusting that look like an old fashioned owl looks .Mrs Maria teased ”

what ! how dare you say that to me Maria ,do you know what I can do ? Mr Douglas said ”
you can’t do anything poor man ,you are just nothing. Mrs maria said with a daring look.

Really ? Mr Douglas glares ,I reserve my statement for another day but trust me I will reply you soon ,soon enough. Mr Douglas say with a smirk

whatever !Mrs maria scoff and look away .


*** Donald *** Penthouse ***

right now I’m in my penthouse ,after getting myself I drove straight to my penthouse , and ooh I told Genevieve that I have a business trip to attend for a month I would be out ,I decided I won’t let her know that I found out what she wants to do until I found my family and reconcile with them ,I also message grandma and told her I want Chris to stay with her that I would be out of the country for some time. she agreed but I’m not leaving today I need Calvin’s help , I’m in the pool outside the house I need fresh ear so staying inside won’t do me any good .

I dial his number ,it rings and ended,I dial the number again and he picked up .

Hello ! I exclaimed ”

hey buddy you finally decided to call I thought you are keeping malice with me ? he ask over the phone .

aren’t you the one that left the country without informing Me ,I’m mad at you but right now bro I need your help .I muttered ”

okay what help I know you can’t do without me so tell me what do you want this time around “he ask ”

I narrated everything I found out to him ,And he keeps on cursing Genevieve and also blaming me for being dumb and that makes my heartbeat to accelerate I mean Is been five years now what would my kids think of me ! where can I find them ? would they accept me ?
I’m fucking scared right now as I remember how Emelia was shedding tears back then but I never cared ,oooh my gawd ”

what do I do ? I ask Calvin

that suppose to be what do you want to do right now , do you want your kids back ? do you want Emelia back ,do you want enough evidence to Charge Genevieve ,finn and the so called grandpa to court ? Tell me what you want I would help you with it. Calvin said ”

I want everything honestly I do want everything but I don’t want to involve grandma in this ,you know she loves Genevieve so much so I …..but Calvin bursted into laughter.

hey what’s funny I’m sad , confused and depressed and you are laughing ? I scream.

calm down okay, I will tell my detective to found out who the Grandpa is ,but first of all you want Emelia and the kids right ?, so that would be his first assignment ,you are going to Mexico tomorrow then wait in one of your houses within a day or something I would send every details about her and the kids to you okay .Calvin said ”

thank you man ,thank you I really appreciate that alot ,I love you .I said putting my hand on my chest .

cut that sht I’m not gay say that to your favourite wife Genevieve ,Calvin teased ”

hey you don’t dare tease me with such an expensive joke .I scoff ”

easy chill I’m just kidding, alright bye I’m kinda busy right now . Calvin said while I nodded .

okay bye .I ended the call and sigh .

thank you Calvin. I smile and sip my from my drink .


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