GENRE: Love, suspense, competition and betrayal

Somewhere in Paris, the CEO of Armstrong’s group of companies could be seen at Golden high school, one of the best schools in Paris, it’s known that only the rich can attend Golden High

Being the CEO of Armstrong’s group of companies, the 3rd richest company in Paris his son; Bryan is a student at the school

THE REJECTED GIRL : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

He’s known to be arrogant, full of pride, rude and a money spender, he doesn’t care about people, the only thing that matters to him is how to make more money, his name is Franklin Armstrong, and he gets anything he wants without saying it twice


“Dad, there is a new boy in our class and he looks just like you,” Bryan his son said

They are now in the car ready to zoom off

“Like me?” He asked

“Yeah, oh there he comes, that’s his sister, she’s so pretty and I love her already,” Bryan said with a wide smile

“WOW, he truly looks like me, who’s are his parents” Franklin replied staring at the boy

“I dunno, but his mum always comes to pick them up after school, she will soon be here,” Bryan said

Franklin couldn’t help but think there was something strange about those kids

“There she is,” Bryan said when the beautiful lady steps down from her car and hugs the kids

They went into her car, she turned to pick up their backpacks only for her mask to fall, she quickly covered her face with her hair and went into the car leaving the backpacks behind

The huge bodyguard went and pick the mask and backpack for her

Meanwhile, Franklin won’t stop staring, he actually saw a glimpse of her

“Did you see that? She doesn’t want anyone to see her face,” Bryan said but his father’s mind has gone far

VERONICA!!!” he said out loud, his eyes widen and nearly popping out from their sockets

Who’s Veronica?” Bryan asked confused

That’s impossible, I don’t believe in ghosts but this got to be wrong, I saw her die, I felt her temperature, and …… And….. And…

Dad! Dad!! Who is Veronica?” Bryan asked when he saw how his father was shaking

Now the question is: who is she?


Her name is Veronica Mars, she came from the family of Mr and Mrs. Mars Glassman, she has a sister who’s name is Lupita, she was loved by all but something happened, something that made everyone hates and condemn her, family friends and loved ones turn their backs on her

She has no one to stand by her side so she decided to ¢ommit sui¢ide……

What did you think happen?

Why did think she died?

Did you think he has anything to do with it

Did you think she died

What could she do that makes everyone hate her?

It’s gonna be a long ride trust me



Somewhere in Paris, the family of Mr & Mrs. Mars Glassman could be seen, they have two daughters, Veronica and Lupita

Lupita is always jealous of her elder sisters Veronica cos of the love and affection everyone showers her with

She on the other hand has nothing, she’s the disobedient child, Veronica is known to be a church girl while Lupita is the worldly type

Everyone around Veronica love’s her except Lupita who likes competing with her in everything

“Mum, am going,” Veronica said with a smile

“Alright my darling, don’t come back late,” her mother replied

“Sure mum, it’s just a little practice that won’t take time, it will end around 6:00 pm,” she said

“You know I can’t say no, get going already,” her mother said and she smiled

She always has a big smile on her face, even in difficulty

“I love you mum,” she said and left

Her sister Lupita who has been pepping rolled her eyes and scoffed

“Church rat,” she mumbled going to the door

“And where did you think you are going?” Their mother asked

“Going out,” she replied

“To do what?” Their mother asked and fold her hands

“To do what am supposed to do,” she replied rudely

“You are not going anywhere,” their mother said

“But you allowed Veronica to go out,” she complained

“She’s going to church, now get back in there and help me do the dishes,” their mother said

“Sorry I can’t do that,” she replied not looking at their mother’s face

“What did you say? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, standing and challenging your mother is all you can do best, your sister is an example of good behavior and what are you? An example of a good wayward life,” their mother said angrily

“Who said she wants to be a Christian! I love me and I don’t need your love anyway,” she replied and rolled her eyes

“Get back into your room, I will only allow you to go if you are going to church,” their mother said

“Church my foot,” she mumbled and frown

“Lupita,” their mother called

“I don’t believe in God, I don’t even know if he’s real or fake, nobody has ever seen him… Forget all these big bibles and what’s written in them, nobody…..

“Lupita say no more and get yourself In your room now,” their mother shouted angrily

“Am going out mum and that’s final, I don’t need permission to go where I want,” she said going out

“Come back here, Lupita,” her mother called

“I hate this church nonsense, why did I even have to come from a Christian family? Is it by force to be a Christian?” Shouted at her mother and left




Franklin you will start taking business classes cos I Will soon make you the CEO of our company,” Mr. Armstrong said

“Wow, dad really?” He asked with a giggle

“Yes, you are the son of your father,” he replied

“What about Jericho?” Their mother Mrs scarlet asked

“He’s not my business, he can do whatever he wants,” Mr. Armstrong said

“But dad…

“Enough, who gave you the permission to talk, I own this damn house and everything in it, so I say you are not my business, do whatever you want with your life I don’t care,” Mr. Armstrong yelled at him

He stared at Franklin and swallowed nothing

“Can I at least have a share in the company?” He asked

“No, you are a loser,” Franklin replied and winked at him

He stood up and left without saying anything else

“Armstrong this is not fair, he is also your son,” Mrs scarlet said

“I never said he’s not, he’s weak and fragile, I don’t want a weakling as a son, I want a strong lion just like me,” he replied and hit Franklin lightly on his shoulder


“What do you know woman, just shout up,” Mr. Armstrong cut in and she swallowed nothing

Jericho is the first son of Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong but they don’t respect him, no one even cares if he exists or not, they treat him as nothing just because he doesn’t like trouble, his always alone and he hates it.

Mrs scarlet stood up and left going after Jericho.



Evening 6:00

Veronica was coming back from church when someone group of boys block her way.

“Is there a problem? Can I help you with something?” She asked

“They scoffed at the way she was behaving

“We are the ones to help you,” boy one said

“Ok, what did you want to help me with?” She asked staring from one person to another

“Heard you are still a vrgn?” The second boy said

“She shifted backward

“What do you want?” She asked

How these guys get to know that she was a vrgn is confusing, it’s only her family members that know about that, and no one else knows about that.

“You” the third guy replied

Meanwhile, Lupita was coming towards that side when she saw what was happening, she quickly hides, peeping from her hiding place

What do you mean?” She asked

One of them grabbed her right hand roughly

Get your hands off me,” she shouted

The second guy covered her mouth with his palm as they drag her into a corner

Lupita smirked from her hiding place, she slowly followed them

They pushed her down and someone spoke up

“Leave her alone,” a guy said coming toward them

“Or what?” The first guy asked

You will see yourself in jail, all of you,” he replied

They looked at each other before going out, the guy standing in front of them looks rich and they don’t want to be in jail

Today is your lucky day,” one of them said and they left

Are you alright?” The guy asked

She quickly packs her things and runs away


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