5 Proven Email Copywriting Tactics to Get Subscribers to Read Your Emails

5 Proven Email Copywriting Tactics to Get Subscribers to Read Your Emails

In this article apart from the 5 roven Email Copywriting tactics to get subscribers to read your Emails, we shall also be looking at the following topics for bettet understanding;

– What Is Email Copywriting?
– 5 Email Copywriting Tips
– Duties of an Email Copywriter

5 Proven Email Copywriting Tactics to Get Subscribers to Read Your Emails. Thingscouplesdo

What Is Email Copywriting?

It simply means writing sales emails of about 200 – 500 words for companies who will pay you anything between $1k – $5k a month.

Email Copywriting is one of the 9 Types of Copywriting, others are;
Marketing Copywriting
Social Media Copywriting
Brand Copywriting
Direct Response Copywriting
Technical Copywriting
Public Relations Copywriting
Thought Leadership Copywriting
SEO Copywriting

Why will I choose this income model?

(1) There are thousands of businesses online who depend on email to drive their revenue.

Many of these companies make about $10k per email.

So paying someone $1k – $5k a month to write emails that make them money is nothing.

(2) Learning to write emails that sell is an easier craft to learn.

If you are someone who can write well, you only need to take about 2-4 weeks to learn, practice and get good enough to do this.

One of the email copywriters I read about is a young woman from Pakistan.

Last year (2021), she pocketed $150,000 from her email copywriting services.

Imagine that.

Nigerians are far better at English than Pakistans.

So, if she can do this, then I believe you can if you get the right guidance.

Did you know that 306.4 billion emails are sent and received each day? You can be sure that not all of these are opened and read to the end. Most people have several emails in their inboxes every day. So, how do you ensure emails from your marketing campaigns don’t end up in the ‘Unread’ pile?

Email copywriting, like general copywriting, involves figuring out the best ways to get readers to engage with your content.

If you’re stuck on how to do that in your email campaigns, these five tips should help.

5 Proven Email Copywriting Tactics to Get Subscribers to Read Your Emails

? Focus on the Subject Line

Before you send out your campaigns, ensure you’ve nailed the subject line. Your subscribers will read the subject line first, and you must ensure it is relevant and interesting enough to get them to open the email.

Choose the right words, ensure the subject line is long enough, and avoid click baits, so your readers don’t mar the emails as spam.

? Use a Killer Preview Text

With the insane number of emails sent each day, subscribers use more than the subject line to decide which emails are worth opening. You should ensure the preview text is captivating enough to get readers to open the email.

Most internet users read their emails on their phones. Therefore, you only have a short snippet to convince them you have valuable information to offer. The text should give an idea of what’s inside and should be brief and to the point.

? Employ Psychology in Your Marketing Strategies

Human beings are wired to react in a certain way when triggered. Using psychology in your email marketing campaigns can help you achieve the numbers you want.

There are different psychological tricks you can use to get subscribers to take action. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), using CTAs, using different colors, and attaching social proof are some of the things you could do.

These tricks help you connect better with the audience and do whatever you want them to.

? Get Personal

Your readers want to feel important to you. They know the emails you send aren’t just to them. But why not make them feel that way?
Personalizing your email campaigns could help boost your conversion numbers.

You can do this by using the subscriber’s name in the salutation and even throughout the email.

Use the data from your email marketing tool to understand what makes your subscribers tick, and use that to your benefit.

? Keep it Short and Sweet

Your subscribers don’t have all day to read your emails. Therefore, ensure you have said what you need to in the least number of words possible.

If you continuously send long emails, subscribers will stop opening and reading them. You’ll end up in the Spam Folder within a short time, which isn’t a good move for any business.

You don’t need to worry about sending out email campaigns that will perform. Why not let the experts handle it? Our copywriting team will ensure you have fantastic emails for your marketing campaigns.

So, let us do the work as you watch your business soar.

5 Proven Email Copywriting Tactics to Get Subscribers to Read Your Emails. Thingscouplesdo

5 Email Copywriting Tips

1. Make every word matter.

2. Your headline should be impactful and intriguing.

3. Don’t just write smart copy, write copy that sells.

4. Don’t speak down to your audience.

5. Keep it clear and simple.


As an email copywriter, you need to know your duties when writing an email for a client or your product or service to your email list.

And when you fail to know your main duty, that means you are not yet the an authority in your niche.

So what is the main duty of an email copywriter let us know?

I guess that might be your thought right now.

When a client reaches out to you for you to write an email for him or her after all the necessary information provided to you about your client email list.

Your job is just to write an email for your client and not to sell inside that email, but to get your subscribe or list to go out and read the stuff that will make them buy.

Which is the sale page or send them to register for a webinar or watch a youtube video or blog post or even download something. Etc.

Email himself is not responsible for making sales.

You can still sell in your email only if the sale page is not converting.

Or if the sale page is too short,

Or if there is no sale page.

And as a reminder once again your job as an email copywriter is to make your subscribers or list go out of their inbox to the place where they need to take action or their next step.


I hope this post (5 Proven Email Copywriting Tactics to Get Subscribers to Read Your Emails) was helpful?