She’s currently on a call with her mother doctor Fiona

“You should have seen what you looked like in that outfit,” Vera said laughing

“I already knew that I looked funny, I nearly laughed with the way she was shouting,” doc Fiona replied

“It’s not over cos a greater one is coming their way,” Vera said

THE REJECTED GIRL : EPISODE 31 - 50. Thingscouplesdo

“Did they pay the money?” Doctor Fiona asked

“Nope but don’t worry about it cos I will take care of it,” Vera replied

“Don’t you think you should tell those two about all this?” Doc Fiona suddenly said and her face changed

“I don’t know how to start,” she replied

“At least try, it’s better than not doing anything,” doc Fiona added

“I know mum but I don’t know how they will react,” she replied

“It’s better to tell them and wait for their replied, have you ever wondered what will happen if they find out?” Doc Fiona asked

“I don’t want to think about that and am sure they will never find out, I will tell her but am waiting for the right time,” she replied and just then Lupita walks in


“Talk later mum, bye,” she cut in and ended the call

Lupita was still standing and Vera who was facing the winder turned immediately Lupita walked in

“You are late,” she said going close to her

“Sorry I was hucked up with something,” she replied

“Something more important than work?” She asked

“It won’t happen again miss Adams” she apologizes calmly

Vera looks at her for a while as different thought runs into her mind Lupita on the other side was thinking of different things too



Armstrong group of companies*

The news of a running lady in a towel has speculated the whole place and everyone is talking about it, even his workers

Anna didn’t come to work cos of shame and luckily enough for her, the paparazzi didn’t capture her face but only her body

Many people called her names while some find it fun, Franklin was still in his office going through the comments section when his manager walked in

“Boss, our sales are reducing and some people are rejecting our products,” he said

“What do you mean?” Franklin asked

“Our company is still under attack and am Afraid it might sink if you don’t fix it,” he replied

“What did you suggest?” Franklin asked

“Pay the 10 million,” his manager said

“It’s no longer 10 but 50 million dollars,” Franklin replied

“What! How?” His manager asked shocked

Just then a call came on his manager’s phone, he checked to see an unknown number calling

“Hello, who is this?” He asked

“Tell your boss that he has less than 30 minutes to pay for his damage if not it will be more than that,” the person said and ended the call


“Boss I think you should pay the money,” his manager advice

“If I pay such an amount of money then how do with stand again for the damage of our goods and all that? How do I pay works how do I…..”

“Boss I think is better you pay cos she will keep attacking our company till you are left with nothing,” the manager said

A moment of silence prevails

“Pay the money,” Franklin finally said Deep down he knows that once his father finds it about the damages he will kll him

He went into a deep thought thinking of how the person everyone adores and said is kind-hearted could be mean to him

“what did I do to deserve this?” He thought silently




“Leo this is my new business partner Jericho, and Jericho this is Leo a friend from the UK, he’s also my business partner and he will be joining us in the new project we have next week,” Vera said

Jericho stares at Leo and finds him as a threat, he thought he will have a lonely time with Vera but now another person is involved

he decided to stay calm, they have been talking about business and Jericho haven’t said a word instead he was busy staring at Vera

“Are you gonna stare at me all day? Or will you bring up an idea?” She asked

“I… Emm… I need to use the restroom,” he replied embarrassed, and left before

Vera and Leo exchanged glances but decided to wait for him



“So you mean you have a competitor?” Lupita asked

He actually went to Lupita since they share things, he went to her to complain

“Yeah, exactly,” he replied

She didn’t smile like she always use to do, she just keep a straight face which make him worried

“Lupita are you okay? Did something happen” He asked

“Ever wondered why your Dad hates you such?” She asked instead

It even seems more strange to him, Lupita has never talked about him or his father but now she’s asking questions about him

“I dunno, I have been trying to find out about that but I couldn’t,” he replied

“He’s not your Dad,” she said staring into space

“What? You are kidding right?” Jericho asked but she was silent

“Lupita!!!” Be called and touched

“Yes, am here what happened?” She asked and looked around

“You said something about me not being my dad’s son,” he said staring at her

“Did I say that? Oh s!lly me, don’t mind me I always say stup!d things when am high,” she lied

“What do you mean?” He asked it still sounds like music to his ear

“Jericho, am dy!ng,” she said


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