Mary Ann Adams

Chapter 11

I looked at him unbelievably.

“Better stop dreaming”

“You need to wake up too because you are never getting a new room” he said and walked to the bathroom.

Argh. He just love getting on my nerve. I rubbed my tummy and skipped to the dining room.

THE RICH MAN’S TEENAGE WIFE : CHAPTER 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

I was halfway through the meal Wednesday Hayden joined me. He already had his bath. He said nothing to me and just started eating.

I ignored him too. I imagined how it would have being having dinner with a guy I truly love and marry. Feeding ourselves, cracking jokes, laughter etc not with this cocky man who only knows how to work.

“So unfortunate” I said rather loudly and Hayden looked at me questionably.

I scoffed and continued eating.


“Don’t tell you are going to sleep like this too today?” He inquired looking at my dressing not satisfied.

“It really isn’t ur business” i shot at him.

“Yeah It isn’t. Goodnight” he said surprising me. Why isn’t he arguing with me?

Whatever. I slept beside him leaving enough space at the middle and closed my eyes. I opened them back and stared at him. He’s facing me and his eyes are closed.

“You don’t expect me to sleep with you staring at me like that” he said with his eyes still closed.

I flinched. “I’m not staring …at you, I just happen to be looking at the same direction” I stuttered feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Sure, you were” He said sarcastically.

I turned my back on him immediately. “J erk-face” I uttered.

“Are you pretending I can’t hear you?” I heard his voice.

“Just shut up!” I snapped at him. I didn’t hear his voice again and I slept off afterwards.

Hayden had disappeared again when I woke up in the morning. Does he think of any other thing apart from Work?

After breakfast, I dressed up and proceeded to leave the house.
I will die of boredom if I stay in this house.

A man walked up to me.

“Hi, my name is Jacob, the driver assigned to u”

I rolled my eyes. There were about four cars in the compound.

“I don’t need a driver”

“But boss said…..”

“I don’t care what your boss said” I rolled my eyes and walked to the gate. The gatekeeper looked at me unsure but on glaring at him, he opened the gate for me.

I already told Tiana to meet up with me at a ice-cream lounge. I boarded a taxi and got there in 15 minutes time.

Tiana waved at me happily and we went to sit down.

“Look at you looking fresh and more pretty” She said observing my face.

I looked at her like she have gone crazy.

“You are just being too extra”

“I’m serious. Just two days and you look so different”

I glared at her and she shut up immediately.

“So how are you doing?” She asked and it was that moment our ice cream arrived.

“I haven’t had ice cream in like ages” I said digging in.

“I asked a question” She rolled her eyes.

“Do I look like I am fine?”

“Of course” She replied and I glared at her again.

“I said the truth” she shrugged.

“I just hate him. He is annoying, egocentric and a jerk!”

“Calm down. Hate is a strong word”

“Can you believe he refuses to allow me have my room room!!”

“But you guys are married. It’s normal for you to sleep in the same room”

“It isn’t. He locked up all the rooms in the house now I am stuck in his room. I have to wear full clothes to sleep.”


“What if he just wake up in the middle of the night and rape me”

“Hayden can’t do that”

“You don’t know him”

“It’s all in your head. I see nothing wrong in sharing the same room and there is also nothing wrong giving your self to him”


“Sorry. Sorry. I just said the truth”

“Let’s just change the topic. Don’t want to talk about him” I said and Tiana nodded.

“About the entrance exam. Are you preparing?” She asked.

“What exam?” I scrunched my brows.

“Entrance exam to Harvard. Duh! “

“Oh yeah!” My eyes widened.

“How could you forget? Oh I know. A certain person made you forget”

“Just shut up, Tiana”

She made a gesture zipping her lips and I rolled my eyes.

“You don’t need to prepare. You are brilliant. You would definitely get in”

“That doesn’t mean I won’t read” I said.

“How about Ezra?” I asked changing the topic.

“He is fine I guess, haven’t heard of him”

“Oh” I muttered a bit sadly.

“You are still in love with him?” Tiana asked.


She gaze at me not knowing what to say. I picked my phone. It has just 1%. And almost immediately,it switched off.

“Where should we go after this? I really do not want to go home” I said.


And that is what we did, we went to the boutique. Tried on many clothes and bought some. After wards, We went to different places like the old times.

In the evening, we went to the cinema to watch a ro..mantic movie. I was the emotional type. Crying when a sad scenes comes up while Tiana was there to comfort me.

“Cheese and crackers! It’s 8pm!” Tiana screamed.

“Chilax. It isn’t that late.”

“I’m still living in my Parent’s house. I’m so d ead if I miss curfew” she said and stood up.

“Will call you” she added and rushed out.

I just sighed and sat down with my popcorn as I continued watching the movie.

The movie finally ended and I left the cinema. The street wasn’t that busy and I wondered what the time is. My phone is dead since morning.

I decided to walk further and find a cab. As I walked, I heard someone’s footsteps behind me.
I looked back and couldn’t find anyone.

I continued walking and I could still feel someone following me.

Or am I hallucinating. I decided to just ignore it.

I stopped when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I made to turn but a voice stopped me.

“Don’t!” It said.

My eyes widened when a knlfe rested on my neck. Few people were passing but it was dark.

“What do you want?” I asked with a shaky voice.


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