THE SINGLE WIFE : Episode 1 – The End


Episode 1

“Do you Klaus Sandaval take Rebbeca Marshall as your lawfully wedded wife, the priest asked. “Yes I do,” replied the groom. Do you Reb…”yes I do, the bride replied cutting the priest short. I hereby pronounce you husband and wife, the priest concluded as the congregation cheered on.

After a few photos, they headed for the reception where they had a few drinks and received gifts, later the newly weds headed for their honeymoon. Klaus, “am so exicted, finally am your wife and our little angel is going to grow up in a complete family.” said Becca excitedly. Instead of yapping, “why don’t you take a bath and rest?” asked klaus irritated. Look, you are only my wife in the eyes of the public but between us you are nobody absolutely nobody, he said and walked away leaving her in tears. The pain in Becca’s heart was too much, she cried herself till sleep overtook her thoughts…. The two weeks Becca spent with klaus felt like hell. He barely touched her but frequently insulted and tortured her.

Finally, the honey moon was over and they flew back to Newyork. They were greatly welcomed and Becca was warmly ushered into the family. After refreshing, they joined the rest of the family at the dining table. So, little sisy did brother treat you well? asked Terry. Oh yeah, i was more of a princess, she replied trying hard not to cry. If he messes with you, just tell me and I will gladly deal with him, Terry said and they burst out laughing. The dinner session went on well as they cracked jokes and enjoyed their meals.

Later they retired to bed. As usual klaus hurled insults at his wife. He asked her to use the couch and she shouldn’t dare try to get close to his bed. She laid on the couch questioning herself why this had to happen to her. Why klaus married her if he really hated her that much.

The next morning, klaus prepared himself and left for work without minding the condition of his wife. Becca refreshed and joined the rest at the dinning for breakfast. Did you two have a fight? Terry asked after she noticed Becca was pale. Why did you make this happen? Why did you unite us? Becca questioned Terry in tears. I thought you loved my brother, and again there was no way I was going to let my little nephew or niece grow without his family, she explained. This matrimonial shouldn’t have happened, Becca said. Are you trying to say that marrying my brother was a mistake? Terry asked. Yes, it was the biggest mistake of my life……

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