?The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)

Episode 21

By: Faith Lucky


I flinched immediately. What is she talking about?

“Switched?” I stood up from the couch slowly, moving away from Bitna.

“Wh….What’re you talking about, Emma? What do you mean by switched?”

“I don’t really have all the details for now,Maya. But I overheard the lady – Kim – having an argument with her mum about it. They made mention of your name, Williams, Richard, and I’m pretty sure she said her husband had switched the babies.

“I don’t know if it’s true, Maya, but that was what I heard”


This is not possible.

I felt my heart ache as I placed my hand on my chest and walked out of the house. This isn’t possible.

“Emma…” I called fraily, unable to contend the news.
My heart was beating rapidly.

Kim….Kim switched our babies? She took…she took my child? Bitna isn’t my child? But Kim’s?

No; that isn’t possible. It cant be possible.

“How did you find out?” I asked,bewildered.

“They’re presently at the hospital. Danica was shot and is being treated”,,


“She was shot? Why? By who?”

“We don’t know yet,,Maya. But it appears to be a stray bullet. Tho, she’s fine now”.

My head was almost spinning from all the information. I couldn’t take it; didn’t know what to think.
It shouldn’t be possible.

How did it happen? How did Kim get access to my child? No; I couldn’t believe it.

“I’ll…I’ll call you back” I fluttered and ended the call.

I breathed heavily and sank my fingers into my hair. Oh my God! What’s happening?

“Mum?” I turned immediately when I heard Bitna’s voice and found her walking towards me.

My heart melted instantly at the sight of her.

“Is there a problem?” She asked, standing in front of me and I stared dumbfounded-ly at her for some seconds.

“Mum?” She tapped my arm, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Oh my God! Bitna….
Could it be possible she isn’t my daughter? But the daughter Of Kim?

My heart was too heavy for the news as tears came threatening at me, but i forced them back.

“I’m….I’m fine, darling. I’m just…” I paused and turned to back her.

“I’m just a little tired and they’re still trying to bore me from work”.

I sniffed.

“Are you sure? You look really troubled”.she persisted but I didn’t say a word. I couldn’t.

No; I can’t draw conclusions yet until I’m sure. For all I know, this might just be a lie – a terrible lie.

I turned to face Bitna.

“I’m really sorry, honey. But I need to leave now. I…I need to go somewhere important. I promise I’ll be back, okay?” I touched her hair.

“Huh? But its so late, mum. Besides,,you just got home from work. Do you really need to leave right away?” She was displeased.

“I’m so sorry, Bitna. But I have to leave. Its…its really important”,,

A frown crept into her face and and she rolled her eyes.

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised then. It’s not like its a new thing anyway” she huffed and walked away and I just stared at her – hurtfully.

A tear finally dropped but thank goodness she was backing me at that moment, so she couldn’t see it.

I sniffed and started towards my car, searching for Williams’ contact on my phone. I needed to tell him about it.
“Argh!!” I screamed and threw the vase on the floor, crashing it to pieces.

Oh! I hated this!!

I hate you, Danica!! I hate you, Maya!! I hate everyone of you!

All I wanted was taking what’s mine, but they ended up turning my own mother against me. Swears, I’m never going to forgive them.

I smoked angrily from my cigarette, recalling everything that had happened.

For over eighteen years, I tried to fight, but only ended up losing. and now , I was on the verge of losing again.

No; not this time around. Since the truth is already out, I’d have to finish it once and for all.

I’m taking my daughter back. But Maya…I’ll make sure she never get hers. I’ll make sure she dies a lonely woman – motherless!!

I itched my head in frustration and finally left the house, headed for the palace.

I was going to expose the whole truth and let them know the missing disciple has been alive all these while.

I was going to make sure they take Danica away from her mother.

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