Written by Sylvia Adaobi Peter ??

? Episode 21 ?

? Robert ?

I was quick to notice her sudden change of mood.

She was moving back she staring at the floor.

I followed her gaze and realised what she’s been staring at.

Cursing silently, I kicked the masks under the bed. How could I have forgotten to dispose them??

“Masks…” She gasped and I looked at her.

“Why are you so afraid?? You’ve not seen a mask before?” I asked.

She looked at me and I saw fright in her eyes. ” It was you…?” She gasped and I looked sharply at her.

What’s she talking about?

“What?” I asked feeling suspicious already. Did she know??

“Nothing… It’s just that… I’m always scared of masks.” She said and smiled nervously.

I frowned, looking at her. Does she know something? Of course not …. How is that possible?

I looked away and sat down. “Just get me the bandages. I’m bl.eeding.” I said casually.

She smiled coming towards me. ” I’m a nurse Robert and I carry my first aid kit around. The bandages are right here. ” See replied.

Minutes later, Tess was done fixing up my wound.

“That crazy ba$tard thinks he’s gonna get away with this? Ah ah!! I will make sure I make him sad through the days of his life!” I groaned put.

Test gave me gave me a pain reliever and afterwards, I slept off.

? Theresa ?

I gasped once I got away from him.

I held unto my chest, as my lungs burned down.

What sort of temptation is this?

I backed the wall in the living room, feeling so confused.

Davey…. Why did Robert attack him??

Do they have a connection somewhere or was Robert payed to harm my brother?

Tess!, Hurry off to the station and report him now! Right now!!

My head screamed at me but as much as I wanted to do it.. my legs refused to carry me… My body refused to function.

I can’t do it. No.. I can’t… I’m in love with him.

I can’t watch him being arrested for the rest of his life.

But then Davey might be jailed instead.

Oh God… What am I gonna do!!

?Mrs Cooper ?

{In the waiting room}

I sat, looking into space and lost in thought.

Marianne walked towards me and sat beside me.

I sighed and looked at her with a smile. “How is he doing? Oh.. I don’t even need to ask. He’s always at peace when he is with you. Isn’t it strange? “I asked and Marianne nodded.

” Why is that? Why am I being his weakness?”Marianne asked and I held her hand.

” It’s part of love, Mari. It’s the love you both share.” I replied but Marianne shook her head.

” No. No, mother. Even when Davey and I were enemies… I’ve always been his weakness. Yeah… I understand now. He never gets vi©lent around me and when he’s vi©lent and he hears my voice… He calms down immediately. “. Marianne said and I nodded.

” I see this the first time I set eyes on you. That was why I insisted he marries you. ” I said and felt tears pricking my eyes.

I looked up to see the police men guarding the door and shook my head.

“Mr Cooper is a well known man in the city. Your family is famous and rich. Why can’t they let go of Davey? ” Marianne asked and I shrugged.

” Because it’s a murder case. It’s a serious one and they would not believe us cos of his condition.” I said, trying to fight back the tears that threatened to pour out.

“I think I wanna know. What happened to Davey? Why… Did he turned out to be a psychopath? ” Marianne asked and I looked at her.

” It was caused by an awful incident when he was little. And ever since then, my son has not been the same.

It started with hot temper and easily grows annoyed, always fighting back.

When he grew older he started acting abnormal, always having a fit.

We had to take him to a therapist who told us what was going on with him. “, I stopped and sniffed.

” What really happened? The incident that turned him into a psych©path.” Marianne asked.

” Her name was Kiran. She was barely three when it happened. She was the daughter of a close neighbor.

“Davey and Kiran are almost telepathic. I don’t why.. but they were inseparable at that tender age. Davey was five then.

“One day… Outside the house, beside the pool.. the two were playing when suddenly out of a playful mood, Davey pushed Kiran into the water.

“Being a kid, he wasn’t quick to know Kiran was drowning.

When I saw them from the window of my room… I screamed but before I could get there.. Kiran already died.

“I started shouting for help and people who heard my voice, came to carry Kiran out of the water. It was too late.

Kiran was no longer breathing.

“It all started there. That very incident made Davey convulsed for two days. Our close neighbor was inconsolable.

“She cried a river. But there was nothing anyone could do about it. He was just a kid and they were playing.” I stopped talking and breathed in.

I looked at Marianne only to see her face full of tears. She looked startled and surprised.

I looked at her and touched her hand. “Honey… What’s wrong??”

Marianne looked so surprised as she looked at me. “It… Happened to me too.

” I drowned but didn’t die at that same age. My grandma told me…. This same incident.”

My eyes widened. ” What??? ”

At that same time too,Tess came into the waiting room, looking so scared and shaky.

“I..I have something to tell you guys.”

What’s going on??

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