?The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)

Episode 31

By: Faith Lucky

I shivered with the abrupt sound of the door and diverting my eyes, I found a lady standing there at the doorway.

The prince, who was already holding the tip of my shirt, slowly turned his face to have a look and I noticed his brows knitted in surprise when they found her.

He slowly moved away from me.

“N… Nathan?” The lady called, a crack in her voice.
There was a clear expression of shock and confusion on her face.

“Andrea?” The prince called.

Andrea? The name sounded familiar.

“What’re you doing here? I mean…you didn’t tell me you were coming”.

“Yeah, I….I wanted to surprise you. Mabel told me….you were here” she walked in, her dazed eyes on me.

Now, I remember! Andrea was the prince’s childhood friend – the one Mabel told me about.

Oh my! Hope she doesn’t get the wrong impression about this?

But the prince….w
What exactly was he doing?

She stopped walking when she was close enough.

“And you” she smiled faintly at me. “you must be Danica. Mabel told me you’d be here as well”.

I gulped nervously.

“Y…Yes, miss. Good evening”.

Her stare was long on me, but finally, she took them away to the prince. She walked closer to him and hugged him.

“Hi Nathan” she whispered.

I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me she was affected by what she saw as a result of how cold she was acting.

“Hi” the prince whispered in return.

Gsh! The suppense in the room was extreme as i felt I had just created a huge problem.

The lady’s eyes were looking really sore.

“Um….do you mind showing me to the guest room? I’d love to….get cleaned up” she cleared her throat and said.

“Of course. Come on” the prince replied and led the way.
And the lady followed after giving me a glance.

The prince – he didn’t spare another word but had just left me speechless, my heart suspended.

What’s the meaning of what he just did? Why… Why did he try to?

I placed my hand on my lips and thought. What did the prince have in mind?

I really couldn’t understand his move, but they scared the hell out of me and made me so nervous. Now, I couldn’t even concentrate

I sighed and turned back to the dining, taking a seat. I had wanted to eat with the prince, but with what had just happened, I doubt if that was going to be possible again.


I led Andrea to the guest room, feeling really bittered at the way she had ruined my plans.

Dmn! I was so close to getting it. So close to checking the mark. Why did she really have to ruin everything within the twinkle of an eye?

Oh! Danica, I couldn’t believe I just left her in a more confused state. If only Andrea had waited a little more time, I’d have settled everything in a way there’d be no suspicions left.

“You didn’t tell me you already had a girlfriend, Nathan” Andrea suddenly said from behind and I tuned to look at her.

She had a feigned smile on.

“Andrea…. it’s not what you think” I said devastatedly.

“Really?” She scoffed.
“It’s not what I think? And what do you think I think, Nathan?”

Oh! Great.

“You were ..You were almost kssing her” there was a crack in her voice.

“You were so….”

“Andrea, it was nothing. Believe me” I cut her off, but a tear came rolling down.


“Just leave, Nathan. I’ll be… I’ll be fine. I just need to clean up” she sniffed and opened the door behind me which was the guestroom.

She opened the door and walked in while I remained dumbfounded.

Geez! What’s going on?


“What’re you talking about, Williams? There’s no way I’m handing my daughter to that monster – even if the results comes out positive” I blurted in the moving car as I sat beside Williams.

“Seriously? So, you’re just going to hold her child against her will? That’s unlawful, Maya. And there’s no way it’s working out” he scoffed.

“Well, I don’t care! That lady deserves to go to jail for what she did. She stole my baby away from me?!”

“I know. I know, okay? But it’s been years now and we don’t even have strong evidence against her. Honey, I know this is difficult for you, but we have to do it, okay? If the results comes out positive, Bitna needs to go to her mother. We need to let her go”.

I fisted my hands and looked away through the window. Dmn it! I wish I could lay my hands on that Kim right now. How I so hate her at the moment.

Williams’ phone started ringing and I had a glance at the screen before he picked it up. It was the doctor.


“Oh! Really? I thought you said in two days time?

“Wow! Okay then. We’ll be there first thing in the morning. Thank you, doctor”.

And he dropped the call.

“What’s going on?” I asked immediately he was done.

“It’s um… it’s the doctor. He said the results would be out by tomorrow morning” he replied.

“Huh? Tomorrow morning? I thought he said in two days time?”

“Well, yeah. He said he found a way to make it quicker” he shrugged and tried to focus on the road.

Oh. So, the results would actually be ready by tomorrow?

Oh My! Now, I feel so nervous.

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