THE TWINS: Chapter 1 – 10

THE TWINS: Chapter 1 – 10

By Chidimma M

** Prologue **

How will you feel when the people you love the most are actually the one who will destroy you??

Meet Gabriela McRae, a 19 year old beautiful and young university student who enjoys helping others and not only that but she’s very rich and also the apparent heir to the McRae family.

THE TWINS: Chapter 1 - 10.

Daniela McRae is just as beautiful as Anabella (well they are twin sisters) also a university student like her sister but she’s the complete opposite of her sister. She’s arrogant, rude, vicious and also she’s very jealous of her twin sister!!

Let me introduce to you Jayden Kendrick, super hot, handsome and a dashing gentleman and also he’s Annabella’s boyfriend. But there’s one problem with him, he’s a sx freak!! He can fk anything…

And last but not the least (for we’ll meet more characters as the story progresses), meet Sebastian Sherman. The hearthrob of all the women in the country, very handsome and sexy. He’s also known as Charming d’vil because not only is he handsome but he’s also cruel and cold hearted…

What will happen when Daniela jealousy will take over her?….

What will happen when all what Gabriela had will come crumbling down to her feet?….

Find out in this story titled THE TWINS !!!

Chidimma M.

THE TWINS: Chapter 1 – 10

By Chidimma M


Gabriela POV

I woke up as I heard the annoying noise of the alarm clock.

I blinked twice and yawned loudly before climbing down from my king sized bed.

I marched sleepily to the mirrow and I gasped as I saw my reflection one the mirrors.

“Ohh my God!! I look like an octopus with my hair like this”

I took my towel and walked into the bathroom to do my business. If not because I had some classes to attending to right now, I’ll be in bed snuggling with my teddy bear.

Time for introduction… I’m Gabriela McRae daughter of the McRae family. I’m 19 years, a final year student in Oxford university and my favorite color is purple!!

After my bath I decided to wear a black jean, pink top with a pink sneakers. I brushed my hair and allowed it to fall freely.

I picked my bag and I was good to go.

I climbed down the stars and I was glad to see my parents at home. They are rarely at home so it was a miracle to see them.

“Mom, dad, Good morning!!” I pecked their cheeks respectively.

“Good morning my Gaby” mom replied with a smile.

“Hello everyone”

I looked towards the direction where the voice was coming and I was surprised to see Daniela my twin sister…

“Wow,,, you woke up early today!” I said with a smile….

She rolled her eyes before saying “Of course I did aren’t we having classes this morning?”

“We have, but you rarely attend lesson”

Let me present to you my twin sister Daniela McRae. We both offer the same course that is modeling. We look identical the only difference between us is that I’m blonde and she has dark hairs.Strange right…?

I looked at my parents and said “We have to go. Bye, See you later love you”

I carried my bag and we walked out of our house. We boarded a car and the driver drove us to school….

THE TWINS: Chapter 1 – 10


I walked out of the car and waved goodbye at the driver, I turned to face Dany but she was already walking away. I ran and caught up with her before saying…

“Hey, wait why are you in a hurry?”

She ignored me and walked away. That’s all Daniela always hot tempered…


I turned as I heard someone shout my name. I smiled as I saw my best friend running towards me.

“Oh hi Violet, how you doing?” I said while hugging her…

“Everything is fine”

I looked at my wristwatch and said…

“Sorry I have to go now, see you later!”

I ran away heading to class….


THE TWINS: Chapter 1 – 10

Finally my classes were over. I looked at the time and it was still 2pm. Cool, I still had some time free. I began searching for Jayden.

Jayden well he’s my boyfriend. We started dating 6 months ago and we love each other very much…

I searched till I was tired. I saw Violet passing and I called for her attention.

“Hey, Violet, have you seen Jayden?”

“Ohh you mean your sweetheart, no I haven’t seen him. Why? anything wrong?”

I sighed and said “No, nothing, just wanted to spend some time with him”

I looked at her and said,,

“Come on let’s go have lunch in a restaurant nearby”

We walked out of the school heading to the restaurant….

THE TWINS: Chapter 1 – 10


Jayden POV

“Awwn Jay, I love the way you make me feel”

I smiled and then picked her up and laid her down on a table before saying…

“That means you’re gonna love more what I’m about to do”

I shifted her pan -ties and slid in hitting the bottom her hole in one go.

I covered her mouth in order to shut her up. We’re in school for God sake…

Well I’m Jayden Kendrick. I’m 24 years a final year student in Oxford university. I study medicine. And most importantly women are my life!!!

THE TWINS: Chapter 1 – 10

Gabriela POV

After we finished having our meal we walked out of the restaurant and I called my driver to come pick us up.

In some minutes, he came. we boarded the car and I ordered him to drop Violet first at her home.

Minutes later we arrived and wow her house was simply fabulous…

“Your house is wow!!” I said still eyeing the house. It was all painted in white.

She chuckled and said “Thanks Gaby Come let me introduce to you my father!”

I hesitated but then she just dragged me out of the car and headed to the gate.

While walking, I was still admiring the house. Its really beautiful…

She entered the house and the interior was more beautiful than the exterior. It was painted with a mixture of white and black giving it a matured yet chique look.

“You’re back my little mouse!!”

I heard a voice speak. I looked at where it was coming and I saw a man. He looks old but yet he’s still handsome.

“Dad!!” Violet said and ran in to his father’s embrace…

The old man loooked at me and said.

“And who is this fine looking lady?”

I blushed lightly and bowed slightly

“Good day mister” I said

Violeta then spoke…

“Dad, she’s Gabriela my best friend. Gabriela meet my dad,”

He offered a handshake and I took it. He then said..

” Nice meeting you miss Gabriela. I’m Noah Sherman”

“Thanks Mr Noah. I’m Gabriela McRae”

I greeted and then my eyes widened as I heard his name. I whispered in Violet’s ear

“Violet, is he Noah Sherman. The founder of the S corporation. The top selling technical company in the world?”

She smiled and nodded and my mouth dropped.

“And its now you’re telling me! You’re the daughter of this important personality and you couldn’t tell me?”

“I don’t want it to change our friendship. Whenever I tell this to anybody they’ll tend to behave strangely. Please promise me you’ll remain the same”

I playfully hit her head and crossed my arm around her shoulder.

“Of course I will silly. Now let’s go and eat ice cream. I’m starving!!!”

“We just ate minutes ago.”

She led me to the kitchen and we began eating like hungry lions…

THE TWINS: Chapter 1 – 10

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