Written by Henry Zibima

Episode 31

Femi’s POV

My heart panted very fast in anticipation of whatever be..ating I was about to receive. I remembered the day I heard Sonia on the phone with a guy; it must have been that boy but she lied to me.

She deceived me that he was a family friend; and when I probed further she diverted my attention; with sx and I totally forgot about it. Not knowing he was her lover and accomplice in extorting from my pockets. The id!ot even knows my surname.


“Loose am” one of the men shouted. Immediately, the other two began to untie me. They began losing the ropes on my hands, my legs and the ones with which I was tied to the chair.

What could they be doing, could it be they wanted to let me go? Just like that? I was already celebrating inside of me when they held my hands and lifted me up from the wooden chair.

I couldn’t see their faces; they were still with their masks, and the room was still very dark. Although, I perceived it was bright outside due to the small amount of light I saw coming from the door not too far away. They held my hands tightly; one by my left, the other by my right.

“Seal his mouth” shouted the one who gave the command earlier, I assumed he was their leader.

My expectations of being set free was brought to an end when one of them brought out a tape from his baggy jeans. He cut out a small length with the help of his teeth and he used it to seal my mouth closed.

They immediately threw me to the ground and my knees came crashing on the cemented floor; I would have definitely been injured left for the fact that I was putting on trousers.

It was time for the battering; my heart pulsated heavily in expectancy. I wanted them to start quickly so that it would be over in a short period of time, rather they took things slowly like foreplay before sx.

“This is going to be an unforgettable experience for you Mr. Femi” their supposed leader said. The kind of beating I foresaw was too hard for me to endure, these guys looked ruthless and behaved like people with no human sympathy.

I had to do something; fast. I tried screaming but my shouts came back to me because of the tape.

I began mumbling inarticulate words as their leader walked closer to me. He raised his gun and hit me with it on my head, the pain was unimaginable.

I bent down to the ground with my hands pressing tightly against my head.

The other two guys were beside me and I scanned to see if the door was locked. It was bolted and there was a key on it. The other two guys began ki¢king me indiscriminately, they ki¢ked my back, my stomach, my legs; they just ki¢ked me everywhere. I groaned in severe pain, gave a loud yell but it sounded no louder than a whisper. Drops of bIood splashed on the floor. I had multiple injuries all over I just wished I could escape their battering.

For the first time in many years, tears dropped from my eyes. I hoped I would get out alive and if I do, I would surely teach that boy a lesson. Whoever he was, I swore to make him pay.

“I can see the grief in your eyes, we have barely started with you and you’re already bIeeding profusely. Surely this place would be a mess by the time we are done.” Their leader said “Mr. Femi or whatever they call you, by the time we are finished; you will long for de.ath but you will not find it. Raise him up” he commanded.

It was either now or never. No! I didn’t want to get be.aten to a point where one would long for de..ath. I had to make a move; take the risk and escape from the hands of these inhumane beings.

As they picked me up, I mustered every energy in me and forced myself out of their weak grip. I made a run for the door, before they realized what was actually going on I was already opening the locks. They chased after me, their leader in front. I opened the keys and removed the bolt, I managed to pull down the handle and the door opened before me.



It was like the gates of heaven were thrown open as I saw the bright light of the sun once again.

I was just an inch short of leaving the room when I felt a strong pull on my leg. I fell to floor and held on tight to the door. I tried crawling out of the room but the pull was very strong. I used my shoe to ki¢k repeatedly over the person’s face and he soon let go of my leg.

I quickly got up the floor to make my it out of the room. Immediately I raised my head, I saw a giant figure standing before me. He dragged me back inside, shut the door which was slightly opened and growled angrily at me.

“Shey you wan show say you stubborn abi. To live done tire you; you go see am today”

He raised his gvn high up in the air and landed it on my forehead. I began feeling a spinning sensation, I felt light-headed and very dizzy. In a few seconds, I felt my eyes close and I was disconnected from the rest of the world.


Frank’s POV

I rushed out of my room to the loud yells coming from the living room. It looked like my mum was having a quarrel with Mrs. Ijeoma.

I didn’t quite get what they were saying but seemed it was about my dad. I was stunned when my mum asked Mrs Ijeoma to leave the house, never before had I seen them quarrel not to talk of sending her out.

I thought it was over not until my mum declared that their friendship had come to an end.

What could have happened that would make my mum end her long time friendship with Ijeoma? I was dmn curious.

My mum made sure Ijeoma left at once and I even heard her warning Musa to never let Mrs. Ijeoma into the house again. Whatever happened, it must have been very serious.



My mum came back talking to herself; filled with annoyance.

“Oh my goodness! Ijeoma that I took as a friend. Ah! People are wicked”

“Mom what happened? between you and Ijeoma?”

My mom just kept quiet and refused to reply me

“Mom, what made you send her away from the house” I asked once again not minding that she didn’t answer the last time.

“Is it about dad?”

“Frank, you should learn to mind your business. It’s not everything you ask, you’re not meant to know everything”

“Okay, I’m sorry”

“You better be, in my days you can’t just go about putting your head into your parents’ matter. You’re a male yet I don’t know why you have such behavior”

“Mum it’s okay, I’ve heard you. I’ll learn to mind my business” I gave a wide smile which my mum did not reciprocate.



Later that day

Jennifer’s POV

It was already evening time still Femi had not returned home. He was really getting on my nerves after begging me the previous day at the party he still went back to that foolish girl.

I wanted to begin packing everything that belonged to me but I needed Femi to be around so we can go on with the divorce.

I would have even called his line if not that I had blocked his contact, I had to drop my pride and unblock his line. I then forced myself to place a call to him. I called and called, up to five times but it didn’t connect. Could he have also blocked me? My anger was immediately rekindled; to think that I unblocked his line to find out that he blocked me also just made me furious. I threw my phone to the bed with anger.

It immediately began ringing; I stretched my hand to it expecting the caller to be Femi. My eyes went straight to the caller ID; “MAMA” was the one calling. She must have heard that I wanted to go separate ways with my husband.

“Hello Mama, good evening”

“Evening my daughter, how are you”

“I’m fine, mama how are you”

“I’m fine o, we thank God. You have refused to come and visit your mother na or even place a call”

“Mama, I’m sorry. You know the kind of work I do; it doesn’t allow me have time for myself not to talk of visiting others. Plus a lot of things I’ve been happening lately, please try and understand”

“It’s okay, my daughter. I understand you. Your elder brother told me about your decision to end your marriage.”


“But Jennifer, what exact reason do you have for filing a divorce. Is it domestic violence or what?”

“Maami, you won’t understand. That man’s problems are too much but the major one is infidelity”


“Yes mama.”

“That is not enough reason for you to scatter your family na. Do you know what I passed through with your dad before he died?” She paused “Hmm… My dear, I went through h’ll on earth but I didn’t let that put asunder to my marriage”

My door opened and a dark figure walked in “Mama please wait… please wait. I’ll call you back”

I ended the call immediately because of who I saw enter my room; it was Femi.

Dragging his feet as he walked, bIood dripping on the floor; his head and his both eyes swollen. Wounds all over his body, his clothes soaked with bIood; he looked like someone just returning from a war. His whole body mutilated.

“Jennifer! Please… please… help me” he shouted and fell face down to the floor.


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