HER MOTHER’S ADVICE : Episode 1 – 10

👄❣️HER MOTHER’S ADVICE 👄❣️ Written by Onomi aka Princess Joanna✍️ 👣 PROLOGUE 👣 Kemi is poor widow who suffered so many challenges during her life time. She has two daughters Bunmi and Tinuke she swore to take care of them so they won’t suffer the same fate she suffered. Kemi has two sisters Ronke and … Read more

HER BABY’S SECRET: Episode 11 – 20

HER BABY’S SECRET SERIE ELEVEN Arike’s POV “Da…Dayo. it’s Dayo’s baby.” I sobbed. “What?!” She gasped in shock. My heartbeat accelerated. Seriously I have never been this scared in my life. “Dayo?” She frowned. “Hold up…which Dayo?” I couldn’t dare look into her eyes. “The..same.. Dayo.” I whispered shakily. Then I heard her laughing as … Read more

HER BABY’S SECRET: Episode 1 – 10

~HER BABY’S SECRET~ EPISODE ONE Arike’s POV At 1:15am, I was still up trying to gather every information I could find to solve a murder case which was presented to the law firm where I work as a Criminal Attorney. The case was about the death of a senator’s daughter. Chidinma Johnson was found dead … Read more