By Ariel Mirabel

The Watterson**

Surprise could be seen on her face at who she saw.

“You?!” Monica exclaimed.

Skye looked back to see who interrupted them. His eyes locked with that of a guy.

Same height as him, white spotless face, pink small lips with dark hair… He looked really handsome and cute.

Beside him was Tara. She hugged his right arm while glaring at Monica.

TROUBLESOME FAMILY : CHAPTER 21 – 30. Thingscouplesdo

“What are you two doing here? I didn’t invite any of you two?” Monica pushed Skye aside, coming to stand in front them. She glared back at Tara..

“Nice way of welcoming me” He smiled, showing off his dimples.

? Who’s he?
? He’s…gosh!!
? Just one night with him will do. He’s so cute and hot!!

“You two aren’t welcomed, leave!!” Monica pointed the exit..

“Stop barking will you” Tara rolled her eyes.

“I didn’t talk to you so you better shut up!!” Monica said, coming closer to Tara.

Skye held her back by the arm. Tara scoffed and hugged the guy’s arm tighter, smiling sheepishly.

The guy stylishly removed his hand from Tara’s grip and walked closer to Monica, bending to her level.

“I didn’t come for you shorty… I came for them” He smiled and turned to Monica’s family.

“OMG!! Jackson is that you? Gosh!, you’re now taller than me. Just look at how handsome you’ve become” Scarlett said, coming front.

“Scary Scarlett” Jackson smiled.

They hugged each other tightly. They broke the hug and he hugged Stephanie.

“Kiddo” Angelo smiled as they bumped fists.

“Senior Angie” Jackson smiled.


“Okay, I’ll stop calling you Angie” Jackson laughed.

Monica glared at him with folded fists. She suddenly stormed upstairs.

“Monica!” Skye called, going behind her.

Tara folded her arms under her chest and smirked.



“Monica?” Skye called when he saw Monica sitting on the floor of the hallway.

He came and sat down beside her.

“Moni, what’s wrong? Who’s he?” Skye touched her shoulder.

“His name is Jackson.” Monica said sadly.

“Jackson? Is he related to the reason why you anf Tara hàte each other this much?” Skye asked and Monica nodded

“Jackson, Ash, Tara and I we used to be the best of friends. We grew up together and did practically everything together the four of us.

Sadly, Ash’s family had a three years trip to Dubai so they left with Ash. I and Tara we were 11 by then so it was just the three of us… Jackson’s family and mine were closer so we spent more time together than with Tara.

Two years went down and Tara kinda developed this huge crush on Jackson and seeing him and I together, jealousy slowly settled in in her heart. She began being mean at me and honestly that hurt..

On the day of my 14th birthday I invited all of my friends and I was so happy that Ash was back. Little did I know that she plotted something on my back.”

“Tara suddenly got missing on the day of my birthday. We searched for her everywhere in the house till my room. Jackson went to search in the bathroom and that’s where he saw her.

She was lying on the floor, bIood coming out of her head. They all accused me that I was the one who did that her.

Jackson was so furious that he even slapped me and said hurtful things to me, that I tried to kll Tara because i was jealous of her.. When Tara woke up, she was so angry at me that she poured pepper on me..

Everyone was so mad at me, even my family. It took months before they could forgive me for something I did not do. I broke ties with Jackson and Tara.” Monica said.

Skye sighed loudly…

“That was really intense…” Skye muttered.

“Believe me, I didn’t do that to Tara. I’m innocent” Monica said, fighting back her tears.

Skye hugged her and kssed her forehead.

“I believe you Monica..” Skye said.

Monica hugged him back.


“Tell me, why must they ruin my birthdays. They ruined my 14th birthday and now they ruined my 17th” Monica muttered.

Skye just stroke her hair…


? ? ? ? ?

Donovan’s mansion**

Raymond came out of his room, dressed for work already. Scarlett didn’t come back and honestly, he cared less.

He walked downstairs deep in thoughts. The camera he placed on her was completely uséless.

“No one I saw from that camera looked suspicious. That means the only person who knows are Julia and Arnold” He thought as he entered the dining room..

“I need to get more closer than I am to Arnold but how?” Raymond thought..

“Good appetite boss” The maid said once she finished serving his breakfast.

“I only see two options and honestly, I don’t like both of them…” He frowned.

His phone suddenly began ringing. He brought it out to see it was Lucy.


“Grandma will soon arrive and she said she’ll be staying with you” Lucy said.

“Sht! Why me?” Raymond sighed.

“Your luck!” Lucy chuckled..

“Anyways, I called to also inform you that a group of drug syndicate from Columbia just landed…” Lucy said.

“You’ll lead this time around, I have another mission to do” Raymond said

“Alright boss. Don’t forget that today is the fashion runaway show of your sweet wife” Lucy smirked.

Raymond rolled his eyes and hung up. He kept his phone aside and decided to face his food.


? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson, 10am**

“Moni…Moni!” Scarlett tapped Monica’s cheek. She slept with her

Monica slowly opened her eyes and yawned loudly. She rubbed her eyes while pouting.

“Good morning sis” She muttered.

“Morning cutie. Come, let’s go get ready. Today is a big day remember?” Scarlett smiled.

“Oh the runaway show! Can’t wait, I’m gonna crush that Tara” Monica said, the sleep had already cleared off her eyes.

“Speaking of Tara.. I’m sorry about yesterday, your party got ruined.” Scarlett said.

“It’s fine, it was perfect in the beginning. Beside I’m used to it”

Scarlett already knew what she was referring to. She made to speak but Monica quickly stood up from the bed.

“When will the runaway show start” Monica asked.

“By 7pm but we need to get you ready since you haven’t modeled before.” Scarlett said.

“Okay, that means I’ll skip school today.” Monica said.

“Yeah and Monica I wanted to give you my second birthday gift yesterday but you were already asleep…” Scarlett said.

She handed a note to Monica. She read and her eyes immediately grew wide.

“You enrolled me as model under the biggest modeling institute in town?!” Monica exclaimed.

“Well yeah, I know it’s been your dream. Since you’re still a minor, I can be your guardian” Scarlett smiled.

“Like…gosh!!” Monica hugged Scarlett tightly.

“Thanks so much sis. I love you”

Scarlett smiled.

“I love you too baby. Now let’s get ready… Today is a long and hectic day for us” Scarlett said.

Monica broke the hug and made to go have her bath.

“Uhm Moni,, I’m sorry to say it but the reason why Jackson is here is because he’s going to be our male model for this show” Scarlett said.

“What?!” Monica swiftly turned back.


? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

The bell rung, signalling the end of the first class. Angelo and Ethan with Avery went to the library to read.

“How i hàte this stuff called reading” Ethan groaned.

“If you wanna leave this school then you gat no choice” Avery smiled.

She looked at Angelo and saw her wasn’t even with them but rather on his phone.

“Angelo, what-”

“I’ll be back, need to place a phone call” Angelo said and walked out of the library.

He dialed Monica’s number…

“Finally someone is awake after snoring like a” Angelo smirked.

“Hahaha really funny” Monica said sarcastically.

“Just wanna wish my stüpíd sis goodluck coz i don’t think I’ll attend it” Angelo said.

“Thanks f©?l” Monica chuckled.

He hung up and smiled then made to go back in but stopped when he saw Melody coming. She wasn’t looking where she was going so she tripped.

“Watch out Me-” Angelo said rushing to her.

Before he could reach where she was, Andrew was faster. He caught her by the waist and Melody’s face landed on his chest.

“Thanks,,, Andrew” Melody smiled.

Angelo scoffed and entered back the school’s library.


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