WORLDS APART : Episode 51 – 60

?Worlds Apart ?

By Authoress Yole

? unknown identity?

Episode 51

A week later

Mara’s Pov

It’s already a week now, a week since Jay started avoiding me, it’s really been h.ell.

Mabel had been bringing me lunch from her mom, well am planning on accepting her soon, she’s not that bad though. I slipped out of bed and walked out. I was still in my night gown. I saw Jay rushing out of the house, like he’s going to see someone.

Where are you going? I asked.

And how is that fking business, go get ready for school and learn to mind your business he said and walked out.

I ran after him and just then I saw an elderly woman and I knew instantly who it was, Jay’s mom.

See why don’t you want to visit us, do you hate us that much she said crying.

Mom it’s not like that I was gonna visit I was d@mn busy.

Oh is it because of that thing she said pointing at me.

No mom it’s not like that I promise to vist you always, but am not coming home he said.

I watched as her mom marched angrily to where I was. I wanted to walk away but I felt my feet rooted to the ground and the next thing I felt on my cheek was a hot sl@p.

You b@stard how dare you try to take my son away from me.

Ma’m I didn’t do anything I said crying.

How dare you talk back at me you d!rty sl.ut, gold digger a pr0$titute that’s what you are you would never have a place in my family she said.

Am not a sl.ut niether am I a pr0$titute. I really love your son I said crying.

Oh you love him right she said and started dragging my hair in as much as I wanted to fight back I couldn’t. I felt so weak and the next thing, she pushed me inside of the swimming pool and I quickly swam to the surface. All this while Jay was watching including the maids and guards.

Mom that’s enough Jay said and pulled her into a hug.

I am the one being treated badly here, yet he cared less, that was when I realized the love of a mother and I felt neglected immediately.

Mom am so sorry, am gonna come tonight he said.

Son promise me you would always come home and not being here because of this thing she said.

Mom am gonna be visiting always I promise I love you Mom so you get going he said and held her hand and they both walked out.

I cleaned the tears pouring down from my eyes and walked inside the house. I entered the bathroom and hurriedly took my bath.

I came out and dressed for school, my eyes were puffy. I packed my hair pony tail and walked out.

I trecked to school quitely, seems every student had gone to school. I could see the way everyone was starring at me, well I had been in the house for a month now.

Dan’s Pov

Where’s Mara I asked for the fifth time.

Stop disturbing me about her, go get her yourself he said.

Don’t regret this I said and just then mara walked inside the class her eyes were blood red, I stood up and dragged her out of the class with me ignoring the stares.

Let go of me she said trying to free herself from my arms.

Mara what’s wrong I asked.

Stop behaving as if you care, you avoided me for a week remerber she said crying.

Am really sorry baby I said and pulled her into a hug.

Dan all I feel right now is pain, am I really a bad person, I never thought you would avoid me, you were my best friend remerber, even Anna and Ara are avoiding me, am I that bad she asked crying.

Of course not, you are not a bad person I said, what really happened I asked?

Jay’s mom came over, she said I was keeping her son from her, she slapped me, called me all sort of names and even humiliated me.

What did Jay do I asked.

He did nothing, he held his mom and walked out.

Mara am really sorry, but do you now see the need of forgiving your parents he said.

Am really confused right now she said.

Eaten breakfast? He asked as we walked towards my office.

No I just left home angrily I said.

You wait here am gonna get you breakfast I said as she walked into my office.

Rosa’s Pov

I sat quitely in the living room, when the door opened. I was shocked the door wasn’t locked, just then James walked in, honey you are back I said excited.

Don’t think I came because of you, this is my house and I have evey right to be here he said and walked past me.

Alvira’s Pov

I stared at Jay who was being so quiet since mornin. Dan just came back and I know Mara is in his office.

What are you thinking Mabel said breaking me out of my thought.

Nothing I starmered.

Weird she said and Walked out with Rosa.

I sat down quitely and walked out, just then I saw Jay walking out and I followed him.

We got to a garden and a wow escaped my lips, this place is so cute.

Why did you follow me? Jay asked making me jump back in fright and fell down to the ground with a stud.

Are you okay he asked as he ran to where I was and bent trying to hold up, but I used that opportunity to pull him to myself and kssed him and he deepened the kss immediately, his hands trailed around my body as we both laid on the grass but suddenly he pulled away.

Am sorry I said pretending.

It’s nothing it’s just a mistake he said and drew me up, I looked up and saw Mara looking at us from Dan’s office and smile crept into my face.

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