???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 51 – 60

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 51 – 60

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“My grandbabies in the making!!” Cassandra screamed in delight

Annalise cheeks flushed in embarrassment while Zane glared at his mom

“Mom” he called through gritted teeth

“I’m sorry my dears, it’s just what I’ve been hearing is actually true…”

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 51 – 60

“What you’ve been hearing?” Zane interrupted

“Yes my son, I didn’t mean to barge in on you, I’m just gonna make you a home-made mommy meal, you’ll definitely love it” Cassandra beamed with smile as she left them

Immediately she was gone, Zane stood up

“Smith that old snitch” he cursed but Annalise held him back

“Where are you going?” Annalise asked

“That old thing has been reporting our every movement to my mom” Zane replied

“Don’t go, stay here before your mom comes in, Smith’s old just a little push will break his waist”

Zane found himself chuckling, he sat down but that doesn’t mean he won’t teach that old snitching hag a lesson

Annalise suddenly straddled him, running her hands through his Jawline while Zane snaked his hands around her waist

“Yunno for someone with a cute and adorable face like yours you’re wild” Zane said grinning

“I’ll take that as a compliment” Annalise responded pecking his lips.

After dinner Cassandra and Annalise left Zane alone to have a mother- daughter-in-law time,Zane immediately walked to the garden the Butler’s favourite spot

As soon as the butler saw Zane coming, he turned to leave but Zane called him back


“Oh sir” Smith turned trying to keep a straight face

“I didn’t know you had a free time to spare for you to be able to be my mom’s informant” Zane said smiling dangerously

“No sir, I didn’t mean to, your mom just made me do it” Smith said

“You don’t work for her but me”

“It’s just your mom’s aura is too …”

“Much?, Scary?, Have I been freeing you too much?” Zane asked again

“I’m sorry sir”

“Your punishment Smith, you’re having a vacation” Zane said and the butler’s eyes widened

“Please sir” the butler pleaded silently but Zane walked out

“You gave him a free vacation?, As his punishment?” Annalise asked amusingly when Zane walked in

“Smith hates vacations, he hates idleness” Zane replied

“You do know him inside out, if someone gave me a vacation as a punishment, I’ll praise that person for the rest of my life”

“Were you eavesdropping on my conversation?” He asked and she smiled naughtily

“When I came back you were gone so I decided to look around for you, you promised you wouldn’t do anything” she pouted

“I gave him the best punishment” Zane shrugged

“Where’s my mom?” He asked

“She left not long ago” Annalise replied and held his arm as they went upstairs

“I’m trying to imagine Smith’s face when he heard he’ll be going on a vacation” Annalise said laughing as she imagined the butler’s teary face.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 51 – 60

“It seems you and Kai are getting closer” Annalise said to Layla who smiled when she heard that

“Off-course not, he just picks me up every day and treats me to dinner and also takes me home”

“Does Kai do that normally?” Annalise asked

“No, not until recently” Layla replied.

“Did you go dumber or are you just pretending, Kai freaking wants you girl”

“You’ve stayed with Zane way too much that you’ve become wiser” Layla said and Annalise blushed

“What do they say?, When you become attached to someone you start behaving like them”

“I just wish Zane doesn’t become dumb like you” Layla muttered loudly enough for Annalise to hear


“You heard me” Layla smiled blinking her lashes at Annalise who huffed

“Don’t call my zanie dumb” she pouted

“You started it” Layla shrugged.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 51 – 60

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