By Naomi Cindy B.

Kn!fe came in and her eyes widened immediately.

Mary quickly rolled Romanio off before standing, and immediately Romanio got on his feet, she slapped him on the right cheek.

Knife’s eyes widened more, and Mary slapped Romanio again on the same cheek.


“I’m your brother’s woman, how dare you” she said and tried slapping him again but he held her hand tight.

“How could you!” She shouted, her body shaking with anger as Romanio continued holding her in place.

He’s starting to regret it, and guilt was already klling him.

Mary took her hand from him forcefully, then she glared dangerously at him before storming out of the place, bumping into Knife.

Knife almost fell as a result of the bump, but she held herself.

Romanio dipped his fingers into his hair and closed his eyes, staying on his spot.

“Fk” he muttered regretfully, and Knife smiled before walking to him.

“You’re in love with her too?” She said, and he opened his eyes quickly.

“Shut the fk” he glared, walking out.

“If Rosa finds out about what just happened, he might just kll you” she said, but he kept walking.

He’s senselessly in love just like your father, he loved Mary Kay senselessly back then, but what did he get in return?, Betrayal” she said, and he finally stopped.

“You know I hated Mary Kay back then cos I kept saying I smell a bad energy around her” she said, and he turned to face her.


“That same energy, I can smell it around Madonna, it’s even stronger” she replied.

“Aren’t you just saying this because you hate her?” Romanio replied immediately, and Knife smiled, walking to him.

“Yes I love Rosa till d.eath, but I won’t stoop so low to saying what’s not real just to defame her” she said seriously.

Romanio kept looking at her.

“You can decide not to believe me till the end, wait till she destroys this empire like Mary Kay did eighteen years ago” she said and started walking out.

Romanio left the arena and got a cigarette, then he lightened and started smoking fast, thinking about everything.

Now that he’s starting to believe in her, Knife came with another theory.

Truthfully, Knife never liked Mary Kay back then, cos she claimed she has a dark energy surrounding her, and now that she’s smelling same thing on Mary….

It’s confusing and suspicious at the same time, so he called for Bullet.

“At your service Lord Romanio” he said immediately he entered the living room.

“Keep an eye on Maddona, from now” he said.

“Yes Lord”


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