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Ernest the young master of the Shin mansion in his late twenties is seated at the dinning table with his maids lined up next to the table. They were all wearing a very anxious expression on their faces after Ernest tasted the food in front of him.

“Can I see the face of the chef who prepared this?” Ernest requested coldly after wiping his lips with wipes.


“Master did you ask for me?” The chef asked nervously as she ran out from behind the maids.

“What college did you attend? And where did you say you learnt your cooking skills from?”

“Master emm… I attended namsung university and I learnt my cooking skills during my studies in school” She said confidently with a smile and Ernest stood up from his chair then picked the dishes from the table, throwing them on the floor.

The plates broke into pieces, the sound of the broken plates scared everyone.

“Chef you’re fired” Ernest said seriously with a frown.

“But master, what fault did you find in the food? I’m ready to prepare a new one…” She asked almost in tears.

“I’m not nice so if you want to make a fortune out of this job then you should learn how to respect your master’s orders. Steve let’s go” Ernest said to his secretary.

“But you haven’t eaten anything, are you sure you will be fine?” Steve asked concerned and Ernest shrugged.

“You don’t expect me to eat that garbage she made for me. I was hoping to see some tall and well curved chef, now I see the reason why the food she prepared wasn’t delicious” Ernest said coldly and Steve chuckled as they head out of the building.

“What does curves and height got to do with how delicious the food will be, it’s just a figure of the chef not an ingredient”

“I don’t really care as long as the person cooking the food is looking delicious the food will also be delicious” Ernest pointed out and Steve laughed.

“You’re one naughty boss” Steve laughed and he suddenly held his mouth as Ernest glared at him.

“I’m sorry, my bad. It slipped out of my mouth. I will try my best to get you a beautiful chef just like you described”


Rachel ran out of the restaurant she’s working.

“I hate this job. You think I like working here either. I quit” Rachel shouted and threw away her apron at the door of the restaurant and everyone stared at her.

“Rachel don’t ever come back here. You’re fired” The boss shouted and Rachel shrugged.

“You would regret firing me. Your restaurant wouldn’t have grown this big if it wasn’t for my cooking” Rachel shouted and the boss went back in to get a stick to chase Rachel away and she ran away.

Rachel walked back home feeling so down and upset, she sat down at the road bench.

“Here I go again. I’m jobless again” Rachel sighed tiredly as she stared at people walking by.

Why do I have to lose my job now of all times? The savings I have isn’t enough to get me my own restaurant. Rachel uttered in her mind frustratedly as she looked at her savings book.

“Rachel this isn’t the end of the world. Let’s get going. We will think of something tomorrow but this moment deserves a bottle of soju” Rachel groaned silently as she stood up and checked her purse but the money in there wasn’t enough to get a bottle of soju.

Rachel continued walking and one of her shoe broke open like a mouth of a shark.

“Not you again. Couldn’t you hold it together till I get home” Rachel complained looking at her shoes.

“What’s wrong her? She’s putting on worn out shoes” Some people whispered to themselves as they indirectly mocked Rachel.

Rachel felt a bit embarrassed so she took of the shoes and threw it away. Unluckily one of the shoes hit Ernest across the face as he came out of his car.

“Ernest are you okay?” Steve asked curiously as Ernest stood still not making a move, on seeing that Rachel ran to them.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to throw it at you” Rachel apologized swiftly and Ernest glared at her angrily.

“How am I supposed to go back to normal after being hit a disgusting dirty, worn out shoes like this? It stinks like garbage. How are you going to repay me for the mess and damage you just caused me?

Have in your life ever seen a handsome looking man like me? Do you have any idea how much I cherish this beauty?” Ernest screamed angrily wiping his face with a sanitized wipes.

“Sir I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to so why are you making a fuss. I apologized already” Rachel uttered getting pissed and Ernest walked closer to her.

“You’re just so stinking and dirty just like your shoes. I’m not nice so don’t expect me to accept your apology” Ernest said angrily.

“Ernest we have to go now. Mr Lee is waiting, let’s get going. She has apologized already, let’s go. People are beginning to stare” Steve whispered to Ernest and he frowned looking around.

“What are you all looking at?” Ernest shouted glaring at Rachel whose face wasn’t remorseful.

“He’s so arrogant” people whispered then walked away.


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