???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 81 – 90

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 81 – 90

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“Look here Lex, I’m signing a contract to partner with ZGK tech instead” Mr Robert said showing the contract to the camera, he signed it and showed it to the camera again

He kept the signed contract aside and collected the one he had signed with Lex

“And here is the sht you forced me to sign” she showed the contract to the camera before tearing it into two, four, he kept tearing until they were into pieces

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 81 – 90

He then spat on it

“Gross” Frenchie mumbled with a disgusted face, Gary’s face didn’t look so good either

“Take that Lex Huntsman” Robert spat and grinned at Frenchie who turned off the camera

“Did I do well?” He asked looking like a child who’s asking to be praised

“Yes sir, thank you so very much” Frenchie said while Gary sighed putting his hands in his pockets

“It’s all good, as far as I get to partner with the most successful organization, then I’m totally fine, it was nice doing business with you”

“You too sir” Frenchie said shaking hands after Gary had done so

“We’ll call you” Gary said after they exchanged business card

“I’ll be waiting” Mr Robert replied winking at Frenchie who gave him a polite smile, Gary scrunched his face at this

Gary and Frenchie went outside towards the car

“They old man was seriously flirting” Gary muttered loud enough for Frenchie to hear, she scoffed

“I don’t see what’s wrong with it”

“Really, you don’t see what’s wrong with an old man flirting with you” Gary asked with an amused face

“Yes” Frenchie replied simply

“He was an easy one though”

“Don’t get too excited pretty boy” Frenchie said entering the car and Gary did the same, they drove off towards their next client

(As per what they had decided to call them)

Luckily Frenchie had already made an appointment with each of them

Surprisingly the remaining three were as willing as Mr Robert, making the job easier for Gary and Frenchie, by the time they were done, it was nightfall already

“So when do you intend to send the videos to Lex?” Gary asked

“Tomorrow morning maybe or even tonight” Frenchie replied

“You sure you’re not gonna do something different?” Gary asked

“Why don’t you take me to your house and keep a close watch on me sir?” Frenchie asked

“No I can’t keep an owl looking person in my house” Gary said with a smile

“I would’ve loved to give you a nasty look but you already have one” Frenchie replied with a smile also

“You wanna say something about calling me a pretty boy earlier?”

“Why?, Aren’t you pretty?”

“I’m handsome, I’m a man not some high school mother fker, I’m a handsome and hot man not pretty”

“Nope you’re a pretty boy to me” she said stubbornly

“Bitch” Gary muttered

“I will take that as a compliment”

Gary stopped in front of a restaurant and Frenchie glanced at him in confusion

“What are we doing here, you’re taking me out on a date without my permission?”

“Com’n there are a lot more pretty, good-looking, hot, voluptuous, sxy ladies out there for me to take out on a date not an amoeba” Gary said and Frenchie huffed in anger

“You cannot calk me an amoeba you … You parasite, men fall at my feet only at the sight of my legs” she yelled while Gary remained calm

“I know, I can tell you’re loose down there already” he smirked and gave him a hot sI.ap

“If you dare call me a hoe again, your brains will be blown out” she said showing him the gvn she had in her purse

“I’m not merciful” she warned

“I only wanted to buy you dinner idiot” Gary muttered

“Well keep it to your fuckin self” she yelled again and got down from the car

“That’s why Layla chose Kai over you, because you’re nasty and toxic, anyone that can tolerate you is a real superhero” she spat and banged the door loudly

She got across the road and flagged down a taxi, Gary stared as the cab drove off

His heart clenched as he remembered what she had said, he didn’t know when he followed slowly behind the taxi

The taxi drove through a dirty and tattered looking street or so Gary thought

Then it stopped in front of a building with rows of flats Frenchie got down from the taxi and paid the driver before going into the building

“What is she doing here?” Gary asked himself as he immediately hot down from his car too and trailed behind her

“I still don’t trust that bch” he muttered following her up the stairs

It hid when she stopped walking, it seemed she had noticed she was being followed.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 81 – 90

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