? 15 Days With Mr Arrogant ??

(A fight for perfect love??)

Season 2 { 31 }

?One Week Later??

Theodora’s POV
I sat on the hospital chair as I stare at Desha…..I missed her

And she has been lying here for the past seven days with my child

I missed her! Her smile and her clumsiness

I already take Sasha to my parents house for her to stay there cause she won’t cease crying

I sighed and cleaned the tears in my eyes as I held her hands

“If you can hear me please wake up!haven’t you sleep enough?I missed you so much please be strong for me and our child”I said as I place my head on her tummy

I missed you Desha”I wept

I wish she will just open her eyes and tell me she missed me too

Just this once!

I cleaned my eyes and stood up……it had been my daily job to sit and watch her sleep for seven days

I skipped work just to be with her!!

“Sweetheart I will be back”I mumbled,kssed her hand and walked out of the hospital room

I entered my car and drove home

Home has really be boring to me without her! I sighed as I parked my car in the garage before walking into the house

I stopped on my track when I saw sparkle sitting on the couch

“What do you want?I asked dropping the bag I was carrying

Welcome sweetheart”she said walking towards me

What’s the meaning of this sparkle??I asked feeling angry already

Don’t tell me you didnt miss me? She’s out of the way now why don’t we enjoy ourselves?

“Don’t tell me you have a hand on her lying on that sick bed!!I roars

Hell no!! But you may want to see this!she said and brought out a spring

What are you doing?I asked

This”she mumbled smiling as she used the spring on me

??2 hours later??

I woke up feeling so weak as I stood up I noticed a hand lying on my chest

I turned to see sparkle smiling at me!

And we were laying on the same bed whereby I was only on b©xers and she was on b.ra and p.ant

Oh God

“Don’t tell me we did something?

Of course we did….and you tasted so sweet”

Oh no am died

I betrayed Desha

You fool what did you do to me!!I yelled

Don’t pretend like you didnt enjoy it,you were even begging me for more”she said smirking

Get out now!!I yelled

Ofcourse I will dear but when you need me just call”she said as I watched her walked out of the room

No no no!!! This can’t be happening”

Sparkle has ruined me!!What will I tell Desha?

She was lying there on the sick bed and here I am.

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