HEALTH BENEFITS OF Acacia nilotica (Booni)

HEALTH BENEFITS OF Acacia nilotica (Booni)

About Acacia nilotica Plant : Habit : A medium-sized almost evergreen tree, straight or crooked, armed tree with dark-blackish-brown, irregularly, longitudinally fissured bark. Stem : Woody but upper portion herbaceous, aerial, erect, branched, solid, dark brown bark; a gum is secreted from the bark, gum Arabica.

This herbal seed called Booni, or Bagaruwa Seeds also called Acacia seeds has a very big advantages to human health, the tree are mostly found in Asia and the Pacific Island and Northern part if Nigeria.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF Acacia nilotica (Booni).

Acacia contains several chemical properties that can cure several diseases which makes it one of the most sought afyer herbs, this great herbal seed has the following properties;

– Antibacterial,
– Anti-inflammatory,
– Antiviral,
– Antioxidants,
– Vitamins.

Based on observations, the antibacterial content in this herbal seed is very powerful to fight against disease in the blood stream.

Booni is very effective when you combine it with other herbal roots, to fight off diseases.

Booni will help to boost your immune system, because it has alot of vitamin C,

Booni is very good for fibroid patient, it help to balance your estrogen,pregnant woman should stay away from booni.

Very good for eyes sight. it has vitamin A.
Its also very good for men with low sexual drive, as a man when you take booni mix with other herbal roots its make you stay longer on bed when making out with your partner.

Its very good for inflammation of the bone.

Drinking booni tea glow your skin because of it contain vitamin A, C and E.
This seed is a very good herbal healing seed for mankind.

One cup of booni seed tea, once a day keep you away from hospital.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF Acacia nilotica (Booni).

It also soothes coughs and sore throats. The properties of acacia gum allow it to be used in solutions to coat your throat and protect the mucus in your throat from irritation. Using acacia for coughs can keep your throat from becoming sore as well as ease or prevent symptoms, including losing your voice.

Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Acacia Nilotica(Babul) Acacia Arabica, or Babul, is a commonly used herb for treating several diseases. It can help in the treatment of gingivitis, cavity formation in the tooth and high cholesterol.

Booni (acacia nilotica seeds) tightens va.gina and treats infections, but not good for both male and female.its a good antibiotic against infection. Good to add for conception concoction for fertility/conception. added in tube blockage herb too.

NOTE: every one may know little about herbs but don’t know deep untill they come close…. This is because most people that use herbs have ways of preparation or procedure and may add other things before desired results…..

The female can drink whatever is prepared with bonni, please take it away from the male, it will kill his sp.erm motility and may damage his te$tes if taking for too long.


Please if you soak bonni don’t give a man to drink…. Booni is good for females only, though it is used to correct seminal fluid discharge in men but that is the *seed pod* and not the seed, so if you are preparing combo for men remove it and add more cloves …..

HEALTH BENEFITS OF Acacia nilotica (Booni)