You are planning to study in Canada, but don‘t know which city you should choose? Montreal is not only the cultural capital, but also the winner of the title for the best student city and the ideal location for small budgets. Convince yourself, we have summarized 8 good reasons why a language trip to Montreal is just right for you:

Student city number one
Montreal has already conquered the hearts of thousands of international students and that for a good reason. The city is simply made for students! Culture, arts, gastronomy, sports, prestigious schools and universities … Montreal offers everything that will make your stay a unique experience! So, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer and start your adventure in Quebec:


1. One of the best student cities in the world

Did you know that Montreal won the title for the best student city in the world in the QS Best Student Cities ranking in 2017, dethroning places like Paris or London?! The ranking included categories such as the living expenses, the excellence of the universities and the internationality of the students. Two years later, Montreal is still in the top four.

Montreal is a home for students from all over the world who you can easily connect with, make friends with, and of course celebrate together! Montreal is also known for its cultural diversity and the hospitality of its inhabitants. Thanks to the international atmosphere and the cosmopolitan character of the city, you are guaranteed to feel welcome immediately.

2. Canada’s party capital: Exploring the vibrant nightlife

Let’s be honest: 99% of the life of language students in another country consists of parties, parties and … parties! In Montreal, young people don’t just meet for a drink (or two), but the city is also considered Canada’s party capital! Microbreweries, posh clubs and cool cafes complement each other harmoniously, both in the old town and in the more modern part of Montreal. Whether you’re a fan of techno, a lover of exotic cocktails or like to go to raves, this is the place for you.

3. Value for money: accommodation and language course at a reasonable price

Finding a suitable accommodation in a completely new city can be tedious and daunting. Especially if you only find a mini room with only 20 m² in the outskirts of the city for an astronomical sum, as it often happens in large cities. Thankfully, that’s not the case in Montreal. It won’t get cheaper than this, if you’re planning to visit North America.

Here, students don’t only benefit from a real estate market with very reasonable prices, but Montreal is even the cheapest city in Canada! You also notice that when you look at the language classes.

Here you will find the same (if not higher) quality of lesson for a cheaper price than anywhere else in North America. What are you waiting for?

4. The excellent gastronomy: an interplay of flavors

Besides the typical dishes such as “Poutine” (French fries coated with cheddar and brown sauce), “tourtière” (meat pie) or “Smoked Meat” (smoked meat sandwich), passionate food lovers will get their money’s worth here.

After New York, Montreal holds the record for the city with the largest number of restaurants in North America! Due to the cultural diversity of the city you will find flavors from all over the world on almost every street corner.

And those who stay for longer will definitely find a restaurant with food from their home country. There is nothing that doesn’t exist in Montreal.

The largest city in Quebec is a hip gourmet destination, and the culinary tourism is developing more and more. Insider tip for students: Many restaurants are open 24 hours a day, especially after a night of partying, that is not negligible!


5. Two languages for the price of one: Leave Montreal bilingually!

“Pardon my French”! Montreal is the second largest 8 reasons for studying in MontrealFrench-speaking city in the world, which makes it the ideal place to learn and freshen up both your English and French! But don’t worry. Whether you speak French or English, you will always find someone to help you and understand you. Most course programs are offered in both languages.

6. The public transport is simple and efficient

Unlike major cities such as New York or Toronto, Montreal does not feel as big and it’s easy to get around there. The public transport network (STM) is well equipped, efficient and easily arranged. Here you won’t get lost quickly! Furthermore, the STM offers students discounts on monthly subscriptions and unrestricted access to all means of transport. If you enjoy doing sports, the city also offers rental bikes, the BIXI. If you’re on your way home from a party at night, you can even easily take a taxi. The prices are much more affordable than in many other big cities.

7. You won’t miss anything: culture, art and sports in Montreal

Montreal is Canada’s cultural capital and justifiably so! Whether you love art or music, are a sports enthusiast or nature lover, you’ll never be bored. Here you will find a cultural center with hundreds of museums, art galleries and architectural sites. Moreover, the Montreal’s event calendar is big and versatile.

There are multiple exciting events throughout the year, including exhibitions and festivals. In the subway or on the street, you will probably also see artists writing a song or spraying a beautiful graffiti.

You love watching sports? Then you should by no means miss the ice hockey, rugby and football matches! Although the weather in Montreal is very versatile, you will always find a sport that suits you depending on the season!

8. Excellent language schools and career opportunities

Now we almost forgot that you came to Montreal to learn a language! In addition to everything else Montreal has to offer, it is recognized as one of the best educational institutions worldwide.

Here you can choose from a wide range of courses, whether at a professional, high school or university level.

Montreal also offers some of the best international MBA courses in the world. Anyone who considers staying there after the language course has ideal chances.

The city’s educational institutions enjoy an outstanding reputation, with more than 200,000 students and 35,000 international students.

Anyone who studies here definitely has a good chance for their future career path.

Montreal is one of Canada’s largest commercial and tourist centers and provides ideal access to many jobs. And not only that. The job market is booming.

In 2017, Montreal had the highest employment growth among the 20 largest urban centers in Canada and the US. The city occupies the 20th place in terms of the smallest times frame in which graduates can expect a job.


9. A Safe Environment

Having a safe environment is key to being able to study in peace. Greater Montréal offers you that safety: you can go home alone at night or use public transit late at night without any worries. The Economist had ranked Montréal as one of the safest cities in the world (14th in the world and 4th in North America).

10. Top-Rated Education

The Université de Montréal is one of the top 10 universities in Canada for 2021. A French-speaking research university, it’s renowned for its life sciences and medicine programs and pharmacy and pharmacology school.

The university is also ranked 36th in the world for the level of satisfaction that employers have for its graduates.

Montréal is known to deliver a positive university experience for both local and international students, and with Canada’s desirability as a study abroad destination, the city is a primary competitor.

What’s so incredibly unique about the student city is its wide variety of options. While Montréal is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world (after Paris, of course), and offers courses in the native language, students also have the option to study in English.

Alternatively, students can choose a mix of courses featuring both international languages.

12. Clear pathway to permanent immigration through the Quebec Experience program

International students who have completed a degree in a university in Montreal get access to the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ). The PEQ launched in 2010, is a popular immigration stream among international students which provides a fast-track process for permanent residence. Students in Montreal, which is part of Quebec can apply for permanent residence under this program provided have resided in Quebec.

Students who have studied for a university degree or diploma need to have 12 months of Quebec work experience in jobs that fall within National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes 0, A, and B.

Students with a diploma of professional studies (DEP) will be required to have 18 months of work experience in NOC 0, A, B, and C level jobs in Quebec.

Students working in C level jobs are eligible under the new PEQ rules if their work experience is related to their study program. Work experience acquired as part of a mandatory internship will also be counted provided it is of a duration of three months.

13. Excellent location

Montreal has easy access to several major U.S. and Canadian cities such as Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Toronto and Ottawa.

14. Amazing People

The people of this city are famous for the help and support to the strangers and foreigners. As the city has multi-cultural and multi- ethnicity approaches the people are always welcoming and helping.

As a new comer you would also get honest and sincere guidance throughout your journey as international students.

The culture of this City makes its people to extend the helping hand to those who are looking for the same and give them one of the top reasons to study in Montreal.

15. The Underground City

This is roughly a 32 KM of underground pathway which has a large number of shopping centers, hotels, business establishments and eating joints. This system helps about four million people of this city to remain on the go during long winter season. As most of the universities, colleges offices, banks, and rapid transit system are well connected the students and other local people do not face any hardship during sever cold and snow fall. The climate controlled and well-lit passages provide much needed mobility to this town and keep the life rolling.


The list of reasons for Montreal is endless! The city unites all the factors that create a successful foreign language course experience: excellent schools, a safe and diverse environment, a multicultural atmosphere and a low cost of living. Now all you have to do is choose one language: French or English?