Episode 1

My name is Ayomide Adedeji. I got married two years ago to the one I love. Our courtship was for just 6months, where we barely talked with each other. My wife’s name is Ifemide Adedeji. She’s everything you will wish for in a woman, that was after I grounded her.

After you grounded her? What do you mean by that sir? The Presenter asked quizzically.

Sister Ifemide, I hope you’re preparing well for the wedding? Ayomide asked his fiancee during one of their meeting.


Of course, I’ve been trying to. She blurted.

Ok then. Ayomi said rather happy.

It has always been like that since their courtship. Ifemide is such a cold type.

She might be shy or something. She will change when we got married. Ayomi thought as he stared at her blankly.

I have to go now bro Ayo. She said standing to leave.

Alright sister, I will send bro Lolu to you. Ayomi said as they said a little prayer.

I will go ahead now! She said leaving the premises as Ayomi stared before he also left.

Daddy! I don’t know but sister ifemide seems rigid than I could tolerate. Ayomi said to the marriage committee during one of their meetings.

Eehn! How do you mean? The elder asked staring at the confused face of Ayomi.

She doesn’t pick her calls and even when she does, she hung up claiming I’m disturbing her. Like I force her into the relationship! Ayomide said with his voice a little bit tensed.

It’s alright bro Ayo. Try to call her at night and early in the morning, she might be busy during the day. The elder said convincingly as Ayomi nodded slightly.

Motigbo sir! I will do as you’ve said. It’s not that I do call her purposelessly, it all about the wedding that will be taking place in few days. Ayomide said, looking confused.

Everything is under God’s control. So far you’re sure she’s the one for you, God will surely intervene.

I have started to think maybe I’m only overshadowed by her beauty or something. I’m seriously in a confused state. She treats me like say na so someone use me beg her. Ayomi said as he laughed softly.

It is well bro Ayomide, you know some sisters are shy when it comes to relationship. Don’t worry she will change as time goes on. The elder said assuredly before they prayed.


The wedding finally came and we got married. Ayomi said to the presenter who smiled.

So, how was the first day of the marriage? The presenter asked curiously.

Ayomi stood at the door as he knocked tiredly for his wife to open the door.

Ifemi, open this door na. Ayomi said as he held the knob.

You can go to the guest room bro Ayomide, I’m taking off my dress. She said from within.

Ah! Have I not entered one chance like this? Ayomi asked rhetorically as he stared blankly at the space.

Okay, I will wait for you downstairs. Call me when you’re done. Ayomi said as he returned downstairs

So, you went downstairs? The presenter asked rather confused.

Sure I did. I went back after 30minutes of waiting.

Ifemi, are you not done yet? Ayomi asked resting his ears on the door.

Wait, just a minute! She said from within.

I wonder why she can’t let me in, after all we are now married. Ayomi thought holding his head.

She opened the door after 5 minutes.

Yee! My legs! Ayomi shouted as Ifemi opened the door unannounced.

Sorry bro Ayo, I didn’t know you were leaning on the door. She said apologetically as Ayomi walked in without a word.

He took off his dress and when he wanted to remove his trousers ifemi shouted.

You can’t do that bro Ayo! She yelled as Ayomi was taken aback with her shout.

What did I do wrong? Ayomi asked trying to be sure he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

You will be left with boxers if you do so and a lady is here with you, is that how you do your things carelessly? She asked harshly as Ayomi stared in disbelief.

Do my things carelessly? He asked again as she stared at her.

I won’t talk, we just got married today and I won’t allow devil take over at first night. Ayomi thought as he gently went to the gents.

Wow! That’s serious. The presenter said smiley.

I came back to meet her praying seriously. I tried to held her hands so we could pray like couples do

Why do you want to defile my prayers? She nagged again.

In what way Ifemi? I only held your hands so we can pray in unity. He replied calmly as she stared at him with a ” what’s he saying look”

Sorry Ifemi, I don’t know you don’t like being touched while praying. He said.

It’s okay! I don’t just like being touched carelessly. She said throwing her face away.

It’s okay then, let’s pray. He said and they finished praying in no time.

Good night bro Ayo. She said as she went to bed.

I knelt glued to where I was staring at her.

Good night my love! I said trying to peck her but she gently pushed my mouth away.

Ah! The presenter chuckled as Ayomi smiled.


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