By Terri Savage


Ever heard of BRANDON JOHNSON??

He’s handsome, not just handsome, hot dripping, yunno that look that can make a girl knee wobble?.. that’s the kind.

Brandon is not just blessed with handsome face and goodbody, he’s blessed with rich parents, money, mansions, intelligent.. yes you’ll never see this guy read but he passes all his exams.

Brandon is known as a no.torious playboy, he attends winters high, known as the biggest private school in Hollywood.

UNTIL HE MET HER : EPISODE 1 - 20. Thingscouplesdo.com

Ask how many girls Brandon has had… You won’t be able to count, he’s this guy that dump and use anyhow he wants.

Brandon has tasted almost all the girls of Winters high, he doesn’t believe in love and he doesn’t care, he disrespect his elders and he doesn’t care, he hurt people feelings and he doesn’t care.

But that was before he met HER

Quick question..

Who’s that HER??

Why did he change because of HER?

Seriously you guys don’t wanna miss this interesting highschool story, full of love, comedy, heartbreak, drama and lots of suspense.

Grab your popcorn and let’s go..



By Terri Savage

Episode 1

” Oh! My God mum, you need to see this ” Jasmine said happily as she kept looking at the paper in her hands.

It is an Admission letter, she has being offered admission into Winters high school.

Winters high is the best private and biggest school in Hollywood.

It is a school for the rich.

For many years, children from poor back ground are not allow to enroll in the school, and even if you are given a chance, you will be bullied until you will decide to leave the school by yourself

The school has announced a competition test for those who are interested in enrolling

The winner would be given a scholarship throughout his/ her studies.

Jasmine Silva, is a very brilliant girl from a poor family.

Well, if you had ever heard of a genius, then she is the type.

She is bold, troublesome, fearless, kind, humble and very or rather extra beautiful.

She is a beauty goddess, with brown eyes and a killer shape that can melt any man that sees her

But don’t step step on her nerves , if you don’t want to see real trouble

She is very good in physical combat

Her dad died when she was 9 years, her mum raised her single Handley

She drop out of school from grade 5, coz her bills couldn’t be met

She took part in the Competition or rather the test and came out as the winner

The school has offered her admission, currently they sent her a letter addressing her admission.

” What is it Jasmine ? ” Her mum, Mabel asked coming out of her room.

” Guess mum, guess ” Jasmine said, jumping up excitedly holding unto the paper in her hand.

” But child you know I’m not good at guessing, tell me already ” Mabel said curiously.

” No mum guess, just try guessing okay ” Jasmine said with a pout.

” Okay, you got a new Job ” Mabel said.

” No, try again ” Jasmine said smiling.

” Ohh Jasmine, okay, your salary is increase or you got a new crush “. Mabel said flashing her a wink.

Jasmine chuckled.

” Your guess are all wrong, let me help you out, I have being offered admission into Winter high school ” Jasmine said.

” What!! ” Mabel asked surprised.

” Yes mum, I am the winner. I am so happy mum, here is the letter ” Jasmine said jumping and stretching the letter to her mum.

Mabel collect the letter and take a look at it, smiling.

She pulled Jasmine into a hug, stroking her shinny long hair.

” I am so proud of you daughter, you made me so happy today, I knew from the beginning that you were going to win, my prayers have been answered ” Mabel said still hugging Jasmine.

” I can still return back to school after some years of been a drop out mum, but mum ” Jasmine called breaking the hug.

” Yes baby, what is it ? ” Mabel asked seeing a worried look on her pretty face.

” I heard students from poor background are so much bullied in the school, I just hope I can cope ” Jasmine said with a worried look on her face.

Mabel pulled her close and cupped her cheeks.

” You will my baby, you will, you are strong and you can fight for yourself ” Mabel said and pecked her fore head.

Jasmine smiled coyly.

” Thanks mother, I love you ” Jasmine said.

” I love you more child. Always remember you are Unique and a perfect young beautiful lady with a kind heart ” Mabel said.

Jasmine blushed at her mum words.

” Oh! Mum, I am almost late, I got to go now. I don’t want my boss yelling at me. ” Jasmine said and started heading to her room.

” Won’t you eat breakfast ” Mabel asked.

” No mum, I don’t want to lose my job ” Jasmine said.

Jasmine changed into a new clothe and rush out heading to her work place.

She work as a delivery in a pizza shop,, one of the best in Hollywood.

She is what you termed as a casual worker.

The pay is not much, just some few dollars.

” See you later mum, I love you ” Jasmine said closing the door at her back.

” Have a nice day child, mum loves you ” Mabel said coming out with a small tray from the kitchen.

Jasmine is out already, she didn’t see her and she smiled to herself.

” She is such a blessing ” Mabel whispered



” Yeah, we’re good, how is the conference ? ” Brandon asked his parents.

He’s is doing a video call with them.

They are in Mexico for a two week conference, planning to move to other countries to establish their company branches.

” It is good son, your sister is still sleeping right? ” Mrs Johnson asked.

” Yes mum, that sleep head is still sleeping, you know today is Saturday, no school.

” Stay good my son, stay out of trouble and stop chasing girls around ” Mr. Johnson said.

” Point of correction dad, they chase after me, what did you expect of me ” Brandon said.

” Just listen to your dad son , and extend our greetings to your kid sister, we got to go now, it is time. ” Mrs. Johnson said.

” Bye, love you both ” Brandon said and the video call cut off.

” Kid bro ” Selene called coming down stairs.

She has just woke up.

Brandon throw a glare at her.

” Who are you calling kid bro? ” Brandon asked frowning.

” That frowning face is not good for you, and who were you on the phone with, I guess one of your fk mate right? ” Selene asked earning a hard glare from Brandon.

” Is that the way to greet your big brother huh selene ? ” Brandon asked.

” So sorry big bro, good morning. You look handsome ” Selene said with a pout.

Brandon look at her and turn his face away walking away from her.

But Selene jump on him, hugging him at his back, pecking his cheeks and neck.

” Stop it Selene, get down from my back now ” He half yelled.

” I love you big bro, so much ” Selene said clinging tight to him.

Brandon smile at his sister childish altitude.

She is stubborn, but he loves her so much.

” Okay, can you come down now? ” Brandon asked.

” No, until you will tell me you love me ” Selene said.

Brandon chuckled.

He hesitated, but no she won’t come down until he will say what she want.

“She is too stubborn” Brandon said in his thought.

” Okay , I love you so much kid sister ” Brandon said and Selene gave a short laughter and come down from his back.

” Such a j.erk ” Brandon whisper.

” Fk you big bro and your direction less dk ” Selene said laughing.

” What!! I thought I warned you to stop using those phrases at me right? Brandon asked.

Selene stick a tongue at him.

” Come here ” Brandon said.

” If you can catch me ” Selene said and started running.

Brandon chase her round the sitting room until he get hold of her and they both fell on the sofa together.

Brandon phone beep and he took it out to check, it is actually a message from one of his fk mate, he excuse himself to read the message.


He read the message and a smile cross his face.

” What is that? And why are you smiling? ” Selene asked.

” None of your business, I need to be somewhere now, see you later kid sis. I love you, before I forget, mum and dad sent their greetings, they are coming back the next upper week ” Brandon said heading up stairs to change.

” He didn’t even wait for me to reply him, such a jerk ” Selene frown.


Some few minutes, Brandon came out all dress looking extra handsome, he dyed his hair and he is now looking like a Greek god.

” Going to visit one of your bches right, all you know is to f*ck girls and break their hearts, try to fall in love je.rk ” Selene said.

” I don’t have your time, and fk you ” Brandon said giving Selene a middle finger.

“Fk you too ” Selene said but Brandon is out already.

The sound of his lastest Lamborghini Aventador is heard on the road heading to Jennifer house.

” Hope, you will one day change and find true love, I need to find a guy, I want to be loved for real ” Selene said and took her phone logging into her IG (Instagram) account.


Jasmine is a bit late to work, she is rushing to be there on time to avoid getting yelled by her boss and eventually getting fired.

She is not paying attention to where she is going, and she is about to cross the road when a Lamborghini Aventador almost hit her but eventually the owner was fast to held the brake.

Brandon is the owner of the whip, He is driving and thinking on how he will banged Jennifer so hard and to make her scream his name.

Fascinated by his thoughts, he didn’t see a lady Crossing the road and almost knock her down but he is fast to held the brake, scaring the life out of Jasmine.

Brandon stepped down.

Jasmine watched as the owner came down from the car waiting to tongue lash whosoever it is.

Immediately she saw his face, her mouth drop.

The way his eyes were shining and how curly his hair was plus his extra handsomeness.

Jasmine got caught starring at him, admiring his handsomeness.

” How can one be this handsome ” she thought.

He is the most handsome guy she has ever seen in her life, his glossy pink lips, oh gosh.

Brandon stood starring at her admiring him.

He knew his is handsome, so it is not surprising if the lady in front of him is drooling on him.

” Hey, next time watch where you are going ” Brandon said bringing Jasmine to reality.

” And stop staring at me, I know I am handsome, it is irritating girl ” Brandon said with pride.

” Who lied to you, ugly j.erk and next time, watch where you are driving to, Just because you are rich doesn’t make you to be driving anyhow, you almost kill me with your stupid car, ugly ” Jasmine said yelling.

” Did you have eyes problem?. Or you don’t see clearly?. How can you say I am ugly, you are the first girl to ever say I am ugly, I know you are just saying it out of anger, I caught you drooling at me earlier ” Brandon smirked.

” I wasn’t drooling at you, I was thinking about what to do to you ugly, so don’t take yourself high, I am not the kind of girls that drool on guys. Get that je.rk. ” Jasmine said.

” Did you mean what you said ? Brandon asked moving close to her.

He is wondering the type of girl she is that has the guts to face him and even insult him in the face, she is pretty tho.

” Don’t come close jerk, or else ..” Jasmine said but Brandon cut her short.

” Or else what?, what will you do ? ” Brandon said coming more closer.

Jasmine started moving back until he grab her hand pulling her close to him, they are facing each other.

” Tell me that I am ugly again ” Brandon said.

” I will repeat it a hundred times, you’re the most ugliest guy in Hollywood ba-stard, let go of me ” Jasmine said remembering she got to be at work now.

” I won’t until you will say sorr..”

“Ahhh ” Brandon groaned as Jasmine hit his balls hard allowing her to escape his grip.

” Ba-$tard, next time don’t mess with strangers, rich fool.” Jasmine yelled and rushed off to work.

Brandon clutches down half a bit groaning in pain.

It hurts badly, gosh .

” I need to get out of here, before people will see me ”

” I will deal with her, she almost spoil my day, how will I banged Jennifer hard the way I want. Bch ” Brandon muttered entering his car and driving away.


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