BELINA (AFTER THE WEDDING) SEASON 2 Episodes 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21



The ever bold Prisca can never be bullied by anyone, no matter the size. She folded her arms.
“If you think you can create havoc in a peaceful home by presenting your infuriating self, you have me to deal with.
Do you understand?” Kelvin laughed.
“Yeah, right; the tigress. No wonder you and Belina are siblings;birds of a feather. You are just opportunists. Tell me: how were you able to plant urselves in the houses of rich men? You are bloody gold diggers.”
Prisca’s hand hit his face hard, making him
unbalanced for a few seconds.
He had never hit a woman before but he couldn’t take this. He started lifting up his hand to retaliate.
“You try it, it would be the last thing you do” Richard said,approaching from behind. “I would personally pummel your filthy self with my hands until your face becomes a living mess.”
The anger was fully displayed on Richard’s face now and with one glance, Kelvin knew that what he just said would come to pass if he as much as tried to prove stubborn. He gave both of them equal rounds of glare, and then he bounced off, leaving Prisca and Richard.

I opened my eyes feeling slight discomfort. I had become used to the hospital environment and having patients on sick beds since my husband is a first-class doctor but being the one on the bed is not something I am fond of. I tried to sit up and succeeded with slight discomfort. I felt it was awkward and a little surprising that Richard was not with me.
My memory was not lost, I was intact, so I could remember vividly, what happened before I passed out. It hurt deeply remembering but a part of me still wanted Richard around now. Does it mean I have actually lost him? It
can’t happen. I would fight for him with the whole of my might. All these went through my mind as I tried in vain to lift myself off the bed. I felt too weak and knew that if I could even
muster strength to stand, I would fall.
I suddenly felt a presence in the room even before the door closed. I knew it was not Richard though, I would know his approach
anywhere. I turned thinking it would be one of the doctors but it wasn’t. My gaze collided with Oyinade’s and in place of a doctor, I saw a harlot. I deliberately kept my cool, not giving her the hint of victory by getting all worked up;
something I learnt from Richard. She hasn’t won. In fact, she is far from winning; I said to myself. He is my husband and if I am
still Belina, she has no place in his heart, I vowed.
I smiled coyly, hiding my desire to jump out of the bed and tear off the filthy- looking wig she had on.
“What do you want?” I asked
She seemed surprised and confused but she
composed herself.
“Ma’am, I just want to apologise for what you saw the other time. It would never happen again.” She breathed looking guilty.
I smiled.
“I am sure it wouldn’t dear; very sure”.
Again, that confused look flashed through her face.
“Madam” she continued with a struggle.
“I know you must hate me now. You have every right to. I did not want to agree to it when he
proposed it. I wanted to refuse but I could not control my heart” she said with tears brimming in her eyes.
My interest was pricked.
“Agree to what?” I asked attentively.
She sniffed.
“He said you couldn’t give him a child. He truly loves you and he did not want to pressurize you so he came to meet me. He wanted a child in order to please his father who was
becoming concerned. I did not agree at first cos I love him.” She paused as if to see my reaction.
I gave none as I stared at her not betraying any emotion.
“Yes ma’am. I have loved him even before I actually met him. I have seen him times
without number on TV and I have developed undying feelings for him and though I tried to kill it, I only ended up increasing my desires for him. I did not want to destroy your family
but in the end, working with him seemed more
than I bargained for and the heart goes where the heart goes.
“I wanted to be with him even if it is just for a moment and also bear his child. I had refused ever since he told me and had been pestering me, but today, I was just confessing my love for him when you saw us.” She paused, trying to stop her tears.
She hurriedly held my hand, kneeling down. “Please don’t tell him. He made me promise not to tell you but I could not bear the hatred with which you looked at me. He loves you and I respect that even though it hurts me. You are a woman like me and I know how you feel now but please, don’t take him away from me.
My heart won’t take that. What he wants to do
would help you too. In our place we have an adage that says, ‘ori omo ni n pe omo waye’, meaning, ‘a child’s head can call another child to life’. Maybe when I bear him a child, you would too.
Don’t take him away from me. I love him and can’t bear to lose him” she pleaded and left the room in a hurry as if escaping.
I had heard more than enough, too much in one day. My head was spinning and the room was going round in circles. I pushed myself back to a lying position. I stilled my eyes,sternly preventing the emergence of tears but I could not hold them back as they came tumbling down.

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