“What’s happening here??”

Whitney quickly pvshed Tyler off and turned to see it was Zoey. She was looking at them with a frown on her face.

“Uhh,, nothing! Absolutely nothing..” Whitney quickly said and went to hold Zoey’s hand.

“Let’s go!!” She began dragging her away.


Whitney turned again to see Tyler smirking and her. He winked at her and she quickly looked front.

“She’s cute” He thought..



Tears slipped out of Abbie’s eyes as she kept struggling with Lucas but it was in vain.

“Hey! Hey! What are you doing to my sister!!” Rudy pushed him away and landed a pvnch on Lucas’s face.

He staggered back. Rudy gave him two other punches and kneed him on the tummy before grabbing him by the collar.

“Argh..” Lucas groaned.

“Stay away from my sister you got that? You can do anything you want in your miserable life but don’t come near her ever again.. I can kll for my family” Rudy said with anger boiling in his veins.

He released Lucas and landed another pvnch on his face before going to Abbie.

“Sis,, are you okay? Did he try to hurt you??” Rudy cupped her cheek, cleaning her tears.

Zoey and Whitney who were coming their way quickly rushed to them.

“Abbie why are you crying? What’s wrong?” Zoey asked.

Abbie shook her head and sniffed..

“It’s fine, I’m okay now. Thanks bro” Abbie said and Rudy smiled then touched her cheek.


He paused when they heard moans and someone speaking in the room Abbie was about to open earlier..


“Blaire” Abbie completed Whitney’s word.

She didn’t want to pry into her business but something kept pushing her so she twisted the door knob and opened the door.

Abbie paused at what she saw. Alex was laying on the bed, completely nked while looking asleep as Blaire kept touching him.

She was just about to insert his dk in her pvsy when they came in.

“What the fk!” Whitney and Zoey quickly turned their backs when they saw nked Alex.

“SIvt!! How dare you!!” Abbie walked to her and dr.agged her up by the hair.

She landed a blinding sI.ap on Blaire’s cheek and Blaire went temporarily blind.

“Bch! SIvt! Whó! It’s because of things like you that cd was invented to prevent such mistakes from happening again!!” Abbie shouted as she dealt with Blaire, not giving a dmn that she was nked.

“Let me go bch!” Blaire gr.abbed Abbie’s hair but she bit her arm angrily

“Argh!!” Blaire cried in pains.

Rudy walked to Alex and tapped his cheek but he was still fast asleep.

“What have that psycho done to you?” Rudy muttered.

“I’ll go look for his clothes” Whitney said and left.

“You pathetic soul!!” Abbie screamed, lashing it out on Blaire’s body which was so red.

Whitney came back with Julian who had Alex’s clothes. He gasped at the scene he saw.


He couldn’t finish his phrase when Abbie gra..bbed Alex’s belt from him and walked back to Blaire who kept wallowing in pain.

She gave one lash to Blaire

“Argh!!!!!!” She screamed painfully.

“It’s okay girl,, no more” Zoey immediately came to grab her

The boys finished dressing Alex up before carrying him.

“Let’s go..” Rudy said

Abbie glared one more time at Blaire who was still crying

“You are proof that evolution can go in reverse” She spatted before leaving.

They met Everett and Alma on the way and like that, they all left the mansion.




Rex and Leo walked in the area and immediately headed to Don’s office.

“You called for us” Leo spoke with his hands in his pocket.

Don hit his hand angrily on the table and stood up.

“One month has slowly run dry.. Where is that Korean girl I asked you two to handle?? Where is she!! The client who requested for her is slowly loosing patience and she’s worth billions.. Do you realize the amount of money you wanna make me loose??” Don shouted angrily and Rex rolled his eyes.

“Calm down dad… You gave us three months so why the fuss?” Rex rolled his eyes.

“The thing I don’t understand is this.. Why are we even keeping Alexander alive since he’s starting to pose as a major hindrance in our plan” Leo said.

“Don’t worry, he’ll come of use to us later.. Him too is worth money” Don smirked.

“Son?” Don said and Rex looked up.

“It’s also been almost two months that that girl escaped from here..”

“I’m sure she’s déad. No one can survive such fall” Leo replied and smirked.

“Too bad, I really love how her pvsy tasted” He thought.

“And Leo, I’ll need you to keep your eye on this girl…” Don placed someone’s picture on the table

“That’s Estella” Rex muttered and Leo nodded

(To those who forgot, Leo and Rex are Don’s closest men)




Alex kept turning on the bed till he suddenly jumped up from his sleep, breathing heavily.

“Where I’m I?” He thought and calmed down when he realized the room. It’s Abbie’s room.

Abbie who slept on the couch looked up. She immediately ran to him.

“Alex!” She called and hugged him tightly.

Alex smiled and held her waist..

“Thank goodness you finally woke up. I actually thought she did something bad to you” Abbie pouted, sitting on his thigh.

“She? Who?” Alec raised a brow.

Abbie frowned and explained everything to him. His eyes kept widening by the minute till she finished explaining.

“I didn’t know she can go to this extend” Alex breathed out and frowned.

“Don’t worry, I gave her the béating of her life” Abbie said and Alex smirked.

“That’s why I love you” Alex rubbed the tip of his nose on hers.

Abbie chuckled and hugged him again. He hugged her back.

“You need to freshen up, my mom wants to see you” Abbie said and Alex swallowed hard.

“I’m I safe??” He asked and Abbie chuckled.

“We’ll find out later. Now go freshen up” Abbie stood up from him but Alex pulled her back.

“Let’s bath together” Alex smirked naughtily and Abbie blushed.

“What? No!!” Abbie quickly said, feeling shy.

“Why feel shy? I’ve seen your body” Alex smirked.

Abbie made to talk when Alex lifted her up in a bridal style.

“Alex? What are you doing! Wait- Put me down!!” Abbie kept kicking her feet in the air as they walked to the bathroom…



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