Lucas walked in the Don’s office. Don’s swivel chair was facing the window so he wasn’t seeing his face.

“You called for me dad?” Lucas muttered.

Don turned his swivel chair to face him, revealing none other than Marshall.

“Rex… I called you here because we need to discuss” Marshall said, running his hands through his gvn.


“You’ve fallen for that girl, Abigail right?” Marshall asked and Lucas kept quiet. That was enough answer for him.

“How!! Why!! You were supposed to stick to the plan!! The plan was that you make her trust and fall for you so that once kidnapped, no one will even suspect our family!!” Marshall shouted

“I’m not only an a$sassin dad!! I’m a man with feelings!! She has everything I’ve ever wanted in a girl and you think I’ll let that bstard to steal her from me?! No!! She’s mine and mine alone!!!” Lucas shouted back.

Marshall slammed his hand angrily on the table.

“Do you hear yourself talking?! Abigail Ha-rin Kim is a good, nothing but that!! She’s worth money and I’m not gonna let your pathetic feelings come in my way.. Kll that feeling and know peace!!” Marshall said and Lucas kept quiet.

“Good… Also, I’ve thought about it thoroughly and I think it’s a good idea that she’s dating Alex.. The public won’t even suspect our family even more at that…

Let them enjoy their last moment together after all, they’ll be sold soon” Marshall smirked and laughed sinisterly while Lucas still kept his poker face.

“You really think I’ll listen to you? You’re gravely mistaken..

Abbie is mine and mine alone!! Nothing will stop me from having her, even if it means klling that bstard” Lucas said inwardly




“L.. Leo” Whitney muttered inwardly staring at Tyler with wide eyes. Her body was trembling so badly..

“Whitney, are you okay?” Tyler asked and made to touch her but she quickly shifted away.

She covered up with a smile..

“I’m sorry, my period just started and I’m having this terrible migraine, I have to rush home as fast as possible… See you in school, Tyler” She smiled, stood up then left his house like flash.

Tyler blinked twice then slowly smiled and rubbed his lips, recalling the feeling of her lips on his.




Abbie was seen pacing to and fro in her room while biting her lips nervously.

It’s been almost 10 minutes now that Alex called her and he hasn’t called back nor has he arrived.

When she couldn’t take it, she grabbed her car keys and rushed out of her room to the exterior.

“Where are you going?” Rudy blocked her path..

“It’s Alex, I think something bad happened to him. I need to see him to be sure he’s safe” Abbie said worriedly.

“Really? I’m coming with you then, let’s go!” Rudy said.

Abbie nodded and like that, they both left the mansion.



“I’m on my way pretty, the rain is quite heavy so just give me some time” Bryce said on the phone as he drove

He had this bch to fk in few minutes but the rain suddenly started falling.

He hung and faced the road as he kept driving when he spotted a car at the middle of the road.

“Hmm? What’s this car doing at the middle of the road, doesn’t it know it’s violating the highway rules and regulations” Bryce said and stopped his car

He took his police badge and got out of the car then went to that car with the aim of giving the driver a fine.

As he approached, the vision of the car became clearer and he saw that the door of the driver’s seat was open with a figure laying unconscious there.

His eyes widened and he ran the remaining distance to the car.

“Sir? Sir!! Can you hear me?” He shook the person’s shoulder and lifted up his face, revealing Alex.

His eyes widened more, he recognized this kid to be one of this student. His eyes traveled down to the big wound on his tummy.

“Fk!” He muttered and touched his pulse, luckily it was still beating faintly.

Without wasting time he raised Alex’s arm and wrapped it round his shoulder before lifting Alex up then he began walking to his car, the rain was badly drenching them.

He placed Alex at the backseat and entered the driver’s seat. He made a U-turn and drove at a furious speed to the nearest hospital.




The annoying sound of the door bell came up for the third time.

“I’m coming!” Julian snapped as he went to open.

He generally doesn’t like having the maids in the house so that’s why once his mother is away, he gives the maids too a short break period to go and be with their families till his mother comes back.

He opened the door and was almost startled to see Whitney standing in front of him, she was completely drenched by the rain and her face was nothing to smile about.

“Whitney? What-”

“Lian!!!” Whitney immediately bursted out in uncontrollable fits of tears. He shoulders shook as she cried.

Julian cupped her cheek, looking so scared and worried. Earlier, Whitney lied to him that she was going to Alma’s house so he was surprised and confused at what she was doing here.

“Whitney tell me, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Julian asked worriedly but she kept crying.

He pulled her in for a hug, not minding her wet clothes. Whitney hugged him back too, crying so badly.

“I can’t believe I let him touch me again!! I was so stúpid!!” Whitney cried.

“Touch you? Who? Wait did someone harass you? Who is it tell me who!” Julian demanded angrily.


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