“You did what?!!” A figure standing in the dark barked to the two men standing in front of him.

“We’re sorry boss. We were aiming for the guy when suddenly, the girl jumped in to protect him” One of them explained.

“You guys are so pathetic!! Pathetic!! Out of sight before I end your life!!” The person barked and the two of them scurried off.


“I need to achieve my plan to the fullest,,, and your existence isn’t needed in this plan… Alexander” The person muttered



“Alex?! Alex!!” Abbie called.

Alex opened his eyes and grimaced in pain as he stood back up.


“Don’t worry about me, it just brushed through my arm. Nothing serious” Alex smiled as he held the bI.eeding part of his arm.

“Are you sure?” Abbie asked and he nodded.

He frowned when he remembered the shaman’s words again. He said he should protect her then why were they aiming for him?

Abbie is in his body and if they made to shoot her then that means they were aiming for him.. But why??

Abbie tore a part of her shirt and began tying it round the wound. Alex smiled as he watched her do so..

Abbie finished and looked at him.

“Why are you smiling? You almost got shot!!” Abbie scolded.

“I just like seeing this look of worry on your face” Alex blurted out.


“Nothing! Let’s go treat my wound brat!!” Alex said and began walking front

Abbie followed him with a raised brow..




“Girls..” Zoey whined loudly

Alma and Alex turned to her..

“I’ve been trying everything possible but Rudy isn’t noticing me.. What do I do??” She whined.

“Have you tried confessing to him?” Alma raised a brow with her hands dipped into her baggy joggers.

“Yeah, you know you should be straight forward.. Before he begin picking interest on others” Alex said.

“Picking interest on others…” He repeated the last part in his mind.

“You think so?? I’ll try then..” Zoey said in firm determination.

Alex looked front and immediately smiled when he saw Abbie approaching them. His smile fell when Lucas blocked his way.

Abbie looked at him coldly and rolled her eyes..

“What do you want?” She asked.

“I’m here to tell you to stay away from Abbie please, we’re having a moment of misunderstanding and you constantly being with her makes it harder for her to forgive me” Lucas said

Abbie looked elsewhere and chuckled..

“Moment of misunderstanding you say?” He muttered and tilted her head to the corner.

“What if I don’t?” She said and Lucas’s brows raised.

“You’re engaged to Blaire, do you know what mom and dad will do when they find out you’re slowly falling for her? Oh wait, you’re not falling for her you’re trying to use her!” Lucas said.

“Use her?” Abbie’s eyes widened..

“Why acting surprised… I can clearly remember you saying you’ll be the one to pop her cherry and not me,, that’s why you played that gospel music to stop me from winning the bet! Don’t act innocent, we’re both brothers and we are the same!! You’re just going to use her and abandon her just the way you did to all the other girls.” Lucas said loudly.

The people passing stopped to watch, already wondering if both brothers were going to fight

Abbie stood on her spot, starring at Lucas with wide eyes..

It was true, everything he was saying makes so much sense to her.. Alex was really going to use her.

Her fists slowly began folding. Just when she thought that she was able to change him…

Abbie wouldn’t deny it, she began crushing on Alex. How he was there for her when Lucas broke her heart, how he’ll always cheer her up in his silly kind of way and their childish fights which contributed in helping her out too.

So he had an ulterior motive too… Just when she thought that maybe she’ll be the exception and that he can perhaps,,, like her

“Sht!” Alex cvrsed and advanced to them.

He pushed Lucas aside and glared at him before turning to Abbie.

“Let’s go” He grabbed her hand and made to leave with her but Lucas grabbed Alex’s free hand.

“Abbie, I’m sorry.. Please-”

What followed was a resounding sI.ap on Lucas’s cheek that everyone gasped out in shock.

? I’m so fking confused right now

Lucas held his cheek and looked at Alex.

“Stay away from me because the next time you’ll show your face in front of. It won’t just be a slap you’ll be receiving” Alex warned and took Abbie away.

Lucas’s shoulder fell as he watched them leave. His fists slowly began folding.

Zoey and Alma exchanged looks..

“Abbie” Alex called when they got to a quiet alley.

“What he said, is it true? Were you trying to get into my pants?” Abbie asked.


“Answer me Alex”

Alex sighed and nodded.

“Yes it’s true, but-”

“That’s all what I wanted to know” She muttered and left.

“Abbie..” He called and ran his hands through his hair.

“Fk!! I messed up big time!!”




Alma set the timer and immediately dived into the pool then began swimming really fast. She reached the other end of the room and then turned then began swimming back till she reached the starting point.

She stopped the timer and checked.

“45 seconds… Not bad” She smiled.

“Yeah, you’re right.. Not bad for an amateur” A voice said.

She began looking around till her eyes landed on Everett. He was in his swimming trunk too.

Everett jumped in the water and swum to her.

“What did you just say?” Alma asked.

“I said, it’s not bad for an amateur” He said, coming closer.

That’s when Alma noticed he has freckles, really looked handsome with it.

“Let’s make a small race then” She said

“Ready, set..go!”

They began swimming really fast. At the end it was Alma who won..

“Next time, know when to lower your ego” Alma said, pressing water off her short hair.

“What’s your name?” Everett asked.

“I don’t give my name to strangers” Alma said immediately.

Everett smirked.

“But you do to handsome and hot dudes like me” Everett said.

Alma laughed shortly.

“Handsome you say? The last time I saw something like you, I flushed it.” She muttered and began climbing the short stairs, out the pool.

She picked a towel on the bench and began drying her hair as she left to change.

Everett smirked as he watched her leave.



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