ALLISON’S DIARY: Chapter 1-10

(Secrets ??)



?Allison’s POV?

I tossed, digging my index fingers into my ears. A grumble passed through my lips as I grabbed a pillow, mumbled a slight complain and threw it towards the direction of my small dressing table.. Still hearing the now annoying tune that somehow itches my ears, I realized that I had missed my target..
I buried my face in the bedsheets, inhaling the rosy smell; I stifled a light yawn half sleepily and roughly pulled the duvet over me before sitting up.. My eyes half closed, I scanned my room like I was expecting some changes but it all hit me back with the same old familiarity, well except that today; I was getting up extremely early. I let out a low pitched squeak of frustration..
?Beauty sleep is over
Get on your feet.. It’s time to start a new day..?
I shut it up with a snap before it could go on.. So annoying!
I yawned again, audibly this time as I stretched.. My gaze went to my bed and I felt a great urge to go back to it’s comfort but damn…setting an alarm for the first time in a long time just so I could be reminded to wake up early and having to practically pull myself off the bed took tons of my energy and I’m not letting it go down the drain. I glanced at the time ‘5:45’.. I sighed before slipping my feet into my flops, I walked out of my room to the bathroom and after checking out the bags under my eyes and messy hair, sticking out here and there.. I grabbed my toothbrush and started with my teeth.

I journeyed to the living room and just as I stepped on the small stairs, I sighted dad at the little corner we had saved in our small parlor for a designated dinning table.. We only had to stick a small wooden table and two chairs to get what we want; it somehow took half of the whole space.
“Morning dad” I greeted my dad who was having breakfast at the dinning room, backing me.
“Morning princess” he answered, only tilting his head to my direction and tossing his half chewed food to a side of his cheek to talk better. “How was your night?” He asked, the soggy food in his mouth almost dropping.
“The same. Please swallow your food up first before you keep talking” I said, moving to the kitchen that was only few step from the dinning.. Just as you guessed, it’s a small room too.. We couldn’t move in all the stuffs from our old kitchen in here so we just took in the very important ones while dad gave out the rest..
Why we moved in will be a story for another day..
“Sorry honey” dad apologized, dropping down his glass of water.
I didn’t bother asking about mom, obviously she had left very early for work as usual, after leaving tons of work for me of course.
“You’re up quite early today, going somewhere?”
“Yeah, I had to set up my irking alarm to remind me about waking up early and doing all my works” I said, throwing fries into a plate..
“You mean grocery shopping?”
“Mm-hm and the laundry too, you know how disappointing the electricity can be, plus the supermarket get too occupied for a proper shopping when it’s past daytime and considering the long hours trekking ahead of me, I have to go early” I said, walking to the dinning with my plate of fries.
“It’ll be over soon hon, I plan on getting you that bike once I get payment” dad said and I nodded in response, tilting my head here and there to sight the ketchup..
“Where’s the ketchup?” I asked, dropping my gaze back at dad.
“Oh Mrs Orlando lent it this morning to use, she promised to return it soon.. I would’ve asked her to bring it early but I didn’t think you’ll be having breakfast with me” he said.
Yeah, that’s not surprising.. Here in Lonatown, everything’s borrow-able especially if you have super poor neighbors. It won’t baffle me if they start asking for underwears or maybe they have but just haven’t asked us cos there’s no one here with their (sizes)..
This town’s like the poorest town ever and from what I heard, they’re trying to make it better than now but then I wonder when that’ll ever happen cos it keeps getting worse by the day.
I took a fry to my mouth, munching it slowly.. Dad stood up with his empty plate and walked to the kitchen, I heard running water after..
“Oh please let me go Roderick, I..didn’t take your money, I swear. I’ll never steal from you!” A familiar voice filled with sobriety, fear and honesty reached my ears and I needed no soothsayer to tell me that the Martin’s were at it again, I rolled my eyes.
Suddenly there was a loud bang, as if something was hit then a loud painful cry accompanied it before shouts followed..
A really heated argument.
Dad rushed out of his room with his work briefcase..
“It must be the Martin’s” he announced..
“I know. Who knows what’s going on this time, that drunk seem to find something new everyday just to lay his dirty smelly hands on Mrs Rosa. His sight alone make me nauseous, I wonder why she still put up with all his abuses” I said in disgust, chewing a mouthful of egg with a little un-interest.
This is one reason why I don’t fancy early breakfast, I prefer brunches because by then the maniac drunk must’ve gone to wherever bar to stuff his face in intoxicating drinks and all the borrowed stuffs must’ve been returned and my breakfast-lunch won’t be as bad as this.
“I’ll go find out what’s happening this time” dad said, moving to me to kss my cheeks.
“Be careful with thieves on your journey” he said and I nodded.
“Bye dad” I said dryly as he walked to the door.
I ignored the loud noises from my frustrating next door neighbors and focused myself on my food.

I walked into the medium sized grocery store and without talking to anyone I walked over to the shopping cart stand and grabbed one before going along with the other few shoppers to shop.. I shopped quickly, stuffing food stuffs and beverages into the trolley so I can leave quick before this place gets too crowded.. You surely can’t escape thieves when that happens and the looks of pitiable stinky beggars.
I walked over to the payment stand and got my goods recorded, calculated and packed, I tossed bills from my wallet at the lady and she handed me a receipt before sighing back into her seat.. She was obviously exhausted; with a job like this, who wouldn’t be?
I grabbed my bag, a big shopping bag tied tightly with a string at the top and walked out of the store..
I started my journey back home, my bag tightly gripped in my palm. I took a turn, looking at the few old automobiles running through the raggedy lane of the road, I journeyed on the pavement before getting to a rough street with ugly houses and muddy road.. The melodic tune of my ringing phone stopped me in my track, I moved to aside to a safer spot and reached for my phone in my purse, I checked the caller and swiped to the receiver.
“Ally are you back from the market?”
“I’m on my way back, why?”I asked.
“Can you give me a call when you get home, I need you to give some money to Mrs Rogers” he said.
“Um okay”
“Alright bye–
I had barely raised the phone from my ear when I felt a heavy pull from my hand, my finger joint got sprained in the process and almost immediately, my bag was jerked and a figure ran past me.
Not tending to my injured finger and pouting a cuss I ran after the thief, tossing my phone into my pant pocket.. I increased my speed and yelled as I ran..
This isn’t my first robbery experience in this small town and normally I’ll just let it go considering the importance of the bag’s content but this one doesn’t only have very important items, it also had my wallet and dad’s ATM.. I can’t misplace that.
Knowing the thief wouldn’t be able to escape that fast considering the weight of the bag, I had to keep chasing after him.
“Hey! Stop there, you thief!” I yelled, turning sharply after him..
“Somebody stop him! He’s a thief!” I yelled, pointing my index finger at him.. There was no one in sight and the thief was getting away pretty fast than I had envisioned..
I was still on the race when I suddenly tripped on a big stone that I had no idea was there, my toe got injured and began bleeding immediately while my pants got stained by the mud..
Sighing in pain and tiredness, I let out a quick hiss of pain and pulled myself up, running after him again.
“Hey! Stop there! You bag thief!” I yelled, my voice suddenly failing me; but he kept running faster.. After the long race, which continued for what seems like hours my steps were doddering rapidly but I kept pushing myself forward and using the rest of my strength to yell out for help..
Almost like a flash, a figure zoomed past me swiftly almost making me loose my balance but as I regained myself and looked ahead, I sight a guy accurately stop the thief after letting him fall over his skillfully set out leg, my grocery bag fell right after him and some of the content fell out…

I could see the thief trying to get away but the other guy quickly grabbed him by the collar and pinned him to an helpless state.
My eyes grew wide and an oh popped out of mouth as I dragged myself to them, getting to where they were, I packed up my grocery bag and arranged the fallen items in it before checking for my wallet and the card in it.. Sighing in satisfaction, I glared at the thief who had sustained a mild scratch on his face, obviously from the fall and I took him by the collar from the other guy and raised my fist to give him a punch but halfway I stopped myself and watched as the bag stealer swiftly ducked and hid his face like someone who wasn’t new to being punched by others, I stared deeply at his face and noticed the dried wounds, red bumps and finger marks on his face, a vertical scar ran from his temple to the lower part of his ear and his eyes were sunken, my fist slowly fell beside me.. Seeing me stop he went on his knee, tears clouding his sight..
“Please forgive me miss! Don’t report me to the police.. I’m sorry I took your bag! Please don’t take me to jail!” He begged, rubbing his two jammed palms together violently, a tear fell from his eyes.
I stared at him for a while, mixed feelings engulfing my heart.. Pity replacing anger, unruffled, I rolled my balls at him.
“Please miss.. I only needed the apple, I didn’t mean to steal from you.. My family are hungry. I’m not a thief miss, please believe me” he begged and slowly I let go of his collar.
“Why did you do it?”
“I-I-I needed to get food for my family. My boss wouldn’t pay me for my work a-and my children are starving. I’m so sorry miss” he begged, using the hem of his cloth to wipe his itching nose bridge.
“Get up” I said and he stood up, giving me a questioning stare.
I reached into my bag and pulled out some of the items in it.. I held them and stretched the items to me.. He first stared numbly at me before grabbing the items from me and bowing down in appreciation, his forehead jamming the ground repeatedly as he uttered words of thanks. He raised his head up, gratitude obvious in his gaze and was about bowing again but I stopped him, before helping him up.
“That’s enough, I believe this should be able to sustain your family until you get your payment from your boss” I said and he nodded.
“Thanks you very much miss” he said, happily.
“Now I better not catch you stealing again, else I’ll take you to jail myself” I warned and he nodded rapidly. “You can go now” I said and he stood up, held the stuffs well and dashed off.
I stared ahead as he went out of sight before I grabbed my bag, ready to continue my journey on this unknown road when I heard a loud clearing of throat beside me.
“Don’t a deserve even a word of thank” I stopped on my track, playing everything back from the scratch then it hit me.. I totally forgot he was still here.
I slowly turned to him..
“Sorry I um–
The rest of my words trailed off, as my gaze caught the a face I hadn’t seen in a very long while, His ocean blue eyes stared down at me, obviously waiting for me to continue my words but I could only gulp, my gaze not leaving his speechlessly good looking face..
“Are you okay, miss?” His voice filled my ears, sounding like sweet music. My head said yes but my mouth wouldn’t move so I just nodded instead.
“You know what, why don’t you save the words and thank me by taking a walk with me?”
I coughed drily, gulping down nothing…
“I’m Jonas” my gaze went to his out stretched hand and then back at his face “what’s your name?”


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