πŸ“Œ Chapter 1

✍Written by Jchrist ( Founder of GB Entertainment)

🎀 Nina’s P. O. V

Nicole…. Thanks for the note you lend me yesterday. They were great help..” I say while catching Nicole by running.

“Oh! It’s Ok, Nina.. I’m happy that it was helpful.” Nicole says.

I bid her farewell and make my way to my home.

I live in a tiny apartment not too far from my university. I live there alone as my parents passed away two years ago. My aunt, Hanna has taken all the responsibilities of me. She’s really kind as well as wealthy.

The bus stops and I step out the bus. I enter the elevator and press the button “7”.

The elevator stops at 7th floor with a soft sound.

I always feel refreshed at my own home.

I sigh and lie down without even changing dress. Maybe my present life isn’t as luxurious as childhood. But I am happy.

I close my eyes and almost fall in sleep. But instantly I jump out and sit.

Today is my college friend Hema’s birthday. I… I was supposed to make an Oreo ice cream cake for her.

Β’rap! What do I do? I… now I have to go to the super shop.

I quickly count the amount of money that needs to bought the iteams in mind and step out of the apartment.

Damn….. I want chocolate flavor.
I search for the Polar’s chocolate ice cream in the large fridge.

Got it..

A childish smile comes across my face as I tell the shopkeeper to give me the ice cream.

I take the ice cream in the bucket hanged with my hand.

I turn around and directly bump into something so hard.

It takes a few seconds to realise what just happen.

At first a navy blue necktie comes to my view and then white shirt under it. A soft yet intense scent hits my nose.

What a sweet smell! Seems like a perfume which cost a fortune to buy like Clive Christian perfume.

I am so overwhelmed that I have forgotten what just happened. Then suddenly, I come to my sense and jump backward.

“I…. I’m… sorry… I didn’t notice you…..” I quickly bow down under his cold stare. His tall and wide body shadows my little body.

“Excuse me…” I say and quickly leave the ice cream corner.

Dmn! He looked so dangerous like he could kill me right there. But I can’t yet forget about the beautiful perfume. I’d like to know the name. The scent is sticking to my nose yet.

I head to the counter and give the bucket to the counter girl.

While she is checking the price, I look around the shop as the sweet smell is hitting my nose again.

Suddenly my eyes pass a familiar figure so they go back there again.

That’s him! Mr. perfume-holder. He is looking at me but as soon as our eyes meet, he moves to nearby corner as if he wasn’t looking at me.

He’s handsome. In a word freaking handsome. He’s holding a coat on his shoulder which makes him look more handsome. His hair is dark brown and brushed backward. Thick and arched eyebrows and pure black iris. Straight nose and thin lips. In a word he’s a pure man.

Maybe, he’s some kind of CEO. But he is too young to be a company holder. But only rich people can be so unexceptionable like him.

I avoid him and look at the counter girl.

“Here you go miss. You have to pay the sum written in the slip.” The counter girl says handing me a bag.

I give her the money and wait for the return. Meanwhile, I look at the perfume-holder who is standing at the cooking equipment corner. when I look at him, I find him looking at me, again. He again turns around and face the shopkeeper girl.

“Do you need anything, Sir?” The girl asks him.

He looks at me by the corner of his eye and point at something even without seeing. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his pointing.

“Here you go, sir…” The girl shows him a pan. He looks at the girl and find her holding a pan before his face.

“What is thi-!” He exclaims as if he has never seen this in life.

The counter girl returns me the money and I make my way to leave.

“You wanted this sir…” The girl says timidly trembling while I’m passing the corner.

I can’t help but laugh. I cover my mouth and leave the shop quickly. He’s in really a ridiculous situation. I mustn’t laugh at this.

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ
“I’m done…” I clap my hands and then put them on my hip proudly.

After 3 hours, I’m done! I look at the beautifully piped cake.

I’ve to be ready now or I can’t come back before the sunset.

I quickly be ready in a black cotton net frock.

I take the cake in a box suitable for ice cream and run out of my apartment.

“Thank you so much Nina. I couldn’t ever thought I would get a awesome cake from you who never went to kitchen.” Says Hema.
“I’ve recently started cooking. They’re so fun.” I say.

“That’s a great news. I hope I can eat your handmade food from now on.” she says.
“Please, look forward!” I say and open the door to leave her house.

“Already leaving? I wish you would stay here for dinner.” She says.

“No, I’ve to go back. It’s already dark outside.” I say.

“OK! bye. See you next time.” She says waving me good bye.

The elevator door closes and I look at my phone. It’s already 7! My God! The elevator door opens and I almost run out.

A taxi! A taxi! I wave my hand and the taxi stops. I tell him my address and get in quickly.

I sigh in relief as I’ve gotten a taxi at least.
I really hate being out so late at night. There’s some abusive people around the area. This area is really bad and also solitary.

I’m calling Almighty’s name again and again and saying him let me reach home safely.
Suddenly the taxi stops and my heart skips a beat.

“Wha-?! What happened?” I slowly ask.
“Mam.. A car and two bikes are blocking the road. And three people are standing there.” He says.

“Overtake them..” I say.

“The road is narrow and the car itself is enough to block the wide of the road. ” he says.

What’s happening?

I gripe the scarf on my chest.

Suddenly, the door fly open and a man wearing suit, white shirt black tie, earpiece and even a sunglass peeps inside.

My heart stops beating. I can’t understand even where’s he looking at.

“Come down, Madam….” He says.
Madam?! Is he kidding me!

“I’m not coming out on your order.” I say. I’ve been cornered to the other door of the taxi.

“Don’t say that. How can I order you.? Come down madam.” He says.

“NO! He-help me!” I say looking at the driver.
But someone is holding a revolver right to his head.

“Sorry miss I can’t do anything. I’m helpless now.” He says in fear.

What’s happening?

“Come down, madam. Please…” He says again.

“NO! NEVER!!” I say and get out the car but I can’t go any further but I fall down stumbling. My whole body’s shaking.

I feel someone standing before me like a tree. I look up and find a very familiar face before me.

It’s him! Mr. Perfume-holder!

“Help me. Please… They… They’re here to kidnap me..” I say standing somehow and embrace him even without thinking.

“To whom are you begging for help? To him who’s up all of this?” He says and I feel a pinching pain in my arm.

I look up at the man. He’s the man to whom I wanted help. But I didn’t know, he’s the main behind this….

His pure black eyes now seem so mysterious. I feel like I’m losing my weight. My knees shake and I start falling backward.

What’s happening?? What is he
doing?? Is he kidnapping me? Why?!

But I am stopped in the middle of falling. I can’t feel but I can see a hand wrapping around my waist prevents me from hitting the ground.

Still, I can smell the beautiful

It’s becoming harder and harder for me to keep my eyes open. I close my eyes and keep the rest on the Almighty.


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