? Chapter 11

?Written by Jchrist

? Rohan’s P. O. V

The doctor isn’t coming yet. I think I’ve to call him once again.

I take my phone but I stop when I hear a cracking sound.

Huh? What’s that?

I stand from the fainting couch and walk to my room.

I see Nina on a steel ladder with the tree part closet.

What’s she doing?

I’m looking at the way dumbfounded. Her leg slips a little and I shout, “What’re you doing?!!”

She looks back startling and her leg slips again. She loses her control.

If she falls from there, then…. oh no…

I take a few steps and takes her in my arms.

But she moves to stop the ladder from falling on me and losing my control I fall on the floor on top of her.

Her skirts moves from her leg and her bare legs have entwined with mine.

My eyes meet her but she closes her eyes shut tightly all of a sudden. And then I hear something like steel hitting the ground.

“Ugh!” She moans as if she’s in pain. Her fingers gripes my shirt tightly.

“What happened to you?” I ask.

“It’s… paining…” She says hardly.

I quickly slip down from her and see the ladder falling on the floor helplessly.

She’s griping her hand.

She pushed the steel ladder do that it won’t hit my back?

“Lemme see this…” I say extending my hand to hold her hand but she stands up quickly.
“Nothing happened to me.” She says turning her back to me.

“He-hey… Look. Don’t hide from me. OK? If anything bad happen to you, all is my responsibility.” I say and gripe her arm.

“No! Don’t touch me.” She hitches herself away.

I control my anger.

You stupid!! You’re making me angry….

“If you reject me, I’ll force you…” I say and turn her to me. Her eyes are glittering. I twitch the hand away which is hiding the injury.

“Damn!!” I mumble.

The place where the ladder has hit her hand has turned blue.

“What the h’ll were you doing up there?!” My voice raises with the words I utter.
She keeps silent which makes me more angry.

You don’t know who I am!

I push her on the glass liquor table. One of the totally filled bottle falls from the table and hits the ground with a huge breaking noise.

Her eyes open wide as both of her hands are captive over her head. Her chest is fluctuating restlessly.

Yeah, I know I’m looking like a wild beast right now. But it’s me.

“Um…. leave… me?” She says.

There?” I ask uttering every word separately.
“Your doctor wasn’t coming so…. I tried to bring down the aid box.. but… when you called for me, I lost my control and fell..” She says stammering while trying to free her hands..

My body soothes and her breath comes back to normal.

My head moves downward on its own. The more my head is lowering, the more my eyes are being closed. Her eyes are already closed and I see her head moves upward to me a little with slightly parted lips.

When my lips are about to touch something so soft it gets cramped with something less soft.

My eyes open and I meet her eyes. A hand is between our face. She has prevented me.
“What were you doing?” She mumbles with her hand between.

I sigh and slip aside holing my head in hands.

What’s wrong with me? Am I falling for her? !

? Nina’s P. O. V
What does this guy want? He was bout to….

Mt thought interrupted when the maid moves the ice cube from my injured place.

“It’s finish.. Are you feeling a little bit less pain?” She asks with a beautiful smile.

“Yes… Thank you…” I say and pass my palm on the injury.

“You two really match well. His ex girlfriend were no match for him.. I didn’t like her.” She says pouting.

“You saw her?” I ask.

“Hmm… they both spent a lot time here together.” She says and something like hammer hits my heart.

“I wish you two will be happy forever. This time he made the best choice.” She says and smiles at me warmly and then she leaves the room with the bowl with ice cube.

Huh? Happy.. It’s just a acting. But how will he control them?

Suddenly my mind stops.

His sister Nasiba, is already about to inform their mother. I hope she didn’t.

“Ouch! Hey!” I hear a screaming sound from the next room.

I walk to the room and peep inside. I see Rohan frowning at a young man who’s sitting holding some bandage in his hand.

“What’re you doing, Rohan? Let me bandage your hand…” The man says.

“You… You… get lost… what you used is driving me to death.” Rohan says.
“But if I didn’t use it…”

They both stop as I giggle. Their eyes instantly move to this way.

“So-sorry.. *giggle* I didn’t *giggle* mean to…” I say between giggling.

“Why are you giggling?” Rohan asks.
“You two seem like two kids.” I say.

“Ah! Hello miss! Nice to meet you… I’m Dr. Jacob.” The man says extending his hand towards me to shake.

I extend my hand hesitantly.

“I.. I’m Nin..Nina… Aa…Nisah..” I say stammering.

“I heard you are Rohan’s new girlfriend.” He says with a warm smile.
“Hey!!” Rohan roars.

How did he come to know?
“Y-yeah!” I stammer.

“Now now! I guessed it! How did it match?” He says smiling.

“Ahh! Now! I thought I would flirt with you…” He says winking.


No, he’s handsome. In a doctor’s apron with a masculine figure, brown eyes, silky black hair, warm smile. If I could get someone like him ……

“Hehe! No. I was kidding! I’m his guest only.” I say denying.

“Seriously? Ah, then will we exchange our numbers?” He says.


“Can we date?” He says again.


“Damn! Answ…..” he stops in the middle as his neck is griped.

“Egh! Ro-han! I was joking.” He says trying to turning at him.

“My guest is my first priority. So don’t flirt her.” Rohan says and lets him go.

Dr. Jacob coughs several times.

Is it only that? I’m his guest? Not hostage? But something makes me feel that I love been hostage than a guest…..


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