ALLISON’S DIARY: Chapter 11-20

(Secrets ??)


?Jonas POV?
I walked into my room and the first thing that greeted me was my ringing phone in my pocket, I fished it out and checked the caller. An exasperated sigh passed through my lips and I had a great urge to ignore it but Zoe?
She’d never stop calling if I don’t answer. I stared at the phone until it stopped ringing and almost immediately, it started again. I gave a brief stare at the phone screen.
I could’ve gone for other alternatives but I slide to the receive side before placing the phone on my ear..
“Hey handsome!” Her voice filled the phone speaker then her excited giggle followed
“What do you want?” I asked, my voice coming out colder than I had expected.
“Ugh! You and your grumps” she fussed. “Anyways, guess what’s going on right now?”
“Did you call me for this-
“Just guess!” She cut me off sharply, I said nothing. “okay, I’ll tell you. Boss let us use the ship for a tour trip and you won’t believe how much fun it is in here, he stocked it up a whole lot!” She said.
“Okay?” I asked.
“And guess what I’m wearing right now” she asked, the excitement being replaced by something else.
I shut my eyes and let out a grumble.
“What?” I asked, playing along to get it over with.
“Huh?” I asked confused. “You’re wearing nothing, like-

“I’m nked?” She completed “yup. Totally” she expound and then giggled.
“Oh..I see”
“Want to see a pic?”
“No, I’m not-
“Okay. I’ll send you some” she cut his statement off halfway.
“What? No, I-
*Click* she disconnected the call.
I sighed again and threw the phone on my bed before sitting beside it, I stared at the laptop in my hand and everything rushed back in my head.
I almost flew out of my skin back there. I mean it’s understandable but I shouldn’t have been that terrified, cos just like the others in that video, I had a mask on. I vividly remember that day and I know I didn’t take it off but then again, what if she recognizes my figure or voice or even my posture?! What do I do about that?
I heaved a heavy sigh and ran a hand down my hair, wetting my lips with my tongue slightly as those thoughts wavered in my head. My phone beeped a text but I ignored it and laid on my bed, staring up at the painted ceiling that suddenly seemed interesting and as if getting the answer to my question, I sat up; staring into space.
Since I can’t hurt her, should I just send her away? I know I care a lot about her even though we just met recently, I want to keep her and somehow I have that huge urge to protect her, it was something that came naturally, I guess and it kind of felt like deja Vu but I feel like I’m the only one that can keep her safe and now everything’s going tipsy turvy for me.
“Sht!” I mumbled, falling on my bed again.

Allison didn’t come out of her room for dinner and I didn’t bother calling her, I kicked against it after hearing her sniffles and whisperings.
She’s not as tough as I had thought or imagined or maybe this is just how soft hearted people behave when they lose loved ones unexpectedly?
Dinner was dull even though I was alone. I took nothing more than very few scoop out of my chicken sauced lasagna as my mind was tossed on something more than dinner.

As I laid on my bed, I tossed and turned repeatedly, trying to get some sleep but it was like sleep went far away from me that night.

I stared at my alarm clock as it made each tick, clicking to every next second. Why am I so disturbed to this extent?.. why do I worry so much about her?
I heard a soft knock sound on my door and I turned to it’s direction. It could’ve been soft, probably too soft for anyone else to have detect it as a knock but I knew it was a knock, my job made it able for me to detect every sound no matter how little and it’s function.
I rolled off my bed, slipped my footwear on and walked to the door, holding the knob and pulling it open and as soon as I did, I found Allison with her back turned, moving away from the door.
“Allison?” I called and she flinched a little before turning to me, relaxing when she saw me.
“Um..I didn’t know you heard that,” she stuttered. “Um, sorry if I disturbed your sleep”
“I wasn’t asleep. Do you want something?” I asked.
“Not exactly. I can’t sleep so I thought you might be up for a drink and probably talks” she said and my gaze dart to the tea cups in her hands. “I found some coffee in the mug” she ladded.
“Okay. Do you want to come in?” I asked.
“Can I? Yeah, Sure” she said hurriedly and walked into my room. I closed the door and offered her the three sitter couch to sit on , I turned on the lamp and joined her on the couch..
“Here,” she gave me one of the coffee and I thanked her and took a sip. She drank out of hers and gave me a look, fiddling with her fingers.
“So what do you want to talk about?”
“i-it’s been two days since my parents murder and I think it’s long enough to find their killers” she said.
“Find them? How?”
“Anyhow. Probably that drive still has something in it” she said. “I should watch it again”
“Allison” I stopped her before she could stand. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t get Justice for your parents but you shouldn’t rush into it this way, you could be hurting yourself again. You still need to heal a little more” I said.
“But I can’t just stay here doing nothing when those inhuman bastards are out there probably having the best time of their lives!” She said, flaring up at a point.
“See? Rage. That might be the first to your downfall. If you take this on at this stage and eventually get to meet those..killers, this anger will be the one leading you and you’d take crazy steps without even thinking” I said and she gave me a sullen look, calming down. “Look, you have to calm down first and plot this outrightly while we keep checking that drive for clues or anything that might lead you on”
“But Jonas, storing it in is killing me. I just want to find them” she said.
“Them, aren’t normal people like yourself, they’ve received lots of trainings before becoming who they are. You’re just.. you and probably-
“No match for them?” She completed and added sadly, “I know” she sighed “That’s why I need your help, Jonas. I’m ready to do anything to set things right, I know you’ve been into some kind of training as well, I saw how you stopped that bag thief when we first met, it was.. unusual and skillful. You’ve got something in you too and we might not really be friends but I trust you a lot, you’re like the only person I know now and the most kindest guy I’ve ever met,” She said with pleading eyes. “Please help me in this, help me find my parents killers, Jonas”


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