? Chapter 21

?Written by Jchrist

? Nina’s P. O. V

I walk faster to avoid that bodyguard.
“Nina…! Nina..!” Nopa shouts my name from nowhere.

“Tch!” I almost curse her and slow down. The butler catches me up quickly. He towers me so that I don’t get collied with the passing people.

“Oh! Gosh. I thought I wouldn’t be able to catch you.” She pants as her palms gripping her knees.

“You just got married yesterday and what are you doing here now?” I ask.

“Oh! I’m here to take some day off.” She says smiling.

“But who’s this pillar?” She asks pointing that butler.

Pillar!? Well said.

He frowns slightly.

“It’s a long story. I’ve so much to tell you.” I say sighing.

“Look at her.” I hear some girls whispering among them.

“Who’s that bodyguard type man?” Another says.

“Did her new boyfriend heir a bodyguard for her?”.

Everyone exclaims and exchanges glances.
” she’s so lucky. I can’t help but be jealous. ”
They leave as the bell rings.

Ana’s staring at me angrily.

I lower my gaze and aunt sighs.

“Ana, she’s a victim too.” Aunt says and Ana looks away.

“Isn’t this ridiculous? They were there for me and they ended up choosing her.” Ana smirks.

“*Sigh* Me and your uncle is also at our wit’s end. Speaking of which you and Adam were supposed to be get married. But….”
Aunt stops.

“But…? Why don’t you confront? Why didn’t you say anything?” I ask.

“That woman will do whatever she said by hook or by crook.” Aunt says.

“It’s really ridiculous. Even you’re telling me to get married to the unknown son of that woman? Just because they have powers?” I ask.

“I’m leaving…” Ana says.

“Where are you going?” Aunt asks and stops Ana from standing.

“How are you asking where I’m going? You shouldn’t have asked me that!” She jerked her hand away and leave the restaurant.
I sigh and cover my face.

“Don’t worry. She’ll get over soon” Aunt says assuring me.

“Even uncle has agreed?” I ask, a painful expression on my face.

“This is really important for our business.

We wanted to make a friendly relation among us by that wedding. But,they chooses you over Ana. Don’t disagree for the sake of your father’s business.” She says.

“Business, you say?” I ask.
“Yes… Our business will flop if you don’t marry that guy.” She says.

“What’s it again?” I’m really confused.

“I called that woman today. She said tat she would cancel all the business deal if we didn’t let this wedding take place. Even she wouldn’t mind to play dirty. She would take over the company.” She says.

“That old woman…. I’ll talk to her face to face.” I grit my teeth and stand up. Aunt holds my hand.

“She told me not to tell you these. She said she wouldn’t let me go if I do so. For the sake of Adam’s future, Nina , please agree.” My aunt says taking my hands in her palms.
For the sake of Adam’s future?

I give her a painful yet heartwarming smile.
“Does Adam know it? Has he agreed?” I ask.
“He did.” aunt says lowering her voice.

I can’t help rise my head upward to not to let my tears fall.

“OK… Then, I wouldn’t say anything, as it’s for all of your good. I agree.” I press my lips together and takes my handbag and then I hurry out the restaurant, the bodyguard follows me silently.

Only I know how I’m feeling. I’m being
tossed. I’m helpless. I’m confused. It
would be so selfish if I would think
only about myself and disagree. My
father tried a lot to make a successful
company. For the sake of Adam’s future and the company…….. But I
can’t take the pain…

My phone buzzes as I open the message.
“Can you meet me at my office? It’s urgent…-R.”

Another person who flatters my little heart. What should I do? There isn’t anyone by my side now. If only my parents were alive!

I wipe away the tears standing and look at the bodyguard who’s standing motionlessly at the bus stand.

“When will that woman named Alia come?” I ask.

“By afternoon.” He replied.

“Can you not follow me only these hours? I want to be by my own.” I ask.

“I can’t leave your side. I was ordered. You can talk with them if you want.” He says.

“Then do that.” I say and he gives me his phone.
“Hello?” I hear a sweet voice on the other side of the phone.

“Can you please tell your guard not to follow me only these 3/4 hours? I want to be alone.” I say.

“……” Silence?

“Hello? I’ll come where you’ll tell me by myself and I keep my words.” I say.

“Ok.. But keep this a secret. I’ll message you the location. I wish you’ll be there within 30 mins. And also we’ll try to arrange the wedding within this week.” She says.

This week? Only two days left! What’s
happening to my life?

I hang up and nod.

I take the bus and leave the bodyguard behind.

“Isn’t Adam here?” I ask to his PA.
“He just left for a meeting.” He says.
“How long will he take?”

“Maybe 1 and half hour.” He says.
I don’t have much time. I take a paper and write a letter to him.

” Forgive me, if I give you meaning
hopes. I’m a victim too. I don’t know
how to face you. But I’m really sorry. –
Nina. ”

“Please give it to him.” I say to his PA, as I give the letter to him.

The receptionist of 20th floor of Rohan’s company’s building doesn’t stop me today.
I push his door and enter.

“I knew you’d come.” Rohan says smiling warmly but he stops smiling immediately when he sees my pale face.

“Is something the matter?” He asks as he stands up from his chair.

“Nothing specially. Maybe, I wouldn’t come here today but I’ve something important to say.” I say.

“Please take a se……”

He can’t finish as I start saying.

“Please stop investigating on our company or me. I’m going to get married soon. I want to ask for a favor…..”

He looks like he’s at his wit’s end.

“Please don’t investigate anymore.” I say.
I feel tears well up in my eyes.

“Your marriage, you say? Are you kidding me?” He points at himself. He seems like don’t believe my words.

“Yes, within two days.” I say as a painful smile take place on my lips.

? Adam’s POV..
“You know how to play game, right?” I say as I throw the letter into the dustbin and wipe the tears before they can roll down.

? Rohan’s P. O. V
“You’re not kidding right?” I say as I stare at my office room’s door with disbelief.

I feel like my heart is being wrung.

Did I really fall in love? In love?? I
didn’t feel any pain when I ended
relation with other girlfriends. This
feeling is so strange.

Isn’t is too sudden?

Shouldn’t I stop that marriage?
It’s when my phone rings.

“Hello! Rohan!” Nusaiba screams on the other side of the phone.

“What’s it?” I ask.

“Mom called for a family meeting at evening.” She says.

“Where?” I ask as I frown.

“At our hotel.” She says.

“Why so suddenly? Do you know any reason?”

“No… She just told me that it’s really urgent!”

What do you think? What’s going on
here? ? Is really Nina’s life going to
get messy or Adam or Rohan will
save her?? ?


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