Permit me to share this little story with you, I’m sure it will bless you.

Sometimes ago, a man went with his wife in their car to a fuel station, while they were buying the fuel, the man discovered that it was the wife’s ex boyfriend that is attending to themAre. e then smiled and turned to his wife and said, “you would have ended up marrying that petrol attendant”, but the wife smiled and said, ?”if I had married him, he would be the one sitting by the steering of this car right now”?


Now this woman understands the power of a woman, she gets it! She knows who she is and she knows that a genuine and real woman has in her the capacity to produce much out of little.

??Please, pay attention to this:??

?There is a kind of woman a man will marry and he will never end up poor, not because she has millions, but because she has the true wealth within her…Wisdom. ?are you that kind of that woman???

?There is a kind of a woman a man will marry and he will experience peace till death, irrespective of the storms of life. ?are you that kind of the woman?.??

?There is a kind of woman whose battles are fought on her knees and her enemies are known by her, not her husband, or even her kids, but the devil himself knows and is scared of her. Are you that kind of a woman.??

?There is a kind of woman whose hands has been trained for various enterprises, skillful in business and never lazy. ?Are you that kind of a woman?

?There is a kind of woman who is aware that a woman can lead in all other sectors of life except the home, though a Professor, but yet, unconditionally submissive at home. ?Are u that kind of a woman?.??

?There is a kind of woman a Real Man won’t see and then imagine s.ex instantly, he sees her and thinks of a Home. ?Are you that kind of a woman?

?There is a kind of woman a man will have to begin and cultivate a relationship with God before he can get to her. I urge you, ?are you that kind of a woman?

Never underestimate your power as a woman. Don’t be reduced to nothing and worthless by meaningless singers out there that think you are men’s problem or equivalent to money or s.ex.. There is more to you than meet the eye.

Stay in God’s words, the Real Man meant for you will find you in it!

By Esther B. Daniels