BELIEVE : Episode 1 – 10

[the girl he never noticed]

adesola adeomowole.m.


Lotanna and Akuna’s eyes locked, they stared into each others eyes. Akuna put on a smile as she approached his presence.
“lotanna,hi” she said in a nice way…

He blinked his lashes twice.
“you are?”, he asked,piously.
“princess Akuna from the next village.My families and yours are good friends” she said and stretched her hand for a handshake.
Lotanna waited for a while before taking her hand,akuna blushed shyly.

He left her hand and turn to slam the door.”till then” Akuna said.
He didn’t reply,he locked his door.
Akuna smiled to herself and look in my direction,I hasten my footstep and left the golden built hallway. A guard directed me to the place other maids are.
I joined.

“you’re late,are you sure you love your job! a short woman whom I recognize to be the head maid said.
“I’m sorry” I replied,holding my ears..
“your last chance” she said,
I nodded and started working.
Ngozi came to my side in the fourth floor,she was holding a napkin for cleaning.

“why did you take so long?”,
she asked.and I remembered why I came late….a tear dropped.I raise my face coverage up and wiped my tears till it was completely dried.
that old Man to me……
everyone just loves taking advantage of me,everyone loves using me.
“what took you so long?”, she asked.
“my voice is back” I answered another thing.
she gasped.I forced out a smile as we started working.
The head maid came by.

“move over to the pool section” she said.We obeyed and moved over to the required place,the pool look pretty.My first time seeing a blue water. I might as well want all my body dipped into it.
“why don’t you go and help the head maid in the kitchen so it would be fast?”, Ngozi suggested.

I left the pool side and hopped upstairs to join the head maid.
All thanks to this face coverage or else my ugliness would have me chased out of here.
I moved into the kitchen,everything in it looks so new..
“the dishes are waiting for you” Mrs okafor said….

I approached the dishes and washed as she direct me.
“next,take this to Nkem’s room,the sixth door in the hallway line” she directed.I carried the calabash with respect(both hands).

I got there and knocked.
*maid right?”, his voice came up.
“yes sir”, I replied.He opened the door,I moved in fully and dropped the set of calabash in the rightful place..
He sat in front of where I kept the calabash and opened them.
“you prepared this?”, he asked.
“no sir,Mrs okafor” I said and turned to leave,he grabbed my hand.

I looked at him,he smiled and let go of my hand.He would not have hold me if he knows am ugly. Am sure he would go to wash his hands.
“do you know the story of the powerful female twins?” he asked.
I still stared at him.
“Amaka letter turned to a cripple in the end right?”, he asked.

“No,Amaka turned to a stone in the end while Amanda turned to a cripple” I explained,he smiled and dragged me to a sit.
“explain better” he said.
I smiled,get really like stories. I know he won’t want to listen if he knows am Adeife.
“continue” he said.
“the twins names are; Amanda and Amaka.Their father gave both of them powers.Amaka has the power to destroy,fire is her strength while Amanda has the power to build,water is her strength. The both of them married two twins princes ….

Amaka killed the king out of selfishness because she wanted her own husband in the throne,her sister Amanda got mad at her for killing their husband’s father,that was what lead to their fight…
Amaka is the fire, Amanda is water.
Water is greater than fire.Amaka turned to a stone and in turn cast a spell of cripleness on her twin sister!
I explained.
“they are immortals” he said.
“yes,it is chidi that is mortal” I said.
“who’s chidi?? I taught he is dead?
he asked…
“no,he didn’t die.His name was originally Anochie” I explained.
“I still don’t understand” he said.

I scratched my neck.
“sir,I really need to go.I will explain again some other time” I said and stood before he would drag me to sit again.This isn’t right,me sitting with a royal blood.
Nkem is actually part of the queen’s family…

A knock came on the door.
“Sir,Adanna is out” the maid that knock said.
“dismiss her” nkem said.He faced me……

“I don’t even know your name, how will I find you to tell me this story again” he said,I got scared.
“sir,you don’t need to know my name, everyone in this kingdom knows it” I said….and approach the door.
“should I call you my friend?”,
he asked.
“watttttttttt friend,I can’t be your friend.Sorry, we can’t be friend”I said.
“why??? he asked.
“because you’re royal,am poor” I said and ran to the door.Too bad I don’t even know how to handle this type of door…….
“be my friend and I will open the door for you” he said.
I nodded in disagreement.
“Is it because you’re Adeife” he said.
My heart skipped multiple beats.
so he knows am ugly.
I looked at him,he smiled and opened the door,I bowed and went out.
I got my payment and left with Ngozi.

***Adanna’s p.o.v****
How can Nkem the me to leave? and besides what was he doing with an ordinary maid all alone in his room.. He even told the maid to dismiss me all because of Adeife…that ugly vulture…..

I left angrily and went to wait for princess Akuna in the place we usually gather to talk…
Vivian was making her hair while her and olamma were chit chatting.
I joined the groupies and sat on the stool facing princess Akuna.
I don’t have the strength and authority to bully Adeife because am not a princess,am just going to make Akuna do it for me….

“ooouch,it hurts.Easy Vivian”
Akuna said and flicked her braided her slightly..
“So what Attire are we choosing… Adanna you came late” Olamma said
“sorry,I was on something”I said.
Vivian faked a cough..
I shot her a glare,she shot hers back and focused fully on the beads she’s putting in Akuna’s hair.
“this years dress party will be so exciting” Akuna said…

“well by then,lotanna and I would have become int!mate….You should see the way he was drooling over me today at the palace, oh my gaaad he touched me and we almost hugged”
Akuna said…

“He stared at you and touched you doesn’t mean he has feelings for you.He might look at you for looking sake and touch you for touching sake….” Vivian said.
Akuna rolled her eyeballs.
“so are you calling a princess a liar” she said.
“ohhh am sorry.Am just saying my opinion as friends” Vivian said.

We continued chit chatting.
Each time I want to mention Adeife’s name,Vivian will quickly cover it with another talk until Akuna left.
She also left.
gosh, she just made Ife go Scot free today.Tomorrow is another day for her……

I made much money today at the same time am still very scared of going home… I can’t take my one year savings to Onome,I also have my life to leave. She’s fond of using my money to my useless things..

my savings throughout last two years, she used it to celebrate Olamma’s birthday.All those things,I don’t like remembering them.I just wish I have a mother too,I will gladly give all my savings to her.
I branch at old Nana’s place, for now it is my claudestine place to save. Onome doesn’t know I save in her place,if she knows…
chai??????? something bad will happen.

“nne my savings” I said,humbly.
“my light,hope you made so much money today?”, she asked.
I presented the money,she counted it.
“when will you collect your money..the pot am keeping in it can’t contain it again” she said.
“ummm….old Nana, I will collect it soon” I said.
“soon… your soon will turn to one year again” she joked,I smiled shyly.
“would you mind eating in my house?” she asked.
“mba(no)” I said.I can’t even try that again,after what onome did to me.
Old Nana smiled.
“since you won’t eat my food,would you accept what I bought for you?” she asked,nicely.
I had wanted to say no but later said yes because of the old woman that she is.
“thanks mama” I said as i collected the dress wrapper and beads she gave me.
I left….I branched Ngozi’s house to keep it before going home..
As I got to our compound,
I saw the man that wanted to rape me discussing things with Onome.
what are they even discussing? …

I moved nearer and wanted to move through the backyard.Onome called me…..
“where’s your savings?”, she asked.
I scratched my neck.
“tomorrow” I finally said.
even god knows, I won’t give her.

“this is your new buyer,he needs help in his home” she said.
“but mama am not a community maid” I said and shifted back.
“you can go home,she will come and meet you” onome said….
I felt something cut in my intestine..

“what are you still waiting for? he needs a maid in his home or do you want me to send you to your dead mother! onome yelled,I started crying.
I followed the man,I did all the work in his house till it was night.

“It remains one work” the man said, I cursed him inwardly…..

As I ignored him.
I fetched drinking water from the stream and took it inside..
After this, I can finally go home.
I turned to leave,the man appeared at the entrance.
Next the lantern went off,I felt the door shutting..
“You still haven’t satisfied me” I heard him say..
chimooo!!!!!!! my clothes!!!!!





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