BELIEVE SEASON 2: Episode 1-10

[I know,you won’t stay?]

adesola adeomowole.m.??


Lotanna stared at me so differently in a coded manner,he was obviously speaking to me with eyes i felt sweetness from the inside as he stared as if he has never seen a lady, i got crazily nervous,
but am happy it was him…he would be the first guy to stare at me in such true manner..
I could feel the sweetness despite the darkness.

I wish I understand eyes expression too but my mother wasn’t there to teach me.

He wanted to say something,i took my hands away and ran to meet nkem.

I sang with you cos I know music is your life but am very sorry I can’t stay in as much as you wish,

if not for anything,am grateful for giving me the hope to believe,
I know I won’t stay but trust me,
I would be the kindest person you will ever see,
though I have my own temperaments too,my personality is not great am just nothing,

I don’t want to come closer,
we are two different people,
we are two different lives,
we are two different worlds,
where ever your ship stand,mine might sink,
just that I always smile like the world isn’t my problem..
hmmm my problem is the greatest.
nkem took my hands,I followed him quietly.
no words,soon he left my hand.
“thank you for helping me escape” I said,he didn’t reply instead he took his lips in and bite it beautifully.
I kept quiet.

“what is Lotanna telling you? and what is your hand doing with him?”
he asked….
“nothing,I…I….I…” I stammered.
he smirks.
I felt embarrassed as we walked quietly.

“you look like the most beautiful creature have ever seen or is my eyes paining me” he said.
I bashed my lashes.
? isn’t that obviously a lie”.

Although I saw a reflection of a beautiful lady on the waterfall,her hair was like mine and her clothes are like mine….
was that me???
aaaah no,I must be joking.
that must be the girl Lotanna is looking for,very soon I will help him find her.
He must have mistake me for someone else.If he knew am the trouble girl,he wouldn’t have drawn this tattooes on me.

but I told him am the ugly Adeife.

“you look stunning,did you use something” nkem said.
“stunning kwa?? stop flattering me, everyone in the village knows how disgusting my face is” I said.
he turned and stared at me in such a different way.
“should we rush to the stream to check your reflection” he said.
“it’s dark, we won’t be able to see”
I said.
“ohh,true” he said.

I got even more confused as we walk on…..
“nkem am i really pretty?” I asked.
“pretty is an understatement, your life story is similar to *Beauty* a story my grandmother told me before she passed away” he said.
I got more confused.

“was I under a spell?” I asked and blinked tears.
“crying is not cute, so stop it”
he said and used his thumb to wipe my tears completely.
his face suddenly came closer,
my heart seized,
I couldn’t breath properly.

I remembered the DAY I pushed him away,what if he bruise his leg today?
the queen will roast me alive.
believe by adesola adeomowole.m.
i?you all.

we heard approaching footsteps,
the sounds made from the dried leaves made nkem come back to his senses,
he held my hands, we both ran away.

we catch our breath as we approached the palace gate.
I stayed outside and allowed nkem to go in first.

no matter what,am still always scared of onome and my father.Its too painful that all the pain I felt is because of singing,
the fear for them is too strong cos there is no sign of mother in my life.

“your stepmother left already”
nkem came out.
I followed him in quietly,
the securities looked at me and stared at each other in confusion.

? who is she???
? omg! nkem with a girl!
? Arrgh,so sweet,she’s hot!
? is that his girlfriend?
? she got hot body than Akuna…

nkem scoffed when he heard gossips from the maids outside.
“isn’t it time to sleep” he said to them in an authoritative manner,
they all left excluding ebere who was also going inside the palace.

? her hair looks like the one I plaited moments ago!
? Ife is that really you??
? Ife speak,am in suspence!
? Ife is that you,oh my gosh…

I heard her muttering.
I couldn’t reply,she might not believe.
am still finding this difficult to believe, how I wish ngozi is here…
only her knows that something is wrong with me.

the day she saw my nakedness while dressing,she said something is wring with me…how can my face be different from my normal skin.
I really think I was spelled.

“just stay well” nkem said and dipped his hands into his pocket.
“nkem” I said,
he turned.
“am scared,I think am abnormal.
how can I suddenly turn beautiful overnight; won’t people run away from me saying am a witch.
I mean my skin is too pure and fresh compared to a normal human being, even the cane marks disappeared”
I said.

“it’s all a spell,stories are real.
in this life,there is a battle,
everyone has his or her own battles and holes to fix,
that’s why we are all fighters,
we must not underestimate each others intelligence..
one must lose? so that the other can win???” he said.

we entered the main door.
I almost froze when I saw my reflection on a mirror door.

Aunty Tracy came downstairs,
Akuna was also coming out with three servants behind her.

hmmm she’s still here,
hope she will leave tomorrow? the insults she gave me earlier was much.

“this is not Ife right?” aunty tracy said
“am the one” I said,lowly.
my voice now sounds better compared to before.

Akuna turned back,Jedinna stopped pressing phone and look up.
even my fellow maids covered their mouths.
Akuna looked so annoyed,
she scoffed and left instantly.

This Princess Akuna is really stupid, does she thinks am interested in Lotanna?? has she ever heard it in history that a maid marry a crowned prince or a soon to be king…
Am not even allowed to touch his cup not to talk of getting close to him.

“Waooow,never knew she is this pretty but is this normal,I see it as superstition… someone that is ugly turning into the most rarest creature; isn’t God great” Tracy said.
Jedinna chewed his gum quietly and tried focusing on his phone..
He stared at me one more time and rushed upstairs..

“no,its not superstition it is real, she was spelled by some wicked soul, life is really wicked,they can do and undo” nkem said..
“okay,you can go” Tracy said…
nkem left.

I faced aunty Tracy shyly.
hmmm I better get use to being treated nicely.
only her,ngozi,nkem are godsent to me…

“follow me” she said.
I followed her quietly upstairs, we passed these stairway before we got to her suite in the massive mansion.

We entered her room.
“your step mother came, she talked about having you back” she said.
Aaaah death finally remembered me.
without much words,
I felt heated up.

“would I return to her?
I will get flogged with cutlass for singing and she will make me fetch water till midnight.” I said with a pained expression.
Tracy smiled.

“if you should go back,she will spoil your life totally,not even now that you’re pretty…men might take advantage of you.
Just pray she doesn’t fulfil the conditions I gave her” Tracy said.

“ma’am….. she will fulfill it so that she can take me, she is more dangerous than a demon…I don’t want to go” I said as i remembered I don’t have a mother.

“she would take advantage of the fact that I don’t have a mother,
she always beat me,beat me like a cow,she makes me feels hopeless; is my sin that much” I almost cried.
Aunty Tracy smiled,
she hugged me with so much care.
she sighed.

“don’t let me go,she would ask me to go and work for someone that will have sex with me” I said.
she signed.
“aunty are you sure she will not fulfill the condition you gave her,she will do anything to spoil my life,I know her very well cos I lived with her since I was little” I said.

she still sighed.
finally,I left her……
“I would leave,it’s raining already” I said..
she nodded and i left.

I passed Lotanna’s door,it was still locked.
by this time???
ohh my gosh,is he still at the waterfall? this rain is getting heavy..
I turned away sadly and went to the maids quater- a separate building at the back of the palace.
the girls already slept, I sat on my bed and stared into the window.
the rain keeps getting much,
I imagined how Lotanna would survive such cold conditions,he has health issues.
soon, someone knocked on the door. I heard and went to answer it,
I opened the door,the person rushed in,it turns out to be Princess Akuna.
her face was chai????
what did I do again?.
“what did I tell you about your dressings? is this how maids dress!..
she rants.

ohhh,she’s here to remind me that am a maid.
“did you say something?” she shouted, dumebi woke up.
her eyes cleared the moment she saw me…

“no,my princess I didn’t say anything, it was aunty Tracy that said I should wear it,she bought it for me” I said..
“and your hair,remove those beads you’re not worth it” she said.
“the beads can’t remove, Ebere plait it in a way that it can only remove if I loose the hair and I just plait the hair today.Aunty Tracy said I will carry the hair for two weeks before loosing it”
I said…

she pointed a finger at me and left angrily…
“sorry are you a new maid?” dumebi came to me..
I ignored her and went to my bed, not until mrs okafor called me to carry a hot flask to lotanna’s suite

Lotanna’s p.o.v
Am glad it was you,
even though i won’t speak to you now,even though i won’t tell you how i feel right now,
I hope you will wait for me…even if you won’t stay.
right now,I really can’t speak in words but i hope you understand what I mean through expressions…..

Love is a thing i can’t say for now but I hope,I just hope you understand coding….

I fell on my pillow,I felt so cold.
what I need right now is hot water!.
I removed the lens I stick to my eyes.
my phone rang..

“I know my unveiling as glow ambassador is on Thursday, you don’t have to remind me about that..
I would be home, either tomorrow or next tomorrow” I said and hung up.
I felt so cold as I checked my laptop for the mails have missed.
yeah,my oil and gas company is doing well..

the projector screened,someone must be at the door.
I tied a red bandana and fit my feet halfly into a white room slippers.

“Akuna is that you?” I asked as I got to the living room.
“no no,it’s me…a maid” I heard.
I opened the door,
It’s that same girl….Adeife right?..

She was with a flask…
why is love with her different? if I loose her,I won’t try falling in love again..

I allowed her enter,she hastily drop the flask on the dinning and hurried back to the door in a scared manner.
“can I have your hand,I didn’t finish what I was writing there” I said.
“aaah,what if some-
she paused her statement,
cleaned her hand on her cloth and gave it to me….
I had better play this game with her perfectly.As it stands now,I don’t think she knows anything..

“ummm sir…” she said soonest, I was actually done.
I left her hand.

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