BELINA (After the Wedding) SEASON 2 Episodes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15

******EPISODE 10******


We strolled on the beach enjoying the fresh air. We decided to leave the water play for the last activity as we chatted, laughed and made jests of one another, coconut drinks in hand. The
coconut water itself which is sold at the beach is so fun drinking when you have straw inserted in it.
A horse man came in our direction pulling two
horses. He must have sighted us from afar and
decided to make some money out of two
wonderful couples.
“Good evening ladies and gentlemen” he said
approaching us. “Would you like a ride?”
“As long as it is free” Tony said jovially and we all laughed slightly, including the horseman.
Richard looked at me slightly.
“Well we would definitely like one” he said to the man, looking at me.
“What? You know I have never been on one. It could throw me over or something. I could break my neck, my legs or even my… my back” I said nervously.
He smiled. “Don’t worry sugar, you would not even break a nail, I assure you” he responded.
“Let us have one” he said to the man and took one. Before I even thought of protesting, I was
already off the ground and was on the horse’s back.
I looked stupefied as I stared at Richard on the sand.
“You can’t be serious” I said.
“Don’t be scared now babe, I am here with you” he said and got behind me.
His closeness did two things to me – it made me feel protected but it also made my heartbeat increase its tempo, not from fear
His closeness always made me feel nervous. Tony and Prisca were already ahead of us with Patricia in Prisca’s firm grip.
Richard, fully aware of the effects he had on me, moved even closer making my breath ragged.
I felt his smile even without seeing him and I was slightly upset but I knew everything he was doing also had its effects on him too.
“Shall we go sweetheart?” he asked and I nodded nervously and vowed to retaliate.
I moved backwards intentionally, relaxing fully in his chest and he trembled slightly; my
senses told me it was not from the breeze.
“I need to focus honey, you are not making it easy” he said.
I smiled. I placed my hands on his legs tenderly without warning and the horse stopped moving abruptly.
I was shocked initially but later started laughing. He is not so powerful after all. He
breathed deeply and said matter-of-factly,
“that was not so funny”.
I laughed more. “It is good to retaliate”
He scoffed.
“That is not the behaviour of a good
“What? I beg to differ my prince, I am sure this
section in the husband to wife relationship is
excluded” I said with a grin.
“You can do everything to make me edgy and you expect me to fold my hands and accept it all?”
“I was planning on teaching you how to ride a
horse but you are not making it easy for me.” He said moving his palm through my hair. The horse resumed its catwalk again and I tried to focus on everything he was saying about how to propel a horse to movement.
We caught up with Tony and Prisca who seemed to be having a wonderful time.
The horse moved close to the water and it seemed like I would be deposited in it.
I told Richard and he smiled, reduced my fear by moving away from the water. He stopped and looked at me.
I craned my head backwards to look into his eyes.
“Did you enjoy yourself honey?”
“Yeah, a lot. But for the record, I would rather not ride with you next time” He laughed.
“Don’t tell me I have that much effect on you” he said coyly.
“Of course not” I said looking away.
“Uhn”. Richard enclosed my mouth with his and my guard was thrown overboard.
We kissed for a while and when he released
me, I was slightly dizzy.
He kissed my cheeks and my forehead, gazing into my eyes.
“I think I would rather ride with you next time” I said and he grinned.
“What about a race?” we heard Tony say. We had forgotten totally about them but they were also too involved with each other to even notice us.
“That’s perfect” I heard Richard say but Prisca and I started protesting until they put us down in order to satisfy their own desires.
I took Pat from Prisca and said, “I think it is good this way, I want to talk to you about something Pric”
“Girl, what do you think about Richard’s mother?” I asked Pric as we watched and
strolled on the beautiful sand of the beach.
“Sorry Lina but I don’t like her one bit. She has no right whatsoever to come after Richard after so many years.
I am sorry to say this but she is just a gold-
digger.” She said in one breath.
I sighed. “I don’t know if I am being stupid but I want to re-unite Richard with his mother”
“That is ridiculous. To me, that woman is more harm than good. The earlier he forgot about her, the better for everyone, including you.”
She might be right, I thought. The woman is a
bad influence and having heard so much about
Mother-in-laws, I was not sure I would like to have one.
But am I not being selfish?

I left work very early on Tuesday, two weeks after my adventure at the beach.
The work must be taking its toll on me because I was feeling physically weak.
My physical weakness was not going to stop me from going to church but I wanted some time to rest so I left earlier than usual.
Informing Richard did not cross my mind because all I wanted was going home,
having a shower and sleeping.
I entered my car and zoomed out of the hospital premises on top speed.
I was just about a half way through the journey when I noticed the flat tire at the driver’s side of the car.
I must have skipped it in my rush because it was at zero level. This struck me as odd and strange because I just had the tires changed a
week ago.
This is frustrating, I thought as I parked beside the road to see what I can do.
What does a girl know about a mechanic’s job? I dialed my mechanic but his number was switched off.
I did not sight any roadside mechanic so I did what anyone in my situation would do – do the job myself.
I got out my spare tire from the boot, my jack and wheel spanner.
Just as I was going about my business, a car parked in front of mine but I was beyond caring. I placed the jack under the car and started pumping it in order to lift the car.
“Who do we have here?” I heard behind me and the voice registered immediately I heard it.
I turned slowly and saw the very person who owned the voice.
“What are you doing here, Kelvin?” I asked
surprised that he was actually there and even
more surprised that I could recollect his voice.
“I was just driving by and saw you. I don’t need to look twice to recognize you, even in the dark.”
He responded with a smile which I found increasingly annoying by the minute.
“That’s great. You can go now, after all, you can see that I am busy”. I said and continued my work.
“No” he responded sharply.
“I can’t possibly leave you here to do this.
I am sure you don’t have the slightest idea about what you are doing.
Don’t let me pass the chance to save a damsel in distress, especially when the damsel is you. What happened between us should be in the past now.
We are Christians”. He said and with feeling? I can’t believe it.
I looked at him feeling slightly irritated. He gently shoved me aside and took over the job without permission.
I folded my hands across my chest as I watched him fix the tire almost effortlessly.
Something told me that this is no chance meeting and I kept that thought at the back of my mind.
He was through about 15 minutes later and I thanked him for his help but he blocked me unexpectedly as I made to enter my car,
causing me to bump into him. I righted myself and faced him with a questioning glare and he
backed down.
“I just… I just thought we could have a drink nearby, you know, to catch up on lost time” he said.
“Oh… I don’t think it would be a good idea. You know, having people see us together might create a wrong impression and I would like to avoid that.
I am happily married and I don’t want rumours getting in the way of my happily ever after. Seeing that you are not wearing a wedding
ring, it suggests that you are not married, so it is best to stay away from your Ex in order to encourage ladies to look in your direction. Besides, we are Christians, right?
Thanks again and have a nice day” I
said in one breath and before he could think of
stopping me, I was already in my car with the doors firmly locked. I pulled out and headed home.

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