BELINA (Tender Beauty) SEASON 1 Episodes 21, 22 & 23



I noticed that we have been staring at ourselves for some minutes & I quickly said, “it is nice seeing you
sir but I must get back to my office sir”
“oh, I am sorry, where do you work, he asked
“Here” I said casually.
“Here? he asked incredulously and his face shifted to a mischievous smile that I wondered if he thought I was joking
“Yes here, I am the new psychologist here, I said smiling.
“Miss Belina Badmus”, he stated.
I was surprised that he
knew my name. I wanted to pursue it but I knew that I had to
run for my dear life cos this guy was definitely something from another planet. He stood there frozen to that spot for the second time that day and I quickly muttered something and
scrambled up towards my office leaving him there.

I got to my office and for the first time, I breathed well. The recent days of my life just seemed to be loaded with unexpected things. I recalled the face which have become pasted on my memory and wondered how God could have come up with such craft.
I had thought that Kelvin was the most handsome guy I had come across, that is apart from Tony who is also very handsome.
For the first time since the concert, I
remembered Kelvin and his betrayal, I allowed myself to dwell on it.
I had accepted Kelvin into my life after close to one year of friendship. He was a very charming guy and most of my female course mates thought we were more than friends and they said so aloud. They were very jealous and they did all sorts to shift his attention towards themselves but Kelvin did not even notice them.
He asked me out and after about a month of persuasion on his side, I finally gave him the chance to win my love. I did not love him and I made that clear to him but he was sure that he could make me love him.
I did not have it in mind to love anyone man and that feeling had been growing in me ever since my tender age. I had watched secretly as my dad beat up my mother. We were very
poor then but we did not have to bother about landlord fees cos the house belonged to
us. My dad would go out, return drunk and beat up my mother mercilessly. Whenever he tried to lay his hands on me, my mother
would protect me and receive the punishments on my behalf.
I despise the male folks since then thinking that they were all the same but Kelvin came and after about one year, I was sure that he was not like my dad and after necessary probation, I accepted him. I had put some rules in place though and the major of
them all were: he should not smoke, drink alcoholic and tell me lies but the one on top was that we were not to have sex ever except we got married.
He said he does not do any of them and that he would respect me and keep us clean.
We dated for six months and so many times he almost lured me into his bed but I refused blatantly. We fought over it sometimes but I always forgave him cos I felt he was a guy who was finding it hard to control his urges but something happened one week after my mother’s death that left me completely broken. I called him immediately my mother died
seeking consolation but he only replied a cold “I am sorry about that”. I was very upset and angry at his nonchalant attitude but I kept it to myself and consoled myself. I locked myself up in my bedroom at home not coming
out at all and my dad did not give a d–n.
Prisca had been my guardian angel then and had come over to my place to stay with me. Even though I was happy she was there for me, I had already fallen in love with Kelvin and I needed the comfort that only he could give but he was nowhere to be found. He did not call and I refused to call him.
Exactly one week after my mother’s death, he called me and asked me to come over to his house. I was elated when I saw his call that I did not confront him about his behavior
but when I got there, I got d shock of my life.
I knocked the door like 4times and the door was later opened by a girl. She looked like a girl of 18yrs there about but she was putting on a ‘see me through’ gown which just managed to cover her butt.
The gown filmed her naked body underneath and I saw Kelvin sitting comfortably on the three seater couch; the only chair in his extra large one room apartment.
The girl left me at d door which I have not left since my entrance and went to join him on the
couch, holding him so tenderly and curving around him like a mermaid.
I saw my world shattering before me as I looked at them both and saw the shameful bulge in Kelvin’s trousers in disgust.
“Come in and close the damned door, are you just gonna stand there like a statue?” he asked and I looked on not leaving that spot. I wanted to leave but I just could not move a muscle.
He laughed sarcastically and eyed me,
“see yourself? You don’t know what you have until you lose it. You are there staring at us and can’t do anything but stare annoyingly.
This beautiful queen here has been giving me all that you have refused to give me. Look, I don’t love her but I love you, just like you did not love me in the beginning but I have noticed you now have feelings for me, he paused and I just looked on like a fool that I was…

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