? She’s feisty he’s hot ?

?? Written by Lois ??

? Episode 21?

? Tiana ?

Preparation for graduation has been really stressing

I had to attend lots of classes
Most especially the ones I missed

And Harry isn’t helping matters
He’s just to clingy

Kelly! ? Her issue is just getting out of hands

The witch almost killed me just because I asked for help in English

There’s always a time for payback
She’d need maths ?

Adrian is the only gentle man around here

Mom is just ? I don’t know what to say on her issue

Cos it’s more like the two mother exchanged children

She’s focused on Harry while his Mom is focused on me ??

I was done with lectures heading to my home room when a message popped up

It’s from the unknown sender ?
What am I going to do
Ion know if I should tell Harry about this

But I’d surely find out who the mother fker is

And I’d treat his/her fk up?

“Hey big sis”

“What’s up pest” I said ?

“So what are you wearing for prom this week”

“Prom? It’s this week? Dmn!” ? I can’t believe I forgot

“Really? You forgot? Didn’t Harry asked you yet”

“Nope but am gonna be anyways am his, he’s mine ?”

Just then Adrian walked up to us we said a few greetings before he left with his stubborn girlfriend ?

“Hey Barbie” I turned to find a ne.rdy guy standing in front of me

He looks rich but it seems like he’s new or maybe I just haven’t met him in the school before

“Damsel am talking to you” he said snapping me outta my Oblivion

“Ermm you were saying'” I said boredly in an uninterested tone

“Don’t sound like that pretty you were clearly swept up your feet by my handsomeness” he said with a smirk

Okay this guy is over stepping his boundary

“Really ??” I said moving closed to him se.ductively stylishly bringing out the chilli spray I was supposed to use prank Kelly

“You like what you see?” I said licking my lips moving closer

“Of course wanna take you to prom and later ….

Not with someone like him?

Soon I sprayed the chilli on his face and his eyes were already red?

“This btch is already taken go fl1rt somewhere else suker ?”

“Yeah she’s so right” I heard Harry’s voice and the guy scrummbled away

Good riddance ??

Harry pulled me to him giving me a quick deep kss

“I love you tia”

“Yeah right?”

“Would you go to prom with me” he said immediately he pulled outta the kss

“Took you long to finally think of that”

I was still talking when the unknown message entered again completely ruining my happy mood

I think Harry noticed it


“Is something wrong”

” No” I replied sharply

“Are you sure”

“Yeah” I replied we were already in the car driving home

But my mind was wandering far away
Who could that unknown sender be

“You know we promised not to keep secrets promised to trust each other but you aren’t doing any of it” Harry spoke up that was when I noticed that he had pulled up in front of the house

“Ermm” I bit my lower lips unable to answer him

“Now am asking you again what is the problem”

“Okay someone has been sending threats messages to me over a long time” I said in one breathe

Harry didn’t hold any expression so it was hard to guess his next action

Then suddenly he bursted into laughter ?

Okay what’s funny ?

“Finally she said it” he said and I looked at him confusedly

“I am the sender” he blurted out

“What! That’s a big fat lie” o said and he showed me his phone

What the h.ell!!!!

I instantly kicked him in his balls
What? Why would he even do that ??

“Argggggh tia geez you are gonna break our baby maker” he groaned from the floor

Serves him right

? Harry ?

Tia is very aggressive

I can’t believe she kicked me ?

Will I did that for important reason and a reason

1. I did it to avenge what she did to me when we first met

The coackroches incident
It never left my head

2. To prepare her for what she’s gonna faced from girls for being my girlfriend am quite popular and from my enemies too

3. To find out if she trust me with her issues and not deal with them on her own

If I didn’t pester her she’s gonna keep dying in silence?

I explained my reasons to her and she understand but I got one more kick in between my l.egs

Does she realized she owns the duck she’s a$$ulting?

I quickly dashed out to go get the things Tiana sent me to get From the mall that was her second punishment for the prank

She’s following me to

? Chole ?

I had the best weekend

I had an awesome three some last night best 0rga$m ever?

I went to the mall to get more female CDs

Am gonna enjoy few dks here before leaving

I was done buying things when I spotted my crush Harry ??

I made way to go meet him and maybe have his number

When his stupid girlfriend came to drag him hurridely

Fk! I cussed

“Keep dragging him and enjoy him a little am coming for him” I thought glaring hard at the rare view of his clingy girlfriend

Chloe never gives up

What she wants she gets ?

I entered my car and drove off

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